Diploma in law Kenya requirements in 2024

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If you’re passionate about law but you did not meet the law degree requirements in Kenya, perhaps you should consider taking a diploma course in law.

The good thing is that some universities will allow you to join their law degree program with a diploma in law.

So, what are the minimum requirements to pursue a diploma in law in Kenya?

That is the question I will be answering in this article to help you make the right decision. I shall also recommend the best universities (and colleges) that offer diploma in law in Kenya.

Diploma in law Kenya requirements – what grade do you need?

In general, you are required to have scored a mean grade of at least C(C plain) -in your KCSE exam- or its equivalent.

In addition, you must have at least a C+(C plus) grade in English to qualify.

There are no other cluster requirements for a diploma in law in Kenya.

Diploma in law Kenya requirements – alternative qualifications

You can also be admitted if you have one principal pass (At least) at the KACE (Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education) examinations.

The other acceptable qualification by some universities is a Certificate in Law (you must have scored a distinction/ credit pass).

The only concern is that the certificate in law doesn’t seem to be recognized by the council of legal education (the body in charge of approving the curriculum for legal programmes) so there is no guarantee you’ll be admitted with the course.

Note that these requirements cut across the board.

Now that we have looked at the diploma in law requirements in Kenya, the next question naturally is: which colleges/universities offer a diploma in law course in Kenya?


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Universities that offer diploma in law in Kenya

You should note that only a few universities have been accredited to offer diploma courses in law in Kenya- most offer the LL.B (Bachelors of Law) course.

In fact, only two universities are accredited to offer a law programme at the diploma level.

These are:

  1. Mt Kenya University (MKU)- This is a privately owned university and the course is offered at their Parklands law Campus
  2. Kisii University- This is a public university and the course is offered at the main campus.

The other recognized institution that offers the course is the council of legal education-owned Kenya School of Law.

Diploma in law requirements MKU

  • KCSE mean grade : C (C plain) or its equivalent
  • English : C+ grade (C plus)

MKU Diploma in law -Course structure & duration

  1. The Diploma in Law programme takes 4 semesters and you take a minimum of 24 units.
  2. The programme shall be taught for not less than two academic years – each academic year has 2 semesters- and for not more than four years on either full time/part time basis.

Note that each semester is 16 weeks long – divided into 14 weeks for learning and the final 2 weeks for end-of semester examinations.

Next, we look at the MKU school of law fee structure for the diploma in law programme….

Diploma in law MKU fee structure

The payable fee is Kshs.49,000.00 per semester.

The course takes 4 semesters so the total fee (minus accommodation and living expenses) is about Kshs.196,000 at the time of writing this article.


Diploma in Law at Kenya School of Law (Para-legal) – entry requirements

  • Mean grade: C (Plain) in the KCSE
  • English: C (Plus) minimum grade

Course structure & Duration

  1. Students can choose day /evening classes.
  2. The programme lasts for at least two (2) academic years with each year having three (3) terms and shall not exceed three(3) academic years.
  3. Students shall enroll for four(4) course units (maximum) per term. Again there are a total of 24 units for the course.

Kenya school of law diploma in law fee structure

Application fees: Kshs.2000.00

Tuition fees: Kshs.30,000  (4 units x7500/- per unit) – per term

Examination fee: Kshs. 12,000 (4 units x Kshs.3000 per unit) – per term

Library fee: Kshs. 5,000 per year.

Don’t forget that there are 3 terms in an academic year and you’ll study for 2 academic years.

Who is a Diploma in Law for?

In most cases, a Diploma in Laws course intends to give you the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to practice as a paralegal in Kenya.

For starters, a paralegal is simply a professional who performs a variety of procedures as delegated to him/her by a lawyer.

These include:

  • Maintaining and organizing legal records/files.
  • Drafting documents such as affidavits and agreements
  • Conducting legal research.

Where can I work with a diploma in Law in Kenya?

Paralegals are employed by a vast range of organizations including NGOs.

However, most work for registered law firms, government agencies/departments, and corporate legal departments.

I should add that there are few other positions you can qualify for with a diploma in law.

These are:

  • Investigating officer
  • Court clerk
  • Legal Secretary
  • Legal assistant
  • Case-management officer.

A word on diploma in law salary in Kenya

Salaries for most diploma in law jobs in Kenya range from Kshs.30000 to kshs.50000 per month.

Diploma in law Kenya requirements – Frequently asked questions [FAQs]

Is there a diploma in law in Kenya?

Yes, at MKU, Kisii University, and Kenya school of law. There are a few other private colleges who advertise the course but I was not able to confirm if they’re licensed to teach it so do your research first.

Is diploma in law marketable in Kenya?

While it may not be as marketable as the LL.B Degree, there are decent jobs you can qualify for with a diploma in law.

These include paralegal jobs in the NGO sector, some of which pay very well.

However, if you’re able, I suggest that you upgrade to an LL.B after completing the diploma. That way, you will have more job openings you qualify for.

Does Kenyatta University offer diploma in law?



Final words

You should check out the following institutions if you wish to pursue a diploma in law in Kenya:

  1. MKU
  2. Kenya school of law
  3. Kisii university- you have to call their school of law for the prospectus as they do not provide the details of their diploma in law course online. Call them via 0720875082

The only other college that I should mention is KIM (Kenya institution of Management)- KIM however offers a course called Diploma in Law and Management, which is more or less focused on business law.

Good luck.



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