Colleges offering ACCA in Kenya – the leading ACCA approved training institutions in Kenya

Colleges offering ACCA in Kenya

ACCA can be an excellent course if you want to build a thriving career in finance and related fields-investment banking, auditing, management accounting, and more. If you’re looking to study ACCA in Kenya, this article will highlight colleges offering ACCA in Kenya to help you make an informed decision when it comes to selecting a … Read more

Interior design courses in Kenya – all you need to know

interior design courses in Kenya

Interior designers work with clients to create aesthetic rooms/spaces -clients range from indivudal homeowners to giant corporations. And it can be a satisfying and well-paying career especially if you are creative and can easily come up with fresh ideas. Of course, having a relevant course such as a diploma in interior design will go a … Read more

Best catering schools in Kenya, qualifications, fees, intakes, and more

Best catering schools in Kenya

From hotels, restaurants and fastfood outlets, to offering catering management during events, a catering course provides you with skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a variety of fields. Below we list the best catering schools in Kenya you can go for your studies to gain in-depth understanding of the hospitality sector and become a … Read more

Football Coaching Schools in Kenya – The best academies in 2021

Football Coaching Schools in Kenya

Are you an aspiring footballer and you’re looking for the best football coaching school to attend in Kenya so as to take your game to the next level? If yes, this article is for you- we will list the best football coaching schools in Kenya, their contacts, and even details such as the applicable fee. … Read more

CPA course in Kenya – all you need to know

CPA course in Kenya

Become a CPA (certified public accountant) can open doors for you in a variety of fields- accounting, auditing, taxation, corporate management, investment banking, business consulting, business finance expert, and more. Of course, you’ll first need to pursue a CPA course in Kenya to get this crucial certification from KASNEB (The CPA course in Kenya is tested … Read more

Dental Technology Courses In Kenya – All you need to know

Dental Technology Courses In Kenya

If your passion is medicine, taking a dental technology course may help you land a lucrative job in the medicine field. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Dental Technology Courses in Kenya including: Colleges and universities offering Dental Technology Courses in Kenya. Minimum entry requirements for various Dental Technology Courses … Read more

NYS training period, NYS qualifications, Full NYS training programs, and more

NYS training period

So, how long is the NYS training period? Short answer: The standard NYS training period at the NYS training college in Gilgil and Naivasha is 6 months. This is usually the first phase of the NYS training programs and covers hardcore paramilitary training (non-combat). The purpose of NYS paramilitary training courses is to inculcate team … Read more