Certificate in orthopedic and trauma medicine course [All you need to know]

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One of the medical courses offered at KMTC and some other medical training colleges in Kenya is the Certificate in orthopedic and trauma medicine.

And below is all you need to know about the certificate in orthopedics and trauma medicine in Kenya course – from the entry requirements, exact colleges offering it, fees, and more.

Read to the end if you have been thinking about doing certificate in orthopaedic and trauma medicine course in Kenya

Certificate in orthopedic and trauma medicine [All you need to know about certificate in orthopedic and trauma medicine in Kenya]

What does orthopedic and trauma medicine entail?

Orthopaedic Trauma Medicine involves training you how to properly treat injuries that are related to soft tissue and bones (mainly) by use of non-operative approaches.

Specifically, you are typically responsible for tasks such as:

  • Manipulating and reducing any fractures/dislocations
  • Repairing(fixing) and removing casts as well as bandages in patients.

Other roles might include:

  1. Correcting congenital issues, for example, deformities of ankle and foot that a newborn might
  2. Be born with.
  3. Participating in managing(attending) of injuries in an emergency/accident scene (help to manage small orthopaedic and trauma problems)
  4. Helping to sensitize and create awareness about orthopaedic trauma conditions among communities.

Where can you work with the course?

You can get work in a variety of areas including:

  • Public hospitals- government and county government medical centers
  • Private hospitals including level 4 and level 5 private medical facilities including Mission Hospitals.
  • Forces- The Kenya Police service and the Kenya Defense forces.
  • Sports bodies such as FKF, Athletics Kenya, and more.
  • Medical rescue organizations such as Kenya Red Cross and St Johns Ambulance.
  • Non-governmental organizations- some do hire orthopaedic technicians.

Let us now focus on the minimum entry grades for the course…


Certificate in orthopedic and trauma medicine requirements

KCSE minimum/aggregate grade: C minus

Also, you need a C minus grade in either English/Kiswahili

You also need a D+ in either Biology/Biological sciences’

Lastly, a D+ is a must in one of Biology, Chemistry,  Physics/Mathematics, Agriculture, Home science, computer studies

These are the minimum entry requirements even for the certificate in orthopedic and trauma medicine qualification in KMTC

Where can you study for the course?

There are some Private colleges offering certificate in orthopedic and trauma medicine …you can also apply to KMTC ..

Below are the names of some of these colleges…later on I will share the names of the KMTC campuses offering the programme

  1. North Coast Medical Training College- The college is in Bomani Village, Kikambala , in Kilifi County
  2. Goshen Medical & Technical College- The Institution is found in Thika Town, actually in Makongeni area, along Garissa road, just behind Thika’s leather industry.
  3. Nyahururu Medical Training College- The College is in Nyahururu town, Nyandarua County.

KMTC colleges offering certificate in orthopedic and trauma medicine (KMTC colleges offering certificate in orthopedic and trauma medicine)

KMTC that offer certificate in orthopaedic and trauma medicine are:

  • Machakos KMTC Campus
  • Makindu KMTC Campus
  • Chukka KMTC Campus
  • Segowet KMTC Campus
  • Thika KMTC Campus

Course duration

  • 2 years at KMTC
  • 1 Year in private colleges such as Nyahururu Medical Training College

Fee structure

On average, you are going to spend anywhere between Kshs.120000 to Kshs.200000 for the course- tuition fee only (depending on the college you join).

And, of course, you need money for hostels, food, industrial attachment, and the likes (not to forget books and other accessories)

KMTC fee structure for certificate in orthopaedic and trauma medicine

Year 1- Kshs.80700

Year 2- Kshs.78000

Again budget for other expenses including your living costs (hostels and meals), attachment, learning materials, and more.

How to apply

If you want to study at KMTC, apply through the KUCCPS portal (when it has been opened for KMTC intake)

Meanwhile, if your goal is the private colleges, just apply directly to the school (Google their contacts and reach out)..

Final words

What is important to remember is that the certificate course is simply a bridge to the diploma…

So do not stop at the certificate…you want to upgrade to the Diploma in orthopedic and trauma medicine – that way, you can qualify for Orthopaedic technician jobs (Orthopaedic and Trauma technologist openings).



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