Is food science and technology marketable in Kenya?

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Quick one: is food science and technology marketable in Kenya?

Well, this is likely what you’re wondering if you have been called by KUCCPS to take this course or it has been recommended to you by parents/friends/relatives.

So, is food science and technology marketable in Kenya?

Find out what we think about your job prospects if you go ahead and take this course:

Is food science and technology marketable in Kenya?

Well, the course is not as marketable as it used to be a few years back.

That is not to say that there are no jobs completely…what I mean is that today there are way fewer direct employment opportunities  for graduates of food science courses in Kenya compared to the days gone by.

And for that reason, you are likely to take a little longer to get a formal job with the course in Kenya- unless you’re doing it with an intention to open your own food processing business.

Having answered the question “is food science and technology marketable in Kenya?”, let us now look at what the course is all about in more detail..


What is food technology exactly?

Food technology deals with the techniques involved in processing and preservation of food substances.

In essence, it is the application of food science processes which help in manufacturing safe wholesome and nutritious food products.

Put another way, food technologists are involved in the improvement of food products in all stages of food handling -from growth, cultivation, production including quality management during processing, packaging, distribution, and preservation.

You see, you will graduate as a food technologist if you do the course so it is important to mention what your typical roles will be exactly as above .

Just to be clear, as a food technologist, your routine responsibilities will be to research and develop new foods and beverages, oversee their production, distribution, processing, quality management, packaging, and preservation.

Key skills and interests required to pursue a career in food science and technology

  • Interest in sciences
  • High standard of cleanliness
  • Leadership qualities
  • Team spirit
  • Flexibility
  • Numeracy and problem solving skills
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Good research skills
  • Self confidence
  • Meticulous attention to detail

What the Job/Career/Professional entails

As I had said earlier, you as a food technologist will be carrying out the following duties (to list a few):

  • Analyze food content
  • Determine the appropriate level of protein, fat, sugar, vitamin and other elements of nutrition value in foods/beverages
  • Research on various ways to keep food fresh
  • Develop new food products
  • Check and improve safety and quality control procedure


Food science qualifications in Kenya

Degree in Food science in Kenya (Bachelor’s in Food Processes Technology)

KCSE Mean Grade: C+

Additional requirements

You also need a C (plain) in Biology /Chemistry /Maths / Physics / Geography, and any one of these subjects: Kiswahili, English, Physics (if not above), History & Government, Geography (if you have not included it above), Computer Studies, Business Studies, CRE, German, Music, Religious education (Islamic Religious Education/Hindu Religious Education/CRE), Art & Design, Home Science, Aviation Technology, Agriculture, French, Arabic.


Alternative entry qualifications

  1. Diploma in Biological Sciences/related sciences plus C (KCSE mean grade) or above.
  2. A Certificate/Diploma in Biological/related sciences plus C- (KCSE mean grade) or above.
  3. A degree in biological sciences/related sciences from any recognized University.

Please note that you may be required to take an English language proficiency course if you are not able to demonstrate English proficiency.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Diploma in Food Science Technology

KCSE Mean Grade: C-

Additional requirements: None

Certificate in Food Science of Technology / Craft in food science technology

KCSE Mean Grade: D plain

Additional requirements: None

I should add that you can even take the course with an E grade (KCSE mean grade) in some private institutions (for example, NIBS).


Universities offering Bachelor of Science (Bsc.) Food Science and Technology

  • CU (Catholic University)
  • DKUT (Dedan Kimathi University Of Kenya)
  • EU (Egerton University)
  • MKU(Mt Kenya University)
  • MMUST (Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology)
  • MUST(Meru University)
  • MUT(Muranga University Of Technology)
  • TUK (Technical University Of Kenya)
  • TUM (Technical University Of Mombasa)
  • UON (University Of Nairobi)


Colleges offering Food Science and Technology courses in Kenya

Below are some of the colleges you can join under government-sponsorship to do a diploma/certificate in food science course in Kenya:

  • Aldai TTI
  • Bukura agricultural college
  • Belgut TVC
  • Bomet TVC
  • Bumbe TTI
  • Bureti TTI
  • Chepalungu TTI
  • Chepsirei TVC
  • CIT (Coast Institute Of Technology)
  • Daniel Wako Murende TVC
  • Eldoret National Polytechnic
  • Emsos TVC
  • Emurua Dikirr TTI
  • Jeremiah Nyagah TI
  • Kabete National Polytechnic
  • Kakrao TVC
  • Kamukunji TVC
  • Karen TTI
  • Karumo TTI
  • Katine
  • Kenya Coast National Polytechnic
  • Kericho Township TVC
  • Keroka TTI
  • Kinangop TVC
  • Kipkabus TVC
  • KiptaragonTVC
  • Kiambu Institute Of Science And Technology
  • Kitale National Polytechnic
  • Konoin TTI
  • Koshin TTI
  • Kisii National Polytechnic
  • Kisumu National Polytechnic
  • Laikipia East TVC
  • Laikipia North TVC
  • Laisamis TVC
  • Lari TVC
  • Mabera TVC
  • Masai TTI
  • Mathenge TTI
  • Matili TTI
  • Mawego TTI
  • Meru National Polytechnic
  • Michuki TTI
  • Mitunguu TTI
  • Mukiria TTI
  • Muranga TVC
  • Musakasa TTI
  • Nairobi TTI
  • North Eastern National Polytechnic
  • Ngong TVC
  • Nkabune TTI
  • North Horr TVC
  • Nyandarua Institute Of Science & Technology
  • Nyeri National Polytechnic
  • Ol’lessos TTI
  • Omuga TVC
  • PC Kinyanjui TTI
  • Rangwe TVC
  • Riamo TVC
  • Rift Valley TTI
  • Sabatia TVC
  • Samburu TVC
  • SEKU (South Eastern Kenya University)
  • Shamberere TTI
  • Sigalagala National Polytechnic
  • Sirisia TVC
  • Siruti TVC
  • Siaya Institute Of Technology
  • Sotik TTI
  • Joseph Technical Institute For The Blind
  • Tetu TVC
  • Thika TTI
  • Tseikuru TTI
  • Webuye West TVC
  • Weru TVC
  • Wote TTI


Potential employers

  • Food industries like Kenya Breweries and Bread companies.
  • NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations)
  • Government parastatals
  • Research institutions
  • Consultancy firms (self or established)
  • Food service industry including catering businesses

Career prospects for holders of a food science and technology course in Kenya / Food Processing Technology

Artisan course

  • Baker
  • Café Operator

Craft course

  • Baker
  • Brewery Worker

Diploma holder

  • Technologist
  • Quality Assurance officer
  • Nutrition Therapist
  • Regulatory Affairs Officer
  • Technical Brewer
  • Scientific Laboratory Technician
  • Consultant




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