Certificate in physiotherapy requirements in Kenya

I know you have arrived here after Googling “certificate in physiotherapy requirements in Kenya”..right?

Well, below is what you need to know if you want to pursue the certificate in physiotherapy course in Kenya..

Certificate in physiotherapy requirements in Kenya – What you need to know

Now, I’m afraid that you are not lucky if what you have in mind is doing the certificate in physiotherapy course in Kenya..

Let me explain why..

Well, there is no institution in Kenya (Medical Training College or University) that has been authorized to offer this course.

In other words, the government and other stakeholders have decided that if you want to become a physiotherapist in Kenya, the lowest level of education you can start at is the diploma in physiotherapy.

That explains why everyone outside there is offering the diploma in physiotherapy course in Kenya and not a certificate of the course.


I know it could hurt because you were probably looking at the course since you had not gotten the minimum requirements to do a diploma in physiotherapy (KCSE minimum aggregate grade of C plain plus a C plain in either English or Kiswahili and also a C- in one of Chemistry, Biology, and Physics/Mathematics).

So, what are your options?

Alternatives to the Certificate in physiotherapy course in Kenya

I suggest you consider other potentially great certificate courses in the medical line….there are some alternative ones you can study and still have a gratifying career in the years ahead.

These include:

Certificate in orthopaedic and trauma medicine in KMTC

KCSE minimum aggregate grade- C minus

C minus in either English or Kiswahili

D+ in either Biology or Biological sciences

Also, a D+ in one of Chemistry, Biology, Physics/Mathematics, Home science, Agriculture, computer studies

Certificate in Community  Health Nursing(certificate in nursing in Kenya) – nursing is great

Mean Grade(KCSE): C-

Cluster subjects and grades:

  • C- in languages( English/Kiswahili)
  • C- in either Biology/Biological Sciences
  • D+ (plus) in one of these: Physics/Physical Sciences, Chemistry or Mathematics

Certificate in Nutrition & Dietetics

Mean Grade(KCSE): D+ (Plus)

Cluster subjects and grades:

  • D+ in languages( English /Kiswahili
  • D+ in either Biology /Biological Science’s
  • D plain(D flat) in Chemistry or Physical Sciences
  • D plain (D flat) in one of these: Home Science /Mathematics Physics/Agriculture /General Science


Wrapping it up

Of all the Colleges offering Physiotherapy courses in Kenya, there is not a single college teaching the certificate in Physiotherapy because of existing regulations.

So check out the other certificate courses I have suggested above and see if there’s one that could match your passions and interests.

But do your research first..you want to be sure what you’re doing is marketable.

All the best.



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