Top 100 marketable courses in Kenya [2024]

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This article contains a list of the top 100 marketable courses in Kenya. So, continue reading to find out more.

Choosing the right course to pursue is very important if you want to achieve academic success as well as lucrative career opportunities.

So, as you consider your passions and interests, think about choosing a course that will lead to a promising career.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 100 marketable courses in Kenya that can lead to a prosperous and rewarding career.

So, read on to the very end to find out more…


Top 100 marketable courses in Kenya

  1. Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery (MBChB)
  2. Bachelor of law (LLB)
  3. Nursing –both at the degree and diploma levels
  4. Software engineering
  5. Computer security and forensics
  6. Civil engineering
  7. Mechanical engineering
  8. Electrical & electronics engineering
  9. Mechatronics engineering
  10. Building and construction technology
  11. Bachelor of Commerce – Marketing
  12. Data science and analytics (bachelor of Science in data science and analytics)
  13. Education
  14. Special needs education
  15. Climate change
  16. Degree in Computer Science
  17. Architecture
  18. Information Communication technology (ICT)
  19. Radiography and medical imaging
  20. Dental surgery degree
  21. Dental technology diploma
  22. Clinical medicine and medicine
  23. Optometry and vision sciences
  24. Audiology and public health otology
  25. Degree in Pharmacy
  26. Telecommunication and network engineering
  27. Real estate and property management
  28. Early childhood development and education (ECDE) – with the evolution of CBC, ECDE teachers are on demand
  29. Welding and fabrication
  30. Diploma in refrigeration and air conditioning
  31. Plumbing/water technology
  32. Human Resource Management
  33. Sales and Marketing


Top 100 marketable courses in Kenya continuation…

  1. Cooperate Management diploma with CPA certification
  2. Film and media production
  3. Guidance and counseling
  4. Film and video editing
  5. Digital media and animation
  6. Digital journalism
  7. Digital marketing diploma
  8. Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  9. Certified Nursing Assistance course (especially if you are looking to apply for caregiving jobs in countries like UK, USA, Canada –it is highly compensated)
  10. Food Science and Technology
  11. Agricultural engineering and technology
  12. Quantity surveying
  13. Information technology and computer science
  14. Aviation (pilot training)
  15. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing
  16. Automotive engineering
  17. General agriculture
  18. Carpentry and joinery
  19. Construction plant mechanics
  20. Masonry
  21. Science laboratory technology
  22. Interior design
  23. Actuarial science
  24. Environmental science and conservation
  25. Graphic design
  26. Structural engineering
  27. Diploma in animal production and health management
  28. Mortuary science
  29. Project management
  30. Monitoring and evaluation
  31. Motor vehicle mechanics
  32. Agriculture extension education
  33. Public health
  34. Construction management
  35. Agricultural engineering
  36. Statistics
  37. Biomedical science and technology



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Now proceed reading below..


More top 100 marketable courses in Kenya…

  1. Manufacturing engineering and technology
  2. Instrumentation and control engineering
  3. Psychology
  4. Information technology (IT)
  5. Applied chemistry
  6. Communication and public relations
  7. Applied statistics
  8. Mechanical and industrial engineering
  9. Electrical and communication engineering
  10. Industrial chemistry
  11. Economics and statistics
  12. Mining and mineral processing engineering
  13. Forensic science
  14. Petroleum engineering
  15. Aerospace engineering
  16. Aeronautical engineering
  17. Geospatial engineering technology
  18. Mass communication
  19. Urban and regional planning
  20. Physiotherapy
  21. Medical biochemistry
  22. Veterinary medicine
  23. Paramedic science
  24. Diploma in teacher education
  25. Media technology
  26. Risk management and insurance
  27. Business information technology
  28. Pharmaceutical technology
  29. Computerized secretarial studies
  30. Tax and customs administration
  31. Hairdressing and beauty therapy
  32. Business and entrepreneurship
  33. Airhostess/cabin crew
  34. Fashion design and clothing technology
  35. Leatherwork technology certificate
  36. Certificate in road construction technology
  37. Film and television production

Career guidance in Kenya

Marketable short courses

  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Biometric systems and CCTV installation
  3. Videography and photography
  4. Electrical installation and wiring
  5. Online jobs courses
  6. Programming course (coding)
  7. SPSS & Advanced Excel
  8. Baking and pastry
  9. Agricultural value addition courses, such as food processing, honey making, etc.
  10. Computerized accounting
  11. Gas welding and Arc welding
  12. 3D Animation
  13. CISCO networking course (CCNA)
  14. CompTIA A+ certification
  15. Phlebotomy
  16. Mobile app development
  17. Financial Modeling and Analysis
  18. Solar Photovoltaic Installation and Maintenance
  19. Barista short course
  20. Culinary arts


Top 100 marketable courses in Kenya continuation – Final word

As we wind up, keep in mind that no course is 100% marketable; it all depends on the current job market.

So, the above courses particularly stand out as marketable as they lead to a rewarding career, either through employment or self-employment.



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