Most marketable short courses in Kenya 2024

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We look at the short courses in Kenya that are marketable in this short article (In other words, the most marketable short courses in Kenya)

So, what are the most marketable short courses in Kenya?

Well, you’re just about to discover the most marketable certificate courses in Kenya these days and where you can study them (for some).

But just before we reveal our recommended list of short courses in Kenya for those considering this step, let’s look at the reasons why taking a short course makes a lot of sense.

Why enroll for short courses

Short-term courses can be beneficial in myriad ways:

  1. Promotion: It could greatly boost your chances of earning a job promotion or a salary hike.
  2. Topnotch skills: It exposes you to 21st skills that make you more competent at what you do leading to improved job security.
  3. Career shift: It could be a bridge to your new career if you’re feeling trapped in a less-than-thrilling occupation.
  4. Side hustle: You might start a well-paying side hustle with the knowledge you gain from the course.
  5. Work for big companies: They make your CV appealing to high-value employers.
  6. Eligibility: Short courses like IELTS preparation course help you pass the IELTS exams, a requirement to be eligible for admission in some overseas Universities.

Besides, it’s a smart way of using your free time- it’s certainly better than binge-watching the latest series on Netflix.

And for those waiting to go to college/university, you can use the knowhow you obtain from any of the excellent short courses for form four leavers to make money at the campus.

For instance, you could offer guitar training lessons at your university after completing a short course in musical instruments.

We can go on and on….

With that out of the way, let’s turn our attention to the best short training courses in Kenya from our research and studies done by others.

Most marketable short courses in Kenya  [various categories of short courses in Kenya that are marketable]

These are the courses you should give serious thoughts to whatever your goal…

·        Languages courses in Kenya

Being multilingual can unlock new doors for you in self-employment or formal employment.

You could work as a translator, language tutor, transcriber, and more if you build impeccable reading and writing skills in English, French, German, Chinese, and other international languages

Also, consider learning a course in Kenyan sign language.


·        Digital marketing course

This is a brilliant course for those planning to work as professional digital marketers.

It could also be a superb short course for anyone planning to run an online business.

The course covers key skills such as social media marketing, running and optimizing Google Ads, email marketing, and basic SEO skills.

The most comprehensive digital marketing courses additionally touch on web and graphics design.

Kenya Online College teaches a thoroughly comprehensive Digital Marketing Course and we highly recommend their course if you’re looking to get into a digital marketing career or open an online business. See details..(click to open)


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Now proceed reading below..

·        Programming course (Coding)/ Mobile apps development course

Take this course if you have a solid foundation in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

You may soon be soaring high as an expert programmer selling your skills to companies like Google, Apple, Safaricom etc.

The global Mobile Apps and Game Development sector is currently valued at more than US$108.9 billion and you could pocket some of this windfall with the right skills.

You can take this short course at colleges like ADMI (Africa Digital Media Institute) and Moringa in Nairobi while you can take your kids for an early introduction course in coding at Juni.

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·        Online jobs courses

The World is increasingly falling in love with remote work and the demand for online workers in areas such as digital marketing, transcription, blogging, virtual assistance (VA), etc. has never been this high.

Here you have to choose an area or two to specialize in.

Best of all?

You could open your own well-paying online business if you don’t want to work for others after completing the online jobs course you select.


·        Advanced Excel

Competency in advanced Excel skills such as trend analysis, forecasting, goal-seeking, and more is in huge demand in Kenya and even in neighboring countries.

Go for this short course if you have a firm background in Accounting, Strategic management, Investment banking, and the like.

It could pay you back before you even know it.

A related course you might pursue is Data analysis (using SPSS, Stata, and R-programming).


·        Agricultural value addition courses

This is an outstanding course for those who have an entrepreneurial mind.

You learn how to make fast-moving goods such as Yoghurt, Peanut Butter, Strawberry Powder/Jam, Juice Pulps, Banana Crisps, etc.

While there are chances of being employed by agricultural value-adding firms and exporters, you’re likely to make more money by opening your own value addition enterprise.


·        Electronics Repair Course

Electronics repair is another potentially profitable course for those business-minded.

This is your course if you’re passionate about consumer electronics (smartphones, TVs, microwaves, etc.) and you desire to work as a technician.


·        Videography course

Video production remains a marketable skill for those with interest in video shooting and editing.

Nowadays the course is much advanced and tackles professional skills in cinematography (camera work), sound operation, animation and even graphics.

You can freelance as a professional video cameraman, start a business, or look for full-time employment in media firms and elsewhere.

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·        Cyber security course

This is one of the most marketable short courses in Kenya and also one of the best paying certificate courses in Kenya.

The catch is that this course isn’t for everyone- it will only be helpful if you have at least a Diploma in ICT/Computer science from a recognized institution.

Of course, you’ll be spending your days fighting cybercriminals like hackers and implementing protective systems to thwart emerging cybercrimes.

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·        Barista Short course

For those in hospitality and wanting to step up their skills or venture in self-employment, consider taking a short course in Barista (coffee brewing).

A barista is a highly skilled professional in the preparation of coffee and all espresso-based drinks including mocha, café lattes, cappuccinos etc.


·        Security-related courses: CCTV installation and Biometric systems

The most marketable short courses in Kenya for those working involved in the security industry are:

  • CCTV installation.
  • Electric fence installation and
  • Installation of burglar alarm systems


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·        Caregiver course in Kenya (or nursing aid)

There’s a steep rise in demand for caregivers/home care workers locally and abroad driven by a rapidly aging population.

As a result, a caregiver course would be very worth.

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·        Monitoring and Evaluation Short Course in Kenya

AMREF offers this course for Project Managers, Project Assistants, Project Officers, Quality Assurance Officers, Human Resources officers, Administrators, and Finance officers.

It may add you value and enable you to participate more effectively in company projects.

Of course, there are other colleges and universities you can check out for this course.

·        Short courses in KMTC

If you want to become a better healthcare worker (or perhaps get that long-awaited promotion), plan in enrolling for one of the Short courses offered by the KMTC (Kenya medical training college).

These include:

  1. HTS (HIV Training & Counseling services)
  2. Adherence Counseling.
  3. First aid/basic life support.
  4. Echocardiography
  5. Infection Prevention
  6. Healthcare Entrepreneurship.
  7. Safe Phlebotomy.
  8. Infection Prevention.
  9. Sign Language (for Health workers)
  10. Medical Engineering (i.e. Basic electronics)


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Most marketable short courses in Kenya – Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How long do short courses take in Kenya?

For the most part, the most marketable short courses in Kenya take between 2-3 months.

Some are, however, more intensive and exceed to 6 months.

Which are the most marketable information technology short courses in Kenya?

Here are the most marketable short courses in Kenya for those interested in ICT:

  1. Cyber security.
  2. Digital marketing.
  3. Programming (coding)/Mobile apps development.
  4. Advanced Excel.
  5. CISCO networking courses.
  6. 3D Animation.
  7. Data science.
  8. Artificial intelligence.


Final thoughts

If you’re tired of employment or fear that you may not get a job soon, it’s important to pursue courses that lead to self-employment.

Your passion, hobbies, and interest matter but courses like embroidery, carpentry, welding, baking, beauty therapy, tinting and signage, fashion , speech therapy, painting, and the like all have great potential.

And now that we are here, I should mention that it’s not a must for you to spend copious amounts of money as school fees- you can take your classes only (even free on YouTube) thanks to technology.

Well, folks, that’s it from my desk here.

Hope this helps.


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