Least marketable medical courses in Kenya [To Avoid]

Not all medical courses are marketable….and below is a list of the least marketable medical courses in Kenya (in our opinion)

Least marketable medical courses in Kenya  (top 10 least marketable medical courses in Kenya)

The following courses have fewer opportunities than courses like nursing and dental technical which have more opportunities:

Health records and information technology

Hospitals need only a few staff to manage their records

Medical engineering

One medical engineer can serve an entire hospital (medical engineers generally repair and maintain assorted medical equipment/machines)


Is medical engineering marketable in Kenya?

Health promotion (e.g. Diploma in Health Promotion)

There are no clear jobs unless volunteering..

Just Google “diploma in health promotion jobs in Kenya” and see for yourself…you will see fee jobs so it is not a good one

Medical Social Work (e.g Diploma in Medical Social Work)

Same as Health Promotion

Community Health Extension Work

Also very nearly the same as Health Promotion

Diploma in Community Oral Health

Well,  very similar to Health Promotion in terms of employment

Diploma in Community Health

Same as Health Promotion

Community Health Assistant

There are no clear jobs unless volunteering as a community health worker (CHW), as far as I know

Diploma in Health Counselling

I can’t see many jobs for Diploma in Health Counselling holders (do Diploma in Psychology / psychology counselling instead if you want to become a counsellor)

Least marketable medical courses in Kenya – 50-50 Courses

Holders of these qualifications are taking a long time to get formal jobs…

Diploma in Public Health

County governments- which are the main employers of public health officers- only tend to hire replacements for those going out of work mainly due to natural attrition (e.g. when some public health officers retire)

Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics

This has jobs both in County governments and NGOs but there are not that many so you may stay in the cold for a prolonged period of time (But you can start your own nutrition clinic so it is not as bad as say Health records and information technology)

Least marketable medical courses in Kenya – other courses that are really not worth considering as a form 4 leaver

The following are not ‘full’ courses and are more of short courses that do not have a progressive career path

When I say progressive I mean you are likely to be stuck in a minor position all your life ..

EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)


Let’s say you take EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) course that makes you qualified to offer first aid and basic care to patients in a critical condition e.g. in an ambulance en route to hospital..

So, what can you be promoted to? I mean, you’ll never become a Doctor or a Nurse with the EMT so I really do not praise it a lot…

Yeah, I know your grades may not have been good enough for nursing or medicine but hey, do not be so desperate to work in a medical setting …consider taking technical certificate course in areas such as automotive engineering or air conditioning or other certificate courses that you can employ yourself with (or get more meaningful employment) instead of wasting time and lying to yourself that you’re learning a course that will take you places..and you’ll just be a paramedic (no disrespect because they play an important role in saving lives but in terms of career prospects, well, you don’t have a chance to rise to a full medic)

Of course, you can get lucky but if it was me, well, it is a no to EMT if I just finished form 4!


Paramedic course in Kenya [All you need to know]


CNA course in Kenya

This course is also only beneficial to those who want to go to the UK or other western countries to work as caregivers.

So my advice is you should only do it if you harbor such dreams and you have a way of meeting all the other requirements needed including VISA cost, medical tests, and air fare (plus you have a reliable agency or you know how to connect to organizations offering those jobs in the UK and elsewhere online)


CNA course in Kenya [All you need to know]


Least marketable medical courses in Kenya -Final words

Remember courses such as Pharmacy are a bit flooded…so yes, a good and tough course but a lot of young Kenyans have taken it (no wonder there’s proliferation of pharmacies and chemists all over the place).

As regards Medical laboratory technician, not a bad too (especially since you can always employ yourself- you can partner with a private dispensary and be doing tests there)….problem is, it has also been taken by quite a huge number and they are taking longer to get formal work these days.

Otherwise, while you can get lucky with any course, there’s no harm in choosing a marketable course (it sort of puts your fate into your own hands rather than relying on luck or connections)


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