Worst Diploma Courses in Kenya

Get to learn about the worst diploma courses in Kenya in this article…

When deciding on a career path, the first thing to consider should be the employment trends.

While it is important to follow your passion, it is also crucial that you pursue a marketable course that will guarantee you a job within a short period of time.

With that in mind, there are some diploma courses to avoid if you want to be employable and earn a good salary.

In this regard, this article contains a list of the worst diploma courses in Kenya to assist you in making an informed decision when selecting a diploma course to pursue.

So, let’s get started….


Worst diploma courses in Kenya

Diploma in supply chain management/procurement

There was a time when procurement was one of the top business courses in Kenya, but many people went for the course, unfortunately flooding the job market with unemployed procurement specialists.

In fact, graduates of a more comprehensive business management program have a competitive advantage over those with a specialized diploma in this field.

So, it is not a viable option right now


Diploma in journalism and mass communication

As much as you might like journalism and broadcast-related courses, you may be unaware that we are living in the age of digital journalism.

The media landscape is rapidly changing, and traditional journalism roles are being challenged as a result of the digital shift and changing business models.

Instead of a journalism or mass communication diploma, consider taking diploma courses in video editing, digital, video production, and film technology, among others.


Diploma in catering and hotel management

While the hospitality industry is thriving, specific roles in catering and hotel management are oversupplied, resulting in increased job competition.

Many people have taken this course, and the job market has become overcrowded (it’s challenging to secure employment nowadays).

However, you can still use your skills to outperform the competition by opening a business (such as a fast-food café), and believe me, this can really pay off.


Diploma in tour guiding and travels

This course, like catering and hotel management, has limited career advancement opportunities.

The unstable state of the tourism industry as a result of external factors such as political instability and global events has a significant impact on the demand for tour guides.

Furthermore, the increasing number of online travel resources reduces the need for guided tours.


Diploma in library and information science

Traditional library roles are becoming obsolete as digital technology advances, thus reducing the demand for graduates in this field.

Furthermore, given the availability of e-books, only a few librarians are required nowadays.


Diploma in entrepreneurship

While entrepreneurship is a valuable skill, a diploma in entrepreneurship may not provide the depth of knowledge and experience required by many entrepreneurs.

However, it is a good course if you want to start your own business.



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More worst diploma courses in Kenya…

Diploma in Secretarial Studies

This course is less favorable due to the decreasing demand for traditional secretarial roles.

This is mainly because technological advances have automated many clerical tasks, reducing the need for manual secretarial assistance.

As a result, those pursuing this diploma will have a more difficult time finding well-paying jobs than those in more tech-oriented fields.


Diploma in business administration/management

This program is very common in Kenya, and the job market is saturated with graduates.

As a result, job opportunities are limited, and finding a good job with this diploma program may take a long time.


Diploma in accountancy

A diploma course in accountancy has declined in demand due to the availability of strong professional courses such as ACCA or certified public accountants (CPA) – though this is also becoming more common nowadays, it is much better to the accountancy diploma.

As a matter of fact, most employers prefer to hire financial or accounting professionals who have a bachelor’s or diploma in a business course as well as a CPA or other professional course.


Medical related diploma courses

Courses like the diploma in pharmacy and diploma in medical laboratory sciences have a large number of graduates who are still looking for relevant job opportunities.

In short, job opportunities are scarce.


Diploma in hairdressing and beauty therapy

The reason is the same as it is for catering & hotel management, and tour guiding courses – it is very popular and has many graduates who are still looking for work.

However, the good news is that if you have sufficient skills in this field, you can self-employ. You can work as a freelancer, providing clients with your services.

All you need to do is look for a small business in a beauty business (such as a salon), learn the necessary skills, and you’ll be ready to strike out on your own.


Diploma in fashion design and garment making

The oversaturation of the fashion industry, as well as the rapid changes in trends, makes it difficult for graduates to find stable employment.

However, it’s an excellent field if you want to self-employ yourself rather than being employed by someone else (though you’ll still need to be employed for a while to gain the necessary skills to start on your own).


Worst diploma courses in Kenya – Wrap up

So, those are the diploma courses you should avoid at all costs if you want a lucrative career in the future.

Please keep in mind that the job market is constantly changing, so it is extremely important to select a course that is in demand and that will provide you with the skills necessary to succeed in the job market.

Last but not least, please read this article on how to make career choices; it will be very useful when deciding on a course of study.



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