Top 30 Most Marketable Courses in Kenya

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This article contains a list of the top 30 most marketable courses in Kenya…

When deciding on a course to pursue in college or university, it is best to select one that will lead to a lucrative career.

So, while considering taking a course based on your interests and passion, it is also important to consider the course’s marketability in the current state of the economy.

In this regard, this article contains a list of the top 30 most marketable courses in Kenya to assist you in making a well-informed decision.

So, let’s get started…


Top 30 most marketable courses in Kenya including top 10 marketable business courses in Kenya

  1. Medicine and surgery

There is a global shortage of doctors, and Kenya is no exception.

Moreover, a degree in medicine and surgery is unquestionably one of the most prestigious and sought-after qualifications in Kenya.

Not to mention that it is also one of the highest-paying medical courses in Kenya.

Career prospects: Medical doctor, surgeon, specialist

Where to study: University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, Mt. Kenya University, Moi University, Moi University, JKUAT, Kenya Methodist University, Maseno University


  1. Dental surgery

A bachelor of dental surgery degree primarily prepares one to work as a dental practitioner, primarily providing preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic services to patients with oral health issues.

With this degree qualification, you can find work in public and private healthcare facilities, private dental clinics, and dental hospitals.

Career prospects: Dental surgeon

Where to study: University of Nairobi and Moi University (the only institutions offering dental surgery degree in Kenya)


  1. Dental technology diploma

A Diploma in Dental Technology prepares you for careers as a dental technician, in the fabrication of dental prosthetics and appliances, and in working closely with dentists to ensure proper patient care.

You can provide services in both public and private dental laboratories and clinics.

Career prospects: Dental laboratory technician, Dental technician in specialized areas (such as orthodontics, maxillofacial prosthetics, etc.)

Where to study: KMTC and Mt. Kenya University


  1. Nursing

The nursing program focuses on patient care, health promotion, and disease prevention, preparing students for careers in the public and private sectors of health care.

Furthermore, there are numerous job opportunities for nursing graduates in other countries (particularly the (United Kingdom) and the US (United States)).

So, whether at the diploma level or degree level, you can never go wrong with a nursing course.

Career prospects: Registered Nurse, Nursing officer, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse, Physician’s Office Nurse, Nurse Case Manager, Nursing Informatics Specialist, School Nurse, Diabetes Management Nurse, Nursing lecturer

Where to study: KMTC (for the diploma program), JKUAT, Kabarak University, University of Nairobi, Egerton University, Kenyatta University, Maseno University, Kibabii University, Moi University, and Mt. Kenya University, among others


  1. Radiography and imaging

Radiographers are becoming increasingly important in diagnosing and treating illnesses as medical technology advances.

Radiographers typically use imaging techniques to obtain diagnostic images of organs, bones, and human tissues, which are then used by physicians and other medical professionals to diagnose and treat patients’ medical conditions.

You can enroll in a diploma program at KMTC or a degree program at one of the universities that offer the program.

Career Prospects: Radiographer, medical imaging specialist

Where to study for the degree program: KMTC, JKUAT, Moi University, and University of Nairobi

  1. Optometry

Optometrists specialize in eye care, detecting eye diseases, and prescribing glasses and contact lenses.

Graduates of this course can work in both the public and private health sectors.

Career prospect: Optometrist, optician

Where to study: KMTC, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST)


  1. Clinical medicine

This program is primarily concerned with patient care, disease diagnosis, and treatment.

You can take it at KMTC at the diploma level, but if you have the qualifications for a degree, then you should enroll in the degree program.

Career prospects: Clinician, clinical officer

Where to study: JKUAT, Egerton University, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University, Mt. Kenya University, Kenyatta University, Kenya Methodist University, Kirinyaga university.


Top 30 most marketable courses in Kenya

  1. Counseling and Psychology

Mental health awareness is growing, creating a demand for psychologists to address individual and societal well-being.

With the increased cases of depression in both young people and adults in Kenya (perhaps due to current harsh economic state), this is a good course to take right now.

