Best Paying Technical Courses in Kenya [2024]

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Are you looking for the best paying technical courses in Kenya? If so, continue reading to the end to learn more.

Technical courses not only provide hands-on experience, but they also have the potential to lead to lucrative career opportunities.

So, do you want to know which best technical courses to take that will pay off after you graduate?

Well, if you answered yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

This article will give you an overview of the best paying technical courses in Kenya you should look into.

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Best paying technical courses in Kenya

In general, all engineering courses are technical courses with high earning potential due to the specialized knowledge and skills required in engineering fields.

That being so, I’ll just give an overview of a few of them as follows:


1.     Software Engineering and Development

With the global tech boom, software engineers and developers are in high demand across a wide range of industries.

Software engineering is typically defined as the systematic application of engineering principles and practices to the design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance of high-quality software systems.

It is no secret that we are living in a digital world where technological advances are made on a daily basis.

As a result, there has been an increase in the demand for software products and solutions that enable people to do things like hold virtual meetings, attend online classes, play games, communicate globally, and conduct business.

By taking a software engineering course, you can work as a software developer, front-end or back-end engineer, or even as a freelancer, among others.

So, with a Software Engineering course, you can never go wrong because it is highly marketable and pays handsomely.

On average, entry-level salaries for software engineers in Kenya ranges from Kshs.70,000 to Kshs.290,000 per month, with experienced professionals earning well above that.


2.     Civil Engineering

Kenya’s growing economy has resulted in infrastructure development, which has resulted in increased demand for skilled civil engineers.

Civil engineers are typically involved in a variety of construction projects, infrastructure development, and urban planning.

So, as a civil engineering graduate, you can expect to work for construction firms, government agencies, or consulting firms.

Starting salaries for civil and structural engineers are estimated to range between Kshs.70,000 and Kshs.205,000 per month.


3.     Medical engineering

Medical engineering, also known as biomedical engineering, is an integrated field that combines principles from engineering, biology, and medicine to develop solutions and technologies for healthcare and medical applications.

This field includes medical device design, imaging systems, prosthetics, and biotechnology.

Needless to say, certain subfields of medical engineering, such as medical device design, are extremely lucrative due to the high demand for cutting-edge medical technologies and devices.

Furthermore, advancing your career by pursuing a master’s or a Ph.D. in medical engineering will undoubtedly lead to higher-paying positions and more opportunities for career advancement within the field, resulting in higher pay.


4.     Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and electronic engineers specialize in the design, development, and maintenance of electrical systems, devices, and technologies, and an electrical program will almost always land you a job.

In many cases, though, electrical and electronic engineers earn high salaries when compared to professionals in other fields.

This is due to the fact that you will be able to find lucrative job opportunities in a variety of industries, and you can also employ yourself if you want to be your own boss.

Therefore, it’s one of the most marketable and well-paying technical courses to consider.

5.     Quantity surveying

Quantity surveying is the management of construction project costs and financial aspects such as materials, labor, and other expenses.

Besides, it is regarded as a technical profession in the construction industry with high earning potential, particularly as you gain experience and expertise.



6.     Mechatronic engineering

Mechatronic engineering is a multidisciplinary field that incorporates aspects of mechanical engineering, electronics, computer science, and control engineering.

That being so, mechatronic engineering is a well-paying profession, especially if you specialize in high-end areas and work for industries that rely heavily on automation, robotics, and advanced technologies.

Furthermore, as long as things are automated and industries require effective solutions, mechatronic engineers will always be in demand, making a career in mechatronic engineering worth it.



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More on best paying technical courses in Kenya

For the record, the following are not technical courses, but they do pay well and are worth mentioning.

1.     Cybersecurity

In this digital era, many things are being done online, including sensitive ones such as banking.

However, there are numerous risks associated with this transition, as malicious people are exploiting existing loopholes to cause significant damage in the online space.

As a result of the increase in cyber threats and attacks, the need to protect sensitive information from cyber threats has become critical, prompting organizations to increasingly invest in cybersecurity measures.

So, if you are an expertise in network security, ethical hacking, and data protection, you will have no trouble finding well-paying jobs in both the public and private sectors.


2.     Nursing

For a long time, nursing has been a consistently marketable profession all over the world.

Nurses, in particular, play an important role in the healthcare system, providing critical patient care, administering treatments, and assisting doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Therefore, job opportunities for nurses are plentiful in both public and private healthcare facilities throughout the country, as well as in other countries with high pay.


3.     Medicine and Surgery

This is not new to many; as you may be aware, medicine and surgery are prestigious fields not only in Kenya but globally, with high pay as compared to many other professionals.

Due to the high demand for healthcare services, becoming a medical doctor is one of the most lucrative career options in Kenya.


4.     Data Science and Analytics

In this age of big data, most organizations are looking for professionals who can analyze and interpret data in order to make informed decisions.

To pursue a data science course, you must primarily have some mathematical knowledge in order to handle complex data sets. It typically covers statistics, machine learning, and data visualization.

As a data scientist and analyst, you can find work in finance, healthcare, and  e-commerce, among other industries.

Aside from that, data analysts are in high demand worldwide, and if you have such skills, then you can work from anywhere in the world.

In general, salaries for data scientists in Kenya start around Kshs.80,000 per month and can rise to Kshs.200,000 or more as experience grows.


5.     Radiology /radiography and imaging

This is a medical field that is somewhat underappreciated, but it pays extremely well.

In a nut shell, radiologists are medical doctors who specialize in the interpretation of medical images in order to diagnose and treat diseases and conditions.

Given that radiology is a constantly evolving field with ongoing advancements in imaging techniques and technologies, there is a high demand for skilled radiologists.

Likewise, it pays well.



In conclusion, these are just a few of the best paying technical courses in Kenya that you might want to consider.

The list is endless, but hopefully you are now familiar with some of the best technical courses in Kenya.

Good luck!



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