Postgraduate diploma in education Kenyatta University [All you need to Know]

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Postgraduate diploma in education Kenyatta University: And so you want to do a postgraduate diploma in education in Kenyatta university?

If yes, below is all you need to know about the postgraduate diploma in education at Kenyatta University –from the requirements, how to apply, fees, and more.

Postgraduate diploma in education Kenyatta University – all you need to know

This programme is offered in Kenyatta University school of education and is designed for you, if you want to shift to a teaching career while you had an undergraduate degree that is not in education/education-related

So it can be a good course for anyone who wants to become a trainer in TVET institutions and even those who want to move to secondary school teaching.

Of course, your other option if you want to study pedagogy to help you apply for a Licensed Trainer Certificate’s by TVETA is going to KTTC (now called Kenya School of TVET/ KSTVET).

Keep in mind that you get a diploma in technical trainer education – and not a PGDE- if you choose to study for pedagogy at Kenya School of TVET

Post graduate diploma in education Kenyatta university requirements – what you need to be admitted into Kenyatta university Postgraduate diploma in education course

You need to have the following minimum qualifications to be admitted into the course:

First degree (undergraduate degree) in any study area..

Examples are BSc (Bachelor of Science) or a BA (Bachelor of Arts) doesn’t matter in what.

In addition, you need to meet the minimum qualifications (which is usually a C+ grade in KCSE) in the 2 teaching subjects you’d like to take, that is if you want to become a TSC-employable secondary school teacher.

There’s no such requirements for those who want to become TVET trainers (under PSC/Private institutions)

Here are some of the subject combinations you can take:

  • Biological Sciences/biology and Geography
  • Mathematics /Fine Arts
  • Economics/Commerce and Chemistry
  • Religious Education and Physics/Physical Sciences
  • English /History and Government
  • French /Kiswahili

Note that other admission regulations may apply but those are the general minimum requirements.

For example, you may be accepted if you have a Bachelor of Arts(BA) or Bachelor of Science(BSc) plus a recognized content enhancement certificate(e.g. a bridging certificate) in the subjects you want to specialize in.

Postgraduate diploma in education Kenyatta University – intakes

The intakes are usually in the following months:

  • January each year
  • May each year
  • September each year
  • April each year
  • August each year


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Postgraduate diploma in education Kenyatta University -How to apply

Just visit the nearest campus offering it or do so online by clicking

Now, if you’ll be applying the digital way, remember the following before you start:

  • Have all your Academic Transcripts as well as Certificates scanned and saved in your phone/any other softcopy device.
  • Have a clear Passport photo taken and saved in your phone/any other softcopy device.
  • Have your identification documents(ID card/passport) scanned and saved in your phone/any other softcopy device.
  • Have kshs.3000 in your MPESA- this is the application fee and you’ll be prompted to pay it at some point as you apply online- you will see how to pay via MPESA on the application portal

And if you’ll be applying physically, you can just carry the documents with you (copies) apart from the passport(by the way you’ll need Two passport size photos I’x1’ in size).

Also pay the 3000/= to any of the following KU bank accounts and carry the deposit slip with you:

  • Co-operative Bank -Kenya: A/c No. 011-2906-246-1400
  • National Bank -Kenya : A/c No. 010-0305-915-0801
  • Equity Bank Limited Kenya: A/c No. 018-0290-518859
  • Family Bank Kenya: A/c No. 045-0000-2331

That will make the process faster.

Kenyatta university post graduate diploma in education – Campuses offering the course

  • Main campus
  • Mombasa campus
  • Nakuru campus
  • City campus
  • Embu campus

Post Graduate Diploma in Education Kenyatta University Fee Structure (Kenyatta university Postgraduate diploma in education fees)

You will pay Kshs. 130000 (in total) to complete the course unless you are not from any of the East African countries- and in that case you pay a total of Kshs.175000 for the course.

Also remember that there is a statutory fee of kshs. 27500

Post graduate diploma in education Kenyatta university -Mode of study

The programme is offered under the Continuing Education Programme(CEP) mode making it convenient to study if you prefer to do so during holidays.

And like many other Kenyatta University post graduate diploma courses, it is also available under the DSVOL(School of Virtual and Open Learning) school- so you can again study online at your own pace and only come to campus to take tests.

There are some online interactive sessions under the DSVOL mode which helps you understand the difficult concepts- and ask lecturers any questions about topics you are struggling with.

PGDE Kenyatta university – How to contact KU about the course

You can reach out to the varsity using any of the following mediums:

Email address: /

Mobile number: Call 0780830830




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