Paramedic course in Kenya [All you need to know]

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In this article, I will share with you all you need to understand about the paramedic course in Kenya including the basic paramedic course requirements, just in case you want to pursue the course.


Paramedic course in Kenya [All you need to know about paramedic training in Kenya]

What is Paramedic course in Kenya all about?

Well, it is a professional course that may make you qualify to get employment in pre-hospital care management organizations such as Red Cross and St John’s Ambulance.

Of course, these organizations help in critical care during patient transfers to a medical facility after accidents (at work, roads, home, etc).

They are also often the first on the scene during other emergency medical situations.

That means they need staff to help deliver the important critical care to a victim at the site and as he/she is being transferred to a medical center (in an ambulance or otherwise).

So that is where paramedic science in Kenya (paramedic training in Kenya) graduates comes in.


How the course is structured

Overall, you can take either a short course in paramedicine or a Diploma in paramedic medicine.

Below are full details about the course at the two levels:


Diploma in Paramedicine

This is the highest level of the course, at the time of writing this and is offered by Kenya Red Cross (Training Institute).

Minimum requirements:

KCSE Grade C (or an equivalent)

You also need a C plain (minimum) in each of these subjects:

  • Biology
  • English or Swahili
  • Chemistry or Physics or Mathematics

Diploma in paramedic Kenya: Alternative qualifications

  • Qualified EMT (Emergency medical technician) from institutions such as the Kenya Red Cross-Training- Institute. You will be accepted if you qualified as an EMT from other accredited and certified institutions.
  • You may also be admitted if you’re a Qualified Clinical healthcare worker – you have a valid/genuine Certificate or Diploma or Degree in a relevant health-related course (for example Nursing or Community Health Nursing or Clinical Medicine or Medicine and Surgery)


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Where to take the course

As mentioned, you can take the course at Kenya Red Cross (Training Institute).

Call Red Cross offices on 0705 464 722 or email for details.


The fee was Kshs. 250,000 when I last checked.

Course duration

2 years.

Red Cross also offers the program on a part-time basis that takes about 18 months (on trimesters system) with breaks in between.

The award

You are awarded a Diploma certificate in paramedicine


EMT certification course

Your other option is to take the Emergency Medical Technicians(EMT) course.

Now, the EMT certification course –offered by St Johns Ambulance- will help you meet the entry-level qualification for a job in emergency medical care situations and can be your first step towards a career as a professional paramedic.


Minimum Requirements

KCSE Grade C- (or an equivalent)

Additional qualification: Have a C- in Biology (a must) and any language (either English/Swahili).


The award

You’ll be awarded  a certificate in EMT jointly endorsed by the St. Johns Ambulance and KMTC.

Course Duration:

1 year

Course Fees

Kshs. 95,000.00  (You can pay in installments)


EMT usual intake is in the months of February/ March then in June and finally in September.

How to apply

Go here to apply

Paramedic in Kenya – Career prospects for graduates

You can work in:

  • Private hospitals
  • Ambulance Rescue Services
  • Non-Governmental organizations
  • Government Hospitals
  • Defense forces(army) Emergency Medical Teams

You can also become a Lecturer in EMS(emergency medical services) Institutions like Red Cross


A word on paramedic course in KMTC

Some of our readers wrote to us asking about paramedic course in KMTC requirements …well, here is what you need to know about taking your paramedic course in KMTC

Now, KMTC does not offer the course so you will have to look at the colleges offering paramedical courses in Kenya we have recommended above if you want to study for a paramedic course.

That is because KMTC has deliberately chosen to concentrate on official healthcare training programmes (Nursing, Clinical medicine, pharmacy, and the like) and not on auxiliary programs such as EMT or Para-medicine Courses.


Final words

Just to reiterate, the purpose of the paramedic courses is to enable you to work in Emergency Medical situations (organizations such as St Johns and Red Cross are the main players here).

And you’ll be helping stabilize critical patients during their transportation (in an ambulance or otherwise) to a health care facility.

So a paramedic course does not have as many opportunities as mainstream medical courses such as Nursing or Clinical Medicine.


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