Unmarketable Courses in Kenya

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Here is a list of some unmarketable courses in Kenya…

As many courses as there are to pursue in the hopes of getting into lucrative careers, there are some that are less marketable with few job opportunities and will take ages to get a formal job, or worse, end up with no job.

You should, therefore, avoid these courses at all costs.

Well, this article contains a list of unmarketable courses in Kenya to assist you in making an informed decision.

So, read on to find out more…


Unmarketable courses in Kenya

  1. Unmarketable medical courses

Medical courses are widely recognized as the most marketable in Kenya, but not all are.

The following are some medical courses with fewer job opportunities:

  • Health records and information technology – since hospitals only need a few staffs to manage their records, job opportunities are limited.
  • Medical engineering – since only one medical engineer can serve an entire hospital, there are fewer job opportunities for graduates of this course.
  • Diploma in health promotion
  • Diploma in medical social work
  • Community health extension work
  • Diploma in Community Oral Health
  • Diploma in Community Health


  1. Unmarketable business courses

Some business courses are not typically marketable.

The reason for this is that many students have taken the courses, resulting in oversaturation in the job market; so many graduates are still looking for work.

Among these courses are:

Secretarial studies – we are in the era of computers and digitalization, therefore, traditional secretarial duties are becoming obsolete.

Business administration – the job market is extremely competitive, resulting in a limited number of job opportunities.

Supply chain management and procurement – it was once in high demand, but not any longer, as many graduates are still looking for work.

In short there are no jobs available.

Diploma in accountancy – again, due to the large number of graduates, job opportunities are limited.


  1. Library and Information science

Despite the importance of information management, the traditional role of librarians has been eroded by the introduction of digital technologies, leading to limited job opportunities for librarians.


  1. Unmarketable hospitality and tourism courses

With courses like catering & accommodation management, catering & hotel management, tour guiding & travel, tourism & hospitality management, and food & beverage, you’re unlikely to find a well-paying job right after graduation.

The reason being that, despite Kenya’s thriving hospitality and tourism industries, oversaturation of graduates in this field has made it extremely competitive, resulting in many graduates struggling to find work.

However, you can make good money if you go into self-employment and start a business in the hospitality industry.


  1. Fashion design

Despite its creative nature, the fashion industry in Kenya is highly competitive, with many graduates, leaving many fashion design graduates struggling to find work.

Furthermore, success in the fashion industry often requires a blend of talent, business acumen, and networking.

You can, however, thrive in this industry if you start your own fashion business.


Unmarketable courses in Kenya continuation…

  1. Criminology and security studies

While security is a major concern, the job market for graduates of criminology and security studies is limited.

There are few opportunities, and furthermore, this program primarily benefits police officers and security officers.


  1. Political science courses

There are no sufficient job opportunities for graduates of political science courses in Kenya’s political landscape unless, well, you have connections…


  1. Theology and religious studies

Given that the job market for theology and religious studies graduates is often restricted to religious institutions, there are few existing job opportunities.

So, this is not a good course to take unless you want to be a chaplain or a religious leader.



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Now proceed reading below..



  1. Anthropology

There is a low demand for anthropologists in the job market, which has made it difficult to find relevant employment opportunities.


  1. Philosophy

There are literally no jobs in Kenya for philosophy graduates.


  1. Beauty therapy courses

Many students enroll in courses like hairdressing and beauty therapy, and as a result, many graduates are still looking for work.

Nonetheless, the good news is that these courses provide excellent opportunities for self-employment.

You can begin by freelancing, providing clients with services such as hairdressing, manicures and pedicures, and makeup application, to name a few, before eventually starting your own business.


  1. Social work and community development

There are very few potential employers in the fields of social work and community development.

This also applies to sociology, gender development, childcare and protection, and development studies courses.


More unmarketable courses in Kenya…

  1. Journalism

Traditional journalism is facing challenges as a result of the rise of digital media, and graduates must adapt to changing industry dynamics.

Consider taking courses in digital media, video editing, film/video production, or animation.


  1. Unmarketable agriculture courses

While most agriculture courses are highly marketable, it is important to understand that some agricultural courses are not.

Holders of agribusiness management qualifications, for example, are rarely hired because job opportunities are scarce.

Similarly, opportunities for graduates of courses like Fisheries, Forestry, Farm Resources Management, Horticulture, Plant Nutrition, and even Aquaculture are scarce.


  1. Chemical engineering

Unlike other engineering disciplines such as civil and mechanical engineering, this one is not a lucrative engineering course in Kenya.

In short, there are no job opportunities in Kenya, unless you move to Russia or America.

Now, you don’t want to take chances with your future, so you should avoid this program.

Career guidance in Kenya

  1. Actuarial science

Actuarial science is primarily concerned with risk prediction and management through the application of economics, mathematics, and statistics.

This is a good course, but as a fresh graduate, you will have difficulty finding a job.


  1. Animal science and production

The field of animal science and production is not very popular in Kenya, and there are few job opportunities available for graduates.


  1. Art courses

These include music, drama, and other art-related programs.

These courses typically rely primarily on creativity and talent, and only a small percentage of graduates find success in these fields.


Unmarketable courses in Kenya – Final word

As we conclude, it is important to understand that there are no 100% marketable courses, only that some of them can land you a job almost immediately after graduating, while others take time and you tarmac for a long time, even ending up with no formal job.

So, while personal passion and interests are important factors to consider when selecting a course, the course’s marketability is also important.

Therefore, if you want a rewarding career, you should carefully weigh your options, taking into account both the job market and your aspirations when selecting a course of study.

So, make an informed career decision!



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