KUCCPS degree courses and their cluster subjects and grades

KUCCPS degree courses and their cluster subjects

Here is a list of kuccps degree courses and cluster subjects and grades to help you know what you’re qualified for when making your KUCCPS application KUCCPS degree courses and their cluster subjects plus grades (where applicable) Below are the compulsory subjects for all KUCCPS degree courses and the required grades in each case. Remember … Read more

KUCCPS diploma education courses requirements and available options

KUCCPS diploma education courses

If you are passionate about becoming a teacher, it is important to choose the right subject combination- some combinations are not marketable and you may ‘tarmac’ for years if you go for them. Here are the KUCCPS diploma education courses requirements and available subject combinations to help you make an informed choice when applying for … Read more

KUCCPS business diploma courses – complete list 2023

KUCCPS business diploma courses

If you’d like to take a diploma course, you need to make sure that you select a good diploma course. Here is a list of KUCCPS business diploma courses that are available for applicants to KUCCPS sponsored diploma courses in Kenya. KUCCPS business diploma courses – complete kuccps list of courses (diplomas in business and … Read more

KUCCPS diploma courses 2023 and cluster requirements

KUCCPS diploma courses

If you did not score a C+ (plus) and above in your KCSE, then you obviously did not qualify for university admission under the current rules- the cutoff grade for university entry is C+. The good news is you can still pursue a Diploma course if you at least got a C- (Minus) in your … Read more

KUCCPS news – the latest placement updates and KUCCPS FAQs


Here are the latest KUCCPS news 2021 KUCCPS inter university transfer If you wish to move university or college because you are unhappy with where KUCCPS placed you, here are some fantastic news: KUCCPS inter university transfer 20202021 announced! KUCCPS 2021 Inter Institution Transfer(IIT) opens on September 1st and will be closing on 30th September. … Read more

KUCCPS application 2023 – all you need to know

KUCCPS application 2021

If you belong to the 2022 KCSE class, we have some good news: the KUCCPS application 2023 is on-going! You should therefore log into your KUCCPS students portal and complete your kuccps online application 2023 (or first revision) as soon as possible. That is because the portal will only be open for 3 weeks (May … Read more

KUCCPS 2023 intake deadline announced

KUCCPS 2020 intake deadline

Second KUCCPS 2020 intake Revision 2020 open The second revision begins on Thursday 2nd April 2020. The announcement has been made in the 31/3/2020 MyGov. edition. The new second revision closes on 15/4/2020 and you’re expected to have completed your second course revision by this date if you did not get a placement in any … Read more