Best Diploma Courses in Kenya [2024 Update]

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This article contains a list of the best diploma courses in Kenya. So, read on to the end to find out more.

Perhaps you did not meet the requirements for a degree program, but you are eligible for a diploma program. There are quite a number of excellent diploma courses available to you.

Some diploma courses are generally considered to be in high demand and will lead to promising career opportunities; others are extremely flooded, resulting in no job opportunities.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll look at some of the best diploma courses in Kenya, taking into account factors like market demand and career opportunities.

So, keep reading to find out more.

Let’s get started…


Best diploma courses in Kenya

1.     Diploma in Nursing

Nursing is a critical profession in healthcare, and qualified nurses are in high demand in Kenya as well as in other countries.

Colleges offering the course: KMTC is the best, but other private colleges such as Outspan Medical College-Nyeri and Aic Litein Medical Training College are also good options.


2.     Diploma in Radiography (Imaging Sciences)

A diploma in radiography will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to operate various imaging equipment, such as X-ray machines, CT scanners, MRI machines, and ultrasound devices.

To be clear, radiographers play an important role in healthcare by producing high-quality images that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions.

Where to study: KMTC is the best for this course.


3.     Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

This is one of the best engineering programs in Kenya, and it can lead to employment with companies like KenGen or Kenya Power.

Furthermore, it is always in high demand due to the ongoing need for skilled electrical engineers, such as those who repair electronics and household electric items; thus, you can also be self-employed.

Colleges offering this course: The course is available at most technical colleges, including Nyeri National Polytechnic, Ziwa Technical Training Institute, and Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology, among others.


4.     Diploma in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing skills are always in high demand, especially in organizations that sell and market their products on digital platforms.

Where to study: Africa Digital Media Institute Nairobi, Edulink International College, and Kenya Online College


5.     Diploma in Real Estate

Real estate is a dynamic and lucrative industry; therefore, pursuing this course, which can lead to real estate-related roles such as real estate agent, property manager, and appraiser, will never be a bad idea.

Where to study: Sensei Institute of Technology, University of Nairobi


6.     Diploma in Land Surveying

Land surveyors are in high demand in Kenya, thanks to the ongoing development of new real estate projects in the country.

Kenya Institute of Surveying and Mapping, Kitale National Polytechnic, and Siaya Institute of Technology are among the colleges that offer the course.


7.     Diploma in Automotive Engineering

With the increasing number of vehicles on the road and the need for maintenance and repair services, automotive engineers will always be in demand.

Where to study: Nairobi Technical Training Institute, Meru University of Science and Technology


8.     Diploma in Sales and Marketing

A diploma in sales and marketing is an excellent choice, especially if you have a flair for persuasion and want to excel in sales, advertising, and market research.

Some colleges offering the course: The Kenya Institute of Management, Machakos Institute of Technology


9.     Diploma in Animation and Graphic Design

Nowadays, the animation industry is thriving as movies, cartoons, graphics, advertisements, and video games all require animation, all of which are facilitated by skilled animators.

Therefore, obtaining a diploma in animation and graphic design will be an excellent way to jumpstart your design career.

Where to study:  Kenyatta University, Africa Digital Media Institute, Kenya Institute of Mass Communication


10.Diploma in Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Technology

A diploma in pharmacy or pharmaceutical technology is a good course because it offers opportunities for employment in the pharmaceutical industry (in both private and public healthcare sectors) and contributes to the healthcare system, which is vital for the country’s well-being.

Where to study: KMTC (the best), Mt. Kenya University, Kenya Methodist University


11.Diploma in Dental Technology

A diploma in dental technology is one of the best dental courses to pursue because there is a growing demand for dental services and professionals, creating opportunities for dental technicians to work in well-established private and public hospitals.

Some colleges offering the course: KMTC, University of Nairobi


12.Diploma in Building and Construction

As Kenya’s construction industry expands, there is a greater demand for skilled professionals in this field, resulting in more job opportunities.

Where to study: Technical institutes such as, Ekerubo Gietai Technical training Institute and Railway Training Institute are good for the course.