Career Prospects: Psychologist, counselor, organizational psychologist, clinical psychologist, occupational psychologist

Where to study: Chuka University, Egerton University, Kisii University, KCA University, Eldoret National Polytechnic (diploma), Thika Technical Training Institute (diploma)


  1. Law

Law is also one of the highest-paying degree programs in Kenya.

Furthermore, legal professionals play an important role in the administration of justice, making a law degree a timeless and valuable pursuit.

Career Prospects: Lawyer, judge, legal consultant, senior legal counsel, litigation advocate

Where to study: Kenyatta University, University of Nairobi, Moi University, Catholic University, Mt Kenya University, Strathmore University, Riara University, Kisii University, JKUAT, Egerton University

  1. Environmental science

With growing environmental concerns, environmental scientists are needed to address issues such as climate change, pollution, and conservation.

Graduates of this course can find employment in conservation, environmental impact assessment, or sustainable development.

Career prospects: Environmental scientist, conservationist, environmental consultant

Where to study: University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, JKUAT, Chuka University


  1. Education (Teaching)

Education is regarded as a noble profession, and it will never become obsolete.

Children are born on a daily basis, and as they grow older, they require education, which means that teachers will always be in demand.

You can pursue a degree in education at universities that offer education courses, such as Kenyatta University, or you can take a diploma (if you did not get direct entry into the university) at any of Kenya’s teacher training colleges, such as Kamwenja TTC, Kaimosi TTC, Lugari Diploma TTC, and Kagumo TTC.

Career prospects: Primary school teacher, secondary school teacher, lecturer


  1. Architecture

Architects contribute to the design and planning of structures and buildings.

As Kenya’s construction boom continues, so does the demand for architects to design innovative and sustainable structures.

Career Prospects: Architect, urban planner

Where to study: JKUAT, University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University


  1. Human resource and management

Human resource management is essential to employee relations and organizational success, making HR professionals in high demand.

As a result, since every business requires skilled HR practitioners, HRM is a worthwhile course to pursue.

Career Prospects: Human resource manager, HR consultant.

Where to study: The Kenya Institute of Management, University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, College of Human Resource Management

Career guidance in Kenya

  1. Bachelor of Commerce- Marketing , Diploma in Sales and marketing

Businesses in Kenya require skilled marketers and sales professionals to help them promote their products and services in order to generate sales.

As a result, professionals in BCom-Marketing and related fields are paid handsomely since no business would survive without them, making them one of the top occupations in the country and probably one that will ever exist.

In fact, if you have a strong work ethic and are truly passionate about sales, this is one of the best careers to pursue, as you could end up with a very well-paying sales job.

Career prospects: Marketing manager, Brand manager, sales representative

Where to study for the BCom- Marketing program: Kibabii University, Daystar University, Kenyatta University, KCA University,

Where to study for the sales and marketing diploma: The Kenya Institute of Management, Machakos Institute of Technology



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Now proceed reading below..


Top 30 most marketable courses in Kenya

  1. Digital marketing

In today’s digital age, most businesses rely on digital marketers for online promotion and customer engagement.

As a result, skilled digital marketing professionals with social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and online advertising skills are in high demand.

Career prospects: Digital marketer, social media manager

Where to study: Zetech University

  1. Quantity surveying

This is yet another high-paying course.

Quantity surveyors are needed to manage costs and budgets for construction projects in almost all real estate and infrastructure developments, so it has a high employability potential.

Career Prospects: Quantity surveyor, cost consultant, project manager

Where to study: Nairobi Institute of Technology, University of Nairobi, JKUAT


  1. Cyber Security and forensics

With the rise of cyber threats, cybersecurity and forensics experts are becoming increasingly important in protecting organizations from data breaches and cyberattacks, as well as investigating cybercrime.

Career prospects: Digital forensics analyst, forensic investigator, cybersecurity forensic specialist, security analyst, ethical hacker

Where to study: Zetech University, KCA University, Kabarak University


  1. Electrical and electronics engineering

This is one of the top engineering programs available. There are numerous opportunities in the private sector and industries, as well as starting your own electrical consulting firm.

With an increasing number of infrastructure projects and technological advancements, electrical engineers are essential for designing, developing, and maintaining electrical systems.

