Approved Aviation schools in Kenya including the best flying schools in Kenya

Approved Aviation schools in Kenya

If you want to pursue a career in aviation, you should consider joining one of the approved aviation schools in Kenya- studying in an approved institution ensures you get recognized papers and makes it easier for you to get a practicing license. So, which are the approved aviation schools in Kenya for courses such as … Read more

CISCO Training Centres in Kenya -colleges that offer cisco courses

CISCO Training Centres in Kenya

For those in ICT, a CISCO certification can be a powerful addition to your resume- employers love it and it can give you an edge when applying for IT jobs. This article lists CISCO training centres in Kenya and can be helpful if you’re looking for a college to join for your CISCO CCNA course … Read more

Accredited law schools in Kenya (Top 10 law schools)

Accredited law schools in Kenya

If you want to study law in Kenya, here are the accredited law schools in Kenya you can join and make your career dream come true. Accredited law schools in Kenya – top 10 law schools in Kenya Top 10 law universities in Kenya If you’re qualified for a law degree, here are the top … Read more

Colleges offering ACCA in Kenya – the leading ACCA approved training institutions in Kenya

Colleges offering ACCA in Kenya

ACCA can be an excellent course if you want to build a thriving career in finance and related fields-investment banking, auditing, management accounting, and more. If you’re looking to study ACCA in Kenya, this article will highlight colleges offering ACCA in Kenya to help you make an informed decision when it comes to selecting a … Read more

KMTC Certificate Courses Qualifications, Intakes, Applying

KMTC Certificate Courses Qualifications

So, what are the KMTC certificate courses qualifications? Well, to join KMTC for any Certificate course, you need at least a minimum grade of C- (KCSE). In addition, you must have met the set qualifications in the involved cluster subjects in your KCSE. These vary from one certificate course to the other. And for clarity purposes, … Read more

Top 10 medical schools in Kenya in 2021

Top 10 medical schools in Kenya

Do medical sciences interest you? Get to know more about the top 10 medical schools in Kenya in this guide. We have based our selection on the following criteria (among others): Teaching infrastructure (lecture halls, laboratories, cadavers, and more). Lecturer-student ratio (you don’t want to attend overcrowded classes). Quality of the faculty (Qualifications, experience, etc.) Governance Student affairs. … Read more

Zetech college hospitality courses [A Complete Guide]

Zetech college hospitality courses

If you are passionate about the hospitality industry, we recommend that you consider pursuing one of the renowned Zetech college hospitality courses. Below we review the three leading Zetech college hospitality courses: Let’s dive right in. Zetech college hospitality courses: a complete guide 1.   Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Management(CHTM) This programme teaches a host … Read more

Courses offered at KTTC (KTTC intake 2021 All courses and requirements)

Courses offered at KTTC

Here are the courses offered at KTTC [now Kenya School of Technical Vocational Education and Training (KSTVET)], the only institution in Kenya mandated to train technical trainers in Kenya (and instructors). It’s worth noting that KTTC also offers dozens of non-teacher programs targeting form 4 leavers in disciplines such as business, engineering, information studies, and … Read more