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More best diploma courses in Kenya…

13.Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery

This is also one of the best medical courses, not only in Kenya, but even in the developed countries, like America, so it’s not hard to get employment considering that even the pay is very good.

Where to study: KMTC, Mt. Kenya University, Kabarak University, Egerton University, Outspan Medical college and Thika School Of Medical & Health Sciences, among others.


14.Diploma in Cyber Security & Forensics

A diploma in cyber security & forensics is also a good career choice as it provides specialized skills for protecting organizations from cyber threats and investigating digital crimes executed by hackers.

Where to study: Unfortunately, not many institutions offer this course, but Zetech University does.


15.Diploma in Quantity Surveying

This is another excellent and high-paying diploma program.

In fact, quantity surveyors are in high demand in almost all infrastructure developments, so it has a high employability potential.

Where to study: Railway Training Institute, Technical University of Kenya, Sigalagala National Polytechnic


16.Diploma in Education

As the population grows, so does the demand for qualified teachers to meet the demand for quality education.

Furthermore, new schools (mostly private) open each year, creating job opportunities for teachers.

Therefore, education will never be obsolete, making the diploma in education an excellent course to pursue.

Some colleges offering the course: Kenya Technical Teachers College (KTTC), Kagumo Teachers College, Lugari Diploma Teachers College, and Kibabii Diploma Teachers College.


17.Diploma in software engineering

This is yet another potentially fantastic course.

It’s a lucrative and rewarding career path, especially if you’re passionate about solving humanity’s problems.

It especially pays well to design and develop apps and other computer software.

Where to study: Zetech University, Institute of Software Technologies, Kenya Institute of Software Engineering and Professional Studies


18.Diploma in Welding & Fabrication

A diploma in welding and fabrication is the best course for you if you enjoy metal work and related fabrication items.

Kajiado West Technical College, Mathira Technical Training Institute, Kasarani Technical and Vocational College, Maasai Mara Technical and Vocational College, and Nachu Technical and Vocational College are among the colleges that offer this course.


19.Diploma in Fashion Design and Clothing Technology

For quite some time, there has been an ongoing scarcity of qualified cloth designers, tailors, and general fashion labor in EPZ companies and private fashion design firms, making it an excellent career choice.

Where to study: Friends College Kaimosi, Rwika Technical Institute, Borabu Technical and Vocational College, Mathenge Technical Training Institute, and Konoin Technical Institute.


20.Diploma in Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are involved in almost every infrastructure project, including roads, buildings, bridges, ports, rail, and many others, so job opportunities are plentiful.

Some colleges offering the course: This course is offered at almost all TVETA-sponsored technical institutes, including Karumo Technical Institute, Rift Valley Institute (RVIST), Bondo Technical Institute, and Technical University of Mombasa, among others.


21.Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the design, manufacturing, and operation of various machines.

And, because machines are used almost everywhere, there is a good chance of landing a job right after graduation.

Where to study: Nyeri National Polytechnic, Coast Institute of Technology, Kipkabus Technical and Vocational College, and Masai Technical Institute, among others


22.Diploma in Animal Production and Health Management

This is one of the most marketable agriculture courses, with opportunities at bug ranches, dairy farms, and agricultural ministry institutions.

Some colleges offering the course: Bukura Agricultural College, Laisamis Technical College, AHITI Kenya (all campuses) and Masinde Muliro University.


23.Diploma in Masonry

A diploma in masonry, like other building technology courses, is a lucrative career and offers incredible opportunities to prospective trainees.

Where to study: Kenya Institute of Highways & Building Technology (KIHBT), NEP Technical Institute, Kisiwa Technical Institute, and Mukurwe-ini Technical Training Institute.


Best diploma courses in Kenya – Final word

So, there you have it: a list of the best diploma courses in Kenya, with the understanding that selecting the right diploma course is an important step towards a successful and fulfilling career.

Aside from that, keep in mind your passion and career aspirations when choosing the diploma course that best fits your needs.

Otherwise, all the best as you make your career decision today!



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