Bridging Courses in KMTC [All you need to Know]

Last updated on September 16th, 2023 at 09:20 am

Bridging Courses in KMTC: Some of you, our readers, have been asking us to share information we have about Bridging Courses in KMTC.

And that is what we shall do right below…..perhaps you never scored the minimum grades you’d need to pursue your dream course at KMTC and now you want to go through the bridging route.

Well, below is what we know when it comes to bridging at KMTC…


Bridging Courses in KMTC [All you need to Know]

The key question is: Does KMTC offer Bridging Courses?

Well, we are afraid that we will disappoint you….KMTC does not offer Bridging Courses in Kenya…not even bridging in nursing

So you cannot bridge in Mathematics or Biology or Chemistry or Physics as many of you might want to..

In fact, not only does KMTC not offer bridging courses in Kenya, they also do not consider any bridging certificates from other institutions when you’re applying for KMTC courses!

The only exception is for KNEC (Kenya National Examination Council) issued bridging certificates…

Do you know which exactly?


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Well, the one you get upon resitting your failed papers in a subsequent KNEC KCSE sitting..

I believe you are aware that you can rebook for KCSE exams and rewrite some of those papers you did not attain the scores the course you want to take need in a KCSE sitting that follows the one you did your exams in..(you have upto 3 years to repeat individual papers)..

But there is the thing: KMTC courses are extremely competitive – I’m speaking about prime KMTC courses such as nursing, pharmacy, and clinical medicine- so there are no guarantees….

Yeah, you can never be sure- even after bridging through KNEC- that you will be selected…

The truth is: Many, many more students (thousands more) apply to get admission into KMTC courses than the number all the KMTC campuses in Kenya combined can hold..

And that is why a lot of students complain after the placement results are released since KUCCPS (and KMTC) will first pick the best qualified candidates …

In other words- and we do not want  to discourage you- you may bridge and still get locked out…

Of course, there is an element of luck in life so you may be taken too but what we are saying- and what you need to understand- is that you still have no assurance of a slot even after presenting your KNEC given bridging certificate!

So, are there other options besides taking bridging (which won’t assure you anything)?

Yes! Here is what I would propose:

Option 1: Resit the entire KCSE Exam

This is, in my opinion, a better way than bridging because you’ll be applying with the new KCSE certificate (in which you have already passed)

Option 2: Choose another marketable course

By the way, who said that we must all work in the medical field?

Okay, I know you’ll answer that it’s passion (blah, blah, blah….) but hey, I personally fear that the field is getting crowded.

And it is from the enrollment data that see at KMTC vis-à-vis the number of new hospitals and medical facilities that are opened in the country every year.

Here is the thing: Even if you factor in the new employment openings that are created by expansion of some of the well-established healthcare facilities (some open branches every now and then) and even staff replacement needs (due to natural attrition), I feel that there is still a yawning gap between the number of medical graduates and job openings.

So there is a risk that the field will soon be flooded ……and that means prolonged ‘tarmacking’ for medical professionals (and meagre pay for the lucky ones).

That is why I encourage you to open up your mind and think of other marketable courses you can pursue(depending on your current really do not need to bridge)

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Good luck

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