Best Courses for Ladies in Kenya

Best courses for ladies in Kenya: There are no courses that are only good for ladies—only that some courses appear to be better for ladies than men, such as air hostess (cabin crew).

The world has become more equal, and as long as you, the lady, are ambitious and determined enough, you can excel in any course.

Keep in mind that you can take any course, regardless of gender, based on your interests, career goals, and personal strengths.

Nonetheless, in this article, we will look at some of the best courses that may be beneficial to ladies in Kenya.

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Best courses for ladies in Kenya

Here are some of the best courses for ladies in Kenya:

1.     Air hostess/cabin crew

The term “airhostess” typically refers to a female flight attendant or cabin crew member who provides services to passengers on an aircraft.

However, the role is not only for ladies; only that a few men are interested in studying cabin crew.

So, it is mostly suited to ladies.


2.     Nursing

Nurses perform many of the same tasks as doctors, but they are supervised by them.

A career in nursing will undoubtedly provide you with the opportunity to achieve career success and wealth, as well as job security.

Furthermore, as a qualified nurse, you will always be in high demand, both locally and globally.

To become a qualified registered nurse, you can pursue the course at the diploma level (KMTC is the best for diploma) or degree (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) level.


3.     Journalism and mass communication

Journalism is a good career choice if you are creative, good at communication and storytelling, and enjoy research.

A degree in journalism and mass communication will provide you with all of the skills you need to work in mass media and advertising, such as adaptability, strong communication skills, and ethical judgment.

Furthermore, with this course, you will have a wide range of career options in areas such as journalism, public relations, advertising, content creation, and media management.


4.     Education

Education is a powerful transformational tool, and women play significant roles as educators/teachers.

Needless to say, trained professionals in early childhood education, primary and secondary education, and special education are always in demand.

This course will equip you with the skills needed to shape the minds of future generations, promote inclusive learning environments, and contribute to educational development.

You can study education at the diploma level in the TTC colleges or at the degree level, or you can start at the diploma level and work your way up; you could even end up as a lecturer or professor.


5.     TV and Film production

If you have a passion for entertainment and creating content, then you can pursue this course and earn a living doing what you love.

Currently, the number of TV stations is growing, which is creating job opportunities.

Furthermore, as a graduate of TV and Film production, you can start your own production company or create your own content, especially now that we live in the YouTube era.

This course is offered at both the diploma and degree levels.



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6.     Fine arts

The fine arts include a wide range of disciplines such as painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography, and ceramics.

It’s worth noting that majoring in fine arts opens doors to careers in a variety of creative fields, including becoming a professional artist, illustrator, curator, art educator, or working in the entertainment industry.

So, if you have a passion for creativity, artistic expression, and vision communication, consider enrolling in a fine art course.

It is preferable to pursue the course at the bachelor’s degree level for better career opportunities; Kenyatta University offers it.

But if you do not qualify for a degree in fine arts, you can study it at the diploma level.


7.     Business and Entrepreneurship

If you are aspiring to become a successful entrepreneur, courses in business management, marketing, and financial planning are very important.

These courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills for starting and managing you own businesses.

Many people in Kenya are becoming entrepreneurs, and having a solid foundation in business principles will help you succeed.

For the record, Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) is known to offer the best business management courses.


8.     Food Production

Without a doubt, the food industry is always in demand, and as a result, the demand for skilled cooks and chefs is constantly increasing.

So, pursuing a career in food production will provide you with job security and stability.

Another advantage is that you can use your food production knowledge to cook the best and most delicious foods at home (for home deliveries) or even open your own food joint.

Kenya Utalii College, Top Chefs Culinary Institute, International Hotel and Tourism Industry, and Boma International Hospitality College are some of the best institutions to study food production.


9.     Fashion design and clothing technology

Given the country’s scarcity of qualified cloth designers, pursuing a course in fashion design and clothing technology will be an excellent choice.

Additionally, these courses foster creativity, allowing you to excel in the worlds of fashion and design.

In Kenya, you can study fashion design courses ranging from the certificate level to the master’s degree level.


10. Architecture

Architecture is the art and science of designing and building buildings and other physical structures. The work can be demanding but extremely rewarding.

Architectural programs prepare students for a variety of careers, including project management, interior design, urban planning, and landscape architecture, among others.

This means you’ll have no trouble finding a niche that matches your interests and strengths.

Additionally, it is a creative and intellectually stimulating field that provides opportunities for personal and professional development.



In conclusion, the best courses for ladies in Kenya are those that align with your interests and goals while also addressing societal needs and future job market trends.

Nonetheless, the courses listed above are among the best in Kenya that you should consider taking.

Lastly, in my opinion, choosing the right courses to pursue significantly shapes your career path and personal growth. Please read this Career choices in Kenya (career guide for students) guide to learn more about how to choose a career or course.



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