Medical courses with D minus

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Looking for medical courses with D minus? If yes, you are in the right place.

Now, if you scored a D minus in your KCSE, you might be wondering if there are medical courses you can pursue.

To point you in the right direction, we will start by congratulating you for scoring a D minus in your KCSE, and then letting you know that all is not lost there is something you can do on the medical field.

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Medical courses with D minus

Just so you know, you may find so many medical courses being offered with D minus in different medical institutions but, keep in mind that, most institutions that are not licensed  offer medical courses  and at the end of it all, you find your self tarmacking without getting yourself a job since the papers are not genuine.

With that said, it is wise to look and pursue any medical courses in a licensed (recognized institutions) to be on the safe side.
Bearing that in mind, it is worth noting that medical courses with D- minus you can enroll in  recognized (licensed medical institutions) is just one as you will see below.

Medical courses with D (minus)

Certificate in Health Support Service

When you study this course, it will enable you to work in the health or aged care sector in various environments.

In simple words, you will gain the knowledge plus hands on practical skills to work effectively with other in a team environment.

More importantly, this course provides you with a number of different pathways to study other courses in health such as; Pathology collection, Sterilization services, Health Services Assistance, Individual Support, Dental laboratory assisting, and Population Health.

Having said that, below is what you can work as when you study this course.

You can become:

  • A  hospital assistant
  • Patient services assistant
  • Catering staff, cleaner
  • Store person
  • Ward assistant

Now, let us now go ahead and look at the requirement you have to meet to enroll for this course.

Minimum entry qualifications:

You must have scored D minus in your KCSE or above.

Where the course is offered:

This course is offered in outspan medical college (Nyeri).

Examination body:

NITA (National Industrial Training Authority)

So, what can I do if I am not ready to study this course?

Well, because your grade is really limiting you to pursuing a variety of medical course, you can opt to go back to secondary school and study harder to improve your grades, and study that medical course you have always dreamt of pursing.

Alternatively, if you do not like the idea, you can decided to make a very tough  decision of change your career and study something else in a different fields(not medical related field).

Just so you know, there are so many courses you can pursue if you scored D- minus in your KCSE in different institutions apart from medical courses.

Without further ado, let us look at the courses.


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Best courses with D- minus in your KCSE (not medical related courses)

To better guide you, below are some of the best courses you can pursue with a D minus in your KCSE plus colleges offering the courses.

  • Craft Certificate in Clothing (Fashion Design) Technology

With D minus, this is a course that you fully qualify to purse since it is a post-high school program.

After completing this course, you become an expert when it come to fashion and design which is nowadays a marketable job.

Where you can study this course:  Meru National Polytechnic, Katine Technical Training Institute, Mathioya Technical Vocational College. 

  • Craft Certificate in Carpentry & Joinery

When you study this course, you acquire competency needed to work as a carpenter and on top of that you are able to perform various duties like finishing, roofing and many more.

Some of the Colleges Offering this course: Machakos Technical Institute for The Blind. 

  • Craft Certificate in Information Technology

Studying this course will help you gain more advanced computing skills and knowledge.

Where you can study this course:  Kisumu Polytechnic, Bushiangala Technical Training Institute, Nyeri National Polytechnic, Rift Valley Institute of Science & Technology, Kajiado West Technical & Vocational College, and many more colleges.

  • Craft Certificate in Catering and Accommodation

This is a course that you can pursue as long as you have your form 4 certificate.

Just so you know, the course, will provides you  with essential culinary skills plus business skills in that you can either be employed, or employ yourself since you gain skills necessary for food service/catering industries such as management plus marketing.

Some the colleges you can study this course: Nibs College, Nyeri National Polytechnic, Maasai Mara Technical Vocational College, ICS College

  • Craft Certificate in Food and Beverage

This is amongst the best D minus courses.

Enrolling in this course it will give you knowledge on how to manage production, sanitation, costs, and nutritional requirements associated with running a restaurant or a catering service.

Some Colleges Offering this course: Nyeri National Polytechnic, Laikipia North Technical & Vocational College, Kenya Coast Polytechnic, Coast Institute of Technology.

  • Craft Certificate in Electrical Engineering

Craft Certificate in Electrical Engineering is a course that you learn how to deal with electricity and many other electronic technologies.

After studying this course, you can get job opportunities in many industries like, manufacturing, power, and general electronics companies among others.

Where you can study this course: Thika Technical Training Institute, Mukurweini Technical Training Institute, Kiirua Technical Training Institute and many more.

  • Craft Certificate in Plumbing

This is yet another course you can freely pursue with a D in your KCSE.

Here, you learn, how to install safe and functional plumbing system, and also maintaining water distribution, and sanitation system.

Colleges you can study this course: Kenya Institute Of Highways & Building Technology (KIHBIT), Emsos Technical & Vocational College, , Kenya Water Institute, Mathenge Technical Training Institute.

How to apply for all the courses in this article

For the medical course, simply go to the institution website outspan medical college (Nyeri) and strictly follow the steps to apply.

On the other hand, for the other courses (not medical related ones), you can apply online through KUCCPS when the application is open as a government sponsored student, or apply online through the institution website as a private student.

Medical courses with D minus -Final words

As you have seen in this article, scoring  D minus in your KCSE is not the end of the road (there is more to life that just having those excellent grades).

In fact, even though medical courses you can pursue with a D minus are very few, there are other marketable courses you can pursue.

Keep in mind  that we have just listed some of the alternative courses you can purse but the courses are so many that we can exhaust them here.


Medical courses with d minus




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