Bachelor of education science subject combination (best options)

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This article highlights the available bachelor of education science subject combination in local universities just in  case you’re interested in secondary school teaching positions (or may be you’re just about to join University for a BEd (Science) course, and you want to see which teaching subjects you can choose.

But before we come to this, people have been emailing us enquiring about the best TSC subject combination and the most marketable subject combinations in Kenya and it’s important that we first elaborate on this.

Now, whether a TSC approved subject combination is marketable or not depends on just one thing: the demand for such a combination at the moment.

It’s an open secret that some subject combinations have suffered a mass supply in the last few years leading to a glut.

And if you take such a combination, you’re likely to wait for a very long time before getting recruited by the TSC.

The question then is, which are these subject combinations?

Well according to a statement by the Kenya Secondary Schools Heads association, the secondary school subject combination currently flooded are:

  • History
  • CRE
  • Kiswahili
  • And humanities in general.

On the other hand, science subjects, mathematics, and technical subjects like drawing have a yawning shortfall and secondary school teachers are struggling to fill these vacancies.

TSC is also facing problems filling up vacancies such as home science, art and craft, design, and foreign languages.

This means that you stand a huge chance of being recruited by the TSC before long if you take science, math, or technical subjects combination courses plus obviously subjects like French, German etc.

Having explained that, it’s clear that the best teaching subject combination in Kenya currently is any combination involving science, math, and technical units.

So, can we now look at the available bachelor of education science subject combination s?.

Here they are:

Bachelor of education science subject combination –available options

If you’re planning to pursue a Bed. (science), the following subject combinations are offered in schools of education at universities like MKU, KU, Maseno, etc.

Chemistry Biology
Chemistry Physics
Chemistry Mathematics
Mathematics Computer Studies
Physics Computer Studies
Physics Mathematics
Biology Geography
Biology Home science
Biology Geography
Biology Agriculture
Biology Mathematics
Agriculture Geography
Agriculture Home science
Business Computer Studies


Bachelor of education science Course structure

Of course, the Bed. (Science) programme is tailored to make you a professionally qualified teacher who can competently handle STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects in Kenyan Secondary Schools as well as middle level colleges.

Now, in universities like Moi, students must take chemistry and mathematics, plus any other content subjects (for example, physics, botany/zoology etc.) in the first year.

You drop one of the content units and take up your two specialized subjects, one being a major and the remaining a minor from the second year.

You are supposed to get the skills required to teach the major subject up to the KCSE (form 4) level so you’ll spend most of the time covering the content for this subject.

The rest of the time is dedicated to the minor subject in your preferred bachelor of education science subject combination – you teach this up to the form 2 level- meaning that the content to be covered is relatively less.

You normally complete it by the time the third year comes to a close.

However, the professional methodology is given equal emphasis for both the major and minor subjects.

bachelor of education arts units

Image courtesy: KU Education school

Requirements to do bachelor of education (science)

Of course, before you even think about the best combination in teaching, you need to have met the minimum entry requirements for the degree in science education program.

Here is a summary of the requirements to pursue a Bachelor of Education (science) degree at leading Universities like Egerton.

  1. KCSE mean grade of C+ with the following minimum grades for each subject:
  • C+ in Mathematics
  • C+ in one of the following:
    (i) Physics or
    (ii) Chemistry or
    (iii) Biology or
    (iv) Geography
    Have a B- in one of:
    – Physical Sciences
    – Biological sciences
  1. Alternatively, you may be granted admission if you hold a Diploma or an S1 certificate in science(Education) from recognized Institutions.

Note that it’s a must for you to have scored a C+ in each of your selected teaching subjects to qualify.

Universities offering Bachelor of education (science) in Kenya

Once you have settled on a suitable Bachelor of Education science subject combination, the next question is to identify a university to attend studies.

Now, overall, some of the most popular universities when it comes to bachelor of education courses are:

  • Kenyatta University (you even have the option of taking up the Kenyatta university long distance learning option)
  • Moi University
  • Kenya University
  • Maseno University
  • University of Nairobi

Perhaps you can check out the above universities.

Chuka University and Meru University can also be excellent alternatives.

Bachelor of education science subject combination : frequently asked questions

Does JKUAT offer education courses?

No. JKUAT mainly concentrates on engineering courses and doesn’t teach specialized education courses.


Is teaching a marketable course in Kenya?

Teaching is one of the ever-green courses and will remain marketable for generations despite the myriad advancements in technology.

That’s because the human population will always be bringing forth children – its nature- and these must be educated.

In any case, you can always apply for jobs in private schools as you wait for TSC opportunities.

Plus, if you have the entrepreneurial drive, you could even open and run your own private school.


Which are the most marketable teaching subjects in Kenya?


Like mentioned earlier, sciences, mathematics, foreign languages, and technical subjects have a huge shortfall in secondary schools and are regarded as hot cakes.

Home science is also considered a good unit to have in your subject combination.


What are the cluster points for bachelor of education science (math/chem)?

The cluster points for bachelor of education science course depends on the university with some of the well-established universities having a higher cutoff.

For example, at Catholic university, the average cluster point requirement has mostly been between 24 – 30 points while at KU, the same has been between 34 – 39 points.

That’s quite some gap!

In short, you have a better opportunity if you choose the newer universities when applying for admission to the course through the KUCCPS portal.



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