Is Your Institution Missing Out on Thousands of Students (2023 Form 4 leavers)?

Dear Chief Principal, Director, Marketing manager, Chief Marketing Officer


Picture this: Thousands of bright, ambitious students across Kenya are actively searching for their ideal educational path. They scroll through countless options, bombarded with information. Will your institution stand out in the noise, or fade into the background?


We speak to students and their parents directly (100,000 to 200,000 of them per month)!

And at Kenya Education Guide, we specialize in helping institutions like yours to rise above the competition and establish a commanding presence in the minds of students and parents alike.


And with a readership ranging from 100,000 to 200,000 per month, predominantly consisting of eager students fresh out of secondary school and individuals seeking to join colleges/universities in Kenya, we can help you reach record breaking enrollment numbers.

We reach between 100,000 to 200,000 form 4 leavers per month, and at their decision making stage (just before they decide the college/university to join!

We invite you to explore a partnership opportunity that has the potential to significantly enhance your institution’s visibility out there, attract more students, and ultimately fill your lecture halls to the brim!


“Sourcing and finding potential students is the most important. You can’t recruit someone you haven’t found.”


Benefits of Partnering with Us in Your Marketing Campaigns

#1- We give you unlimited access to the Right Audience

You get to reach and engage highly-relevant students at the decision-making stage.

Remember our platform attracts students across the spectrum, from high school graduates seeking undergraduate programs (and certificates and Diplomas) to professionals exploring postgraduate options.


#2-Multi-Channel Strategy

We go beyond just our website. So you get to leverage our strong social media presence (Including on YouTube) and engaging forum community to amplify your message and reach more form 4 leavers.


#3-Creative Storytelling

Our team can craft immersive videos, compelling content, and even run targeted advertising campaigns that showcase your institution’s unique offerings and help attract students in record numbers.

“Call/Whatsapp +254723443991 (8-5 Mon-Friday) to find out how we can help!.”


#4-Increased Brand Awareness

Partner with a trusted education resource, enhancing your credibility and visibility amongst potential students and their families.


#5-Rank Number 1 on Google

If you have a website, we can help you appear on page 1 of Google when prospective students ‘Google’ for courses to pursue and colleges/universities to join in Kenya (depending on the courses you offer).


Imagine the impact that would have to your enrollment numbers?

Dozens of new enquiries daily

Every day you will be getting dozens of calls, SMSs and Whatsapp messages from excited students, ready to join you.

Hundreds of curious eyes

All these eyes glued to your institution’s profile, captivated by immersive video tours showcasing your thriving campus and cutting-edge facilities, which ultimately persuades them to choose you over other colleges.

Targeted social media campaigns

These end up sparking buzz and excitement about your institution, right in their newsfeeds…trust us, they’ll get hooked to you so fast.

Endless Traffic from Google

Our expert SEO strategies ensure your institution dominates relevant searches, guaranteeing they discover you first when searching for Best Colleges and Courses on Google.


The Options we give you:

We understand your specific needs. Choose from:

1. Targeted student recruitment

We attract, persuade, and eventually introduce students to you (and you pay us an agreed commission).

2. Customized advertising packages

Advertise across our website and social media channels/YouTube for an agreed fee (amount vary depending on the option you choose and how long the advert will be shown).

3. Expert Content creation and social media management services

Let us help you create beautiful and persuasive content (Videos and Blogs) to help pull students from the jaws of the competition to your institution (we showcase your unique story). Remember the easiest way of showcasing how good you’re (and why students should come to you over others) is by consistently producing amazing content.

4. SEO and website optimization

If you have a website, we ensure your institution’s website ranks high when prospective students are ‘Googling’ for courses to pursue and colleges/universities to join in Kenya (depending on the courses you offer).


number 1 on google

Serious about recruiting more students  coming intake?

I am eager to discuss the possibilities further and explore how we can tailor our marketing services to align with your institution’s enrolment goals.


Please feel free to reach out to me at your earliest convenience to schedule a meeting or discuss any questions you may have- our dream is to make you the biggest institution when it comes to enrollment numbers.



John Gitahi,

Team leader- Kenya Education Guide

Write to Call/Whatsapp +254723443991 (8-5 Mon-Friday)