Career prospects: Electrical engineer, electronics engineer, control systems engineer.

Where to study: TVET colleges in Kenya (diploma program), JKUAT, University of Nairobi


  1. Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the design, manufacturing, and operation of various machines.

Given that machines are almost everywhere, mechanical engineers are required to design and maintain machinery and systems.

Career Prospects: Mechanical engineer

Where to study: Again, most TVET colleges offer this course at the diploma level; consider JKUAT, Kenyatta University, and the University of Nairobi for degree program


Top 30 most marketable courses in Kenya

  1. Civil engineering

Kenya’s ongoing construction and infrastructure development projects, such as roads, buildings, and bridges, create a demand for civil engineers to design and supervise the projects.

So there are plenty of jobs available.

Career opportunities: Civil engineer, project manager, structural engineer

Where to study: Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, JKUAT, Moi University


  1. Refrigeration and air-conditioning diploma

Cooling and refrigerator repairs are always in high demand, particularly in commercial industries, HVAC systems, and residential homes, making this diploma program an excellent career path.

Career prospects: Refrigeration and air-conditioning technician, HVAC technician, cooling technician

Where to study: Masinde Muliro University, Railway Training Institute, and Nairobi Technical Institute.


  1. Welding & fabrication

Welding and fabrication involves working with metal and related fabrication items, and there are numerous jobs available for this program.

You can also start your own business.

Career prospects: welder, fabricator, pipefitter, sheet metal worker

Where to study: TVET colleges such as, Mathira Technical Training Institute, Kajiado West Technical  College, Kasarani Technical & Vocational College, Nachu Technical & Vocational College, and Maasai Mara Technical & Vocational College, among more.


  1. Real estate management

With urbanization and the expansion of real estate, professionals in real estate management are needed for property development, management, and valuation.

Career prospects: Realtor, real estate manager, property manager,

Where to study: Technical University of Kenya, University of Nairobi


  1. Film production

Pursuing a film production course will provide you with valuable skills and knowledge in areas such as directing, cinematography, editing, and sound design.

These abilities will lead to a rewarding career in the thriving media and entertainment industries.

Career prospects: Film producer, film director

Where to study: Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, Africa Digital Media Institute, Multimedia University of Kenya, Mt. Kenya University.


Top 30 most marketable courses in Kenya

  1. Piloting

Piloting is one of the highest-paying programs in Kenya, but it is also one of the most expensive courses to pursue.

Nonetheless, the piloting profession guarantees a good salary, especially if you work for one of Kenya’s major airlines, and pilots are in high demand both locally and internationally.

Where to study: Kenya School of Flying, Proactive Flight Training School, Ninety Nines Flying School


  1. Software engineering

Software engineers typically develop, design, and maintain software systems.

The booming tech industry in Kenya provides numerous opportunities for software engineering graduates.

Where to study: Cooperative University of Kenya, Zetech University, Moringa School


  1. Information systems and technology

As businesses digitize, there is an increase in demand for information systems and technology experts in a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, and e-commerce.

Graduates can pursue careers in system analysis, database administration, and information technology management.

Where to study: KCA University, USIU, Kenyatta University, Zetech University


  1. Data science

Data science involves extracting valuable insights from large datasets using statistical and computational methods.

As a result, data scientists can work in a variety of industries, such as finance, healthcare, technology, and e-commerce, assisting organizations in making data-driven decisions.

Where to study: University of Nairobi, KCA University, Strathmore University, Zetech University


  1. Building and construction diploma

Kenyans will always be building, so building and construction professionals will never be out of work.

Where to study: TVET colleges in Kenya


  1. Plumbing

Due to ongoing infrastructure developments, there is a growing demand for experts who can install, maintain, and repair plumbing systems.

So, there are numerous job opportunities.

You can also become self-employed with your plumbing skills.

Where to study: Sensei Institute of Technology, Kenya Water Institute


Top 30 most marketable courses in Kenya – Wrap up

The courses listed above are just a few of the most popular, marketable, and in-demand courses in Kenya that will almost certainly lead to employment after graduation.

Hopefully, this article will help you decide which course to take.

All the best!



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