CNA course in Kenya [All you need to know]

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CNA course in Kenya (nurse aid course in Kenya) could be worth taking especially if you want to emigrate to the UK hoping to land a job as a care giver.

You see, care giver jobs in the UK and other western countries pay better than many other jobs in Kenya and many Kenyans like you have been trying their luck by going there, with some succeeding.

What you obviously do not want to do is go through an agent whose background you’re not sure about because you may end up being scammed- many have been duped by the way and ended up with more frustrations.

Now, a basic requirement to be considered for the elderly care jobs in UK for foreigners is the CNA course.

So below is where you can take the CNA course in Kenya (certified nursing assistant course in Kenya), as you get ready to apply for those jobs and probably fly out.

CNA course in Kenya (All you need to know about nurse aide training in Kenya) including requirements for nurse aid course in Kenya and caregivers training school in Kenya

Now, I am going to share with you both local institutions and international training providers (including some in the UK) because I want to help you make the right decision.

Keep in mind that I will also share free training providers too (you may be searching for a free nursing assistant course), both physical and online platforms

Let’s jump in:

Where can I study nursing assistant course? – Where to pursue nurse aide training in Kenya, the cost (where applicable), and Caregiver course requirements (requirements for nurse aid course in Kenya)

Florence Academy

Just download it from Playstore and search for the certificate course in nursing assistant.

Don’t forget that while Most Courses in their CNA course list are free, you will need to pay a token download the certificate.

And last time I checked the cost was €2.99..there was also the option of paying £25.95 to do a full package of Courses (inclusive of the cost of certificates)

Visit Florence Academy



Alison training is also free- but you again pay to download certs- and is a very easy to use app.

Again download it from Playstore or Appstore and start learning.



Udemy is also a good app (platform) and another good option if you’re looking at pursuing the CNA course in Kenya cheaply.

You pay between $12 to $25 for the course inclusive of the certificate, if you’d like to go the Udemy way.

Explore the course on Udemy


Caredemy –UK based Online Learning Platform

You can also enroll at for the Care Giving Certificate Course (that’s what they call it) and it’s inexpensive too.

There’s even a 14-day money back guarantee just in case you’re not satisfied with the quality of their training.

Google caredemy, if unsure.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Ujuzi Fursa Africa

Ujuzi Fursa Africa, a Training Centre for caregiving jobs offers internationally recognized qualifications too and could be another good bet.

Find them along Chiromo Lane, just Off Westlands Road, Devan Plaza (8th Floor) Nairobi, Kenya

You can also call 0701 741065.

Oh, and when I checked, the fee was 55k- and includes an arranged internship (in a Hospital) so that should give you an idea about how much is the nursing assistant course fees in Kenya for such trainers.

I should add that sometimes the fee goes up to Kshs 90000 because of extra costs (uniform, attachment, exams, graduation, etc)


Metropolitan hospital -Buruburu

Their course is 3-Months theory learning and 3 months Practical sessions at the hospital.


Cheshire home

You can also take the course  without paying a penny at Cheshire home (A home for disabled people) in Kariobangi North.

Go here for location details.


Global Health Education (CE Global) -Online Caregiver course in Kenya

GHE(Global Health Education) is yet another online platform that offers the program.

GHE’s/ CE Global’s Certified Nurse AIDE Training course takes 4-5 weeks to finish (Self paced course).

See more details.


How long does nurse aide course take in Kenya

It varies from one training provider to the next (keep in mind if you’re learning from an app, you can finish super-fast if you have more hours available).

So yes, it is not uncommon to see CNA 4 week course s and even a few taking shorter (dozens of hours)

Otherwise, at Physical training providers such as Ujuzi Fursa Africa, the course takes 3-4 months to complete.


Nurse assistant course requirements (Caregiver course requirements)

There are no formal academic requirements for the course but at least having a form 4 certificate (KCSE) will be important (remember you will need to speak good English, by the way, if you go to the UK)

So those are the general nurse assistant course requirements

A word on Avenue hospital nurse aide training

Avenue Hospital offers courses such as patient attendant (community health assistant) and does not teach the CNA course, at the time of writing this.


Is there a nurse assistant course in KMTC?

No. KMTC does not offer the course so you have to look at the schools above if you want to pursue a caregiving course in Kenya.

Are there any CNA jobs in Kenya?

For the most part, when it comes to graduates of nurse aid courses in Kenya, jobs are outside the country with UK being the leading destination for graduates of nursing assistant training courses in Kenya.

So try your luck through websites that hire caregivers on behalf of home for the elderly in the UK and such institutions(approved by UK’s Home Office) and apply.

One such website is

Also learn more about care giver jobs VISA requirements and other formalities from UK’s home office here.

You can also approach an agency if you’re sure it is legit (easier said than done!)


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