Best security courses in Kenya and their requirements

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In this article, we shall be discussing some of the best security courses in Kenya and their requirements.

Read it to the end if you dream of building a successful career in the security profession in Kenya

Best security courses in Kenya and their requirements

Before we start, it is important to mention that these courses are best if you have a background in the police service, military, or any other government-approved security agency.

These security courses can also help you get a promotion or earn more if you work in authorized private security firms.

So, which are the best security courses in Kenya and what grades do they need?

Well, here they are:

Diploma in security management in Kenya

This course is best for middle-level security professionals who are in charge of human resources and/or supervise security operations.

Now, the course mainly focuses on crime (and loss) prevention and the management of a guards force.

Entry requirements

  • C- Minus (OR a level 4 Craft Certificate under the Kenya National Qualification framework).
  • Prisons Service or Kenya Wildlife Service staff with a C- mean grade (at KCSE) and the initial training certificate.

Universities / Colleges offering Diploma in security management in Kenya (some)

  1. KISCJ (Kenya Institute of Security & Criminal Justice)- see more details
  2. Kenyatta University- learn more

Diploma in criminology and security management

This is another diploma course that you may consider- it involves studying various aspects of crime.

Course objectives

  • To understand the nature, kinds, and approaches of new and old security-related challenges.
  • Boost capacity to manage/control crime at local community levels(grassroots).
  • Equip you with skills you need to conduct thorough scientific investigations as well as interpret official documents.
  • Understand existing literature on areas such as scientific crime investigations and prevention and management of crime.
  • To train professionals needed in a variety of security related jobs and professions within both the private and public sector (these professionals will have the skills to carry out criminology and investigations research).

Entry requirements

KCSE Mean Grade: C- (Minus) OR

A D+ (Plus) mean grade plus a valid certificate in areas like policing, investigations, and/or security management.

Universities / Colleges offering Diploma in criminology and security management in Kenya (some)

Quick Note: Please note that the course goes by various names in different institutions including Diploma in Criminology and Security Studies in Kenya.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Intelligence courses in Kenya

If you’re deeply passionate about becoming an investigator or a private detective (it pays very well), you should consider taking an intelligence course.

I previously wrote a comprehensive about the best intelligence courses in Kenya and where you can study this.

Here is that article: Intelligence Courses in Kenya and colleges offering them 


Best security courses in Kenya and their requirements: Degree courses

If you have a diploma (or any other acceptable security training) and want to proceed to a degree, here are your options:

Bachelor of Arts(BA) In Criminology and Security

General admission Requirements:
C+ grade aggregate (in your KCSE) or an equivalent.
In addition, you may be Admitted if you have a diploma (with a Credit pass or higher or its equivalent) in fields such as Police Science and Criminology from an accredited institution.

Universities offering degree in criminology in Kenya (some)


Bachelor of Security Management and Police Studies

This is offered at KU and you need any of these qualifications to be admitted:

Minimum mean grade: C+ (at K.C.S.E.) or its equivalent.

Diploma in any of these areas from a recognized college/university:

  • Security Science and Management
  • Security and Correction Science
  • Crime Prevention and Management

Bear in mind that you must additionally have had a C plain mean grade in your KCSE (or its equivalent) for your diploma to be accepted.

Also, those in Kenya’s disciplined services (National Police Service, KDF, Kenya Prisons Service, KWS) and who had a C- (Minus) mean grade at KCSE can be admitted provided they have a Diploma (from any recognized institution) and their initial training certificate.

Finally, any degree holder (from a recognized Institution may be admitted)

Learn more

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Studies

This is yet another security related degree you could pursue.

It is offered by USIU among a few other institutions.

Download its brochure


Bachelor of Science in Security & Forensics

Forensics is an emerging area when it comes to investigations because of the explosion of digital technologies (criminals have become technology savvy and professionals must have the skills to investigate digital crimes).

If this is the area you’d like to specialize in, you can join KCA university for a Bachelor Of Science (Bsc.) In Information Security & Forensics

Another institution offering a similar course is Meru University – Learn more here..

Remember this course is excellent because you can also work as a cyber security professional (it pays very well).


Masters of Science Forensics and Security Management

This security course is for those who have a passion for areas like cybercrimes, digital forensics, and criminology and is your next step –after the degree- after a degree.

The course lasts 3 years only and is offered by Dedan Kimathi University and a few other universities.

Check the entry requirements here.

Your other option for masters degree is MA (Master of Arts) in Criminology and Security Studies at Chuka University (Here is the link) and Master of Arts (MA) in Security Management at Embu university (See more details).

KU also offers Master of Security Management and Police Studies.

PHD in criminology and security management

You can even go on and pursue a PhD. in criminology and security management- this is the apex and you can work even in academia with a PhD.

This course is offered by Chuka University and Kenyatta University (Ph.D. In Security Studies).


What do security studies involve?

Security studies generally teach you how to control illegal human behavior and various crime prevention methods.

On the whole, security professionals promote the safety of citizens from local crime, terror attacks, and inter-community conflicts.

They are the guys who manage and prosecute crimes and some of their roles include investigating crimes, managing prisoners, managing disasters, and resolving conflicts.

Key skills and interest and interests required to pursue a career in this field

  • Self-motivated
  • Trustworthy
  • Team spirit
  • Effective communication skills
  • An eye for details
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • High level of alertness


What securities professionals do on a daily basis

The duties of the securities professionals include the following:

  • Managing and investigating security threats
  • Collecting, analyzing, and assessing security intelligence
  • Collecting and preserving evidence
  • Managing emergency situations
  • Preparing and responding to disasters
  • Securing of premises and personnel from threat and danger

Career prospects for holders of courses in security studies in Kenya

Diploma holders

  • Security Guard
  • Police officer
  • Military Officer
  • Disaster Management Officer


  • Disaster Manager
  • Forensic Expert
  • Detective
  • Arbitrator
  • Mediator
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Crime Investigator
  • Trainer


Best security courses in Kenya and their requirements: Short security courses in Kenya

If you want to take security studies short courses- perhaps you want to boost your CV- you have a couple of great options

  • CCTV Control Room Operator
  • Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Technology
  • Door Supervision
  • VIP & Close Protection
  • Basic Training (For Security Officers)
  • Security & Crime Risk Management
  • Disaster & Crisis Management Course
  • Terrorism & Counter Terrorism – Special Operations
  • Certified Security Investigator
  • Fraud Detection & Investigation
  • Fingerprint & Biometric Technology
  • Disaster Management & Preparedness
  • Fire Safety & Protection
  • Crime Scene Management
  • Anti-money Laundering
  • Security Risk Management
  • Basic Investigation Skills
  • Counter Terrorism & National Security
  • Crime Prevention & Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety

You can take these courses at these institutions:

  1. KISCJ(Kenya Institute of Security and Criminal Justice)- Here is the link
  2. IPSS (Institute of Professional Security Studies) – Here is the link

PS: KSMS (Kenya School of Monetary Studies) also offers a few online security courses in Kenya including a security for cash-in-transit course.


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