KMTC Certificate Courses Qualifications, Intakes, Applying

So, what are the KMTC certificate courses qualifications?

Well, to join KMTC for any Certificate course, you need at least a minimum grade of C- (KCSE).

In addition, you must have met the set qualifications in the involved cluster subjects in your KCSE.

These vary from one certificate course to the other.

And for clarity purposes, we will look at the specific KMTC certificate courses qualifications per course together with the cluster subjects requirements.

Here we go:

KMTC Certificate Courses Qualifications including cluster subjects:

Certificate in Health Records/Information Technology (for In Service)

Mean Grade: D+

Cluster subjects:

D+ in English/Kiswahili and a D- in Mathematics

Certificate in Community  Health Nursing

Mean Grade: C-

Cluster subjects:

  • C- in English/Kiswahili
  • C- in Biology/Biological Sciences
  • D+ in one of: Chemistry or Physics/Physical Science or Mathematics

Certificate in  Nutrition and Dietetics

Mean Grade: D+

Cluster subjects:

  • D+ in English /Kiswahili
  • D+ in Biology /Biological Sciences
  • D plain in Chemistry/Physical Sciences
  • D plain in one of: Home Science/Physics/Agriculture/Mathematics/General Science.

Certificate in Medical Engineering

Mean Grade: C-

Cluster subjects:

  • C- In English/Kiswahili
  • D plain in Mathematics
  • D plain in Physics/Physical Sciences/Chemistry
  • D plain in one of: – Chemistry/Biology/Biological Sciences/Electricity/ Metal Work/ Technical Drawing.


Certificate in Orthopaedic Trauma Medicine (Formerly Certificate in Orthopaedic Plaster Technology)

Mean Grade: C-

Cluster subjects:

  • C- In English/Kiswahili
  • D+ (plus) in Biology/Biological Sciences
  • D+ (plus) in one of: Physics/Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Home Science, Chemistry, Metal work, Woodwork, Technical Drawing or Agriculture

Certificate in Environmental-Health Sciences (-Public Health Technician) Course

Mean Grade: C-

Cluster subjects:

  • C- (Minus) in English/Kiswahili
  • D+(plus) in Biology/Biological Sciences
  • D plain in Mathematics
  • D plain in one of: Home Science, Chemistry, Physics, Electricity, Agriculture, Technical Drawing, Building Construction, and Wood Work

Certificate in Health Promotion for the Deaf (CHPD)

(For Deaf students only)

Mean Grade: D+

Cluster subjects:

  • D+ (plus)in English/Kenya Sign Language
  • D in Biology
  • D in one of: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, General Science/ Agriculture.


Certificate in Community Health Assistants

Mean Grade: C-

Cluster subjects:

  • D+ (plus) in English/Kiswahili
  • D+ (plus) in Biology/Biological Sciences
  • D (Plain) in one of: Mathematics, Physics/Physical Sciences, or Chemistry

Other KMTC courses offered and qualifications

Away from the KMTC certificate courses qualifications, here are the diplomas and other KMTC courses plus their qualifications.

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and lastly..

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Certificate in Nursing Requirements

Certificate in community nursing requires a C- mean grade while the cluster subjects’ requirements are as follows:

  • English/Kiswahili – C-
  • Biology/Biological Sciences- C-
  • Chemistry or Physics/Physical Science or Mathematics- D+

Note that you can only use this course to apply for a Diploma in community nursing.

There is no certificate for registered nursing.


KMTC short courses

KMTC also offers dozens of short courses for those working and need a quick skills upgrade.

  1. HIV Training & Counseling Services (HTS)
  2. Echocardiography
  3. Adherence Counseling
  4. Monitoring & Evaluation
  5. Safe Phlebotomy
  6. Healthcare Entrepreneurship
  7. Infection Prevention
  8. First Aid & Basic Life Support
  9. Community Health & Development
  10. Sign Language for Health workers
  11. Medical Engineering (-Basic electronics)
  12. Medical Engineering (-Basic electrical wiring)
  13. Medical Engineering (-Refrigeration, air conditioning & cold room)
  14. Medical Engineering (-Wielding and fabrication)
  15. Medical Engineering (-Plumbing)
  16. Food Hygiene & Inspection
  17. Counseling skills for Health-care Professionals
  18. Computer packages (basic)


How to apply for KMTC admission

KMTC typically announces its intakes through the media- newspapers, TV, radio, and online.

You’re supposed to apply ONLINE from the students’ application portal on the KMTC website immediately they advertise.

Remember to follow the guidelines listed on the KMTC applications website to the latter.

Also, apply before the expiry of the application timelines as stated on the KMTC intake advertisement to be successful.


What to know when applying

You can apply for either regular or parallel study.

The regular category is advantageous since the fee is subsidized besides having accommodation (optional).

You cannot, however, choose the KMTC campus to attend under the regular programme.

On the other hand, you can select your favorite KMTC campus from the 65 KMTC campuses under the parallel category.

But the fee is not subsidized.

And, of course, this mode doesn’t provide the accommodation option.


Wrapping it up

Those are the minimum KMTC certificate courses qualifications for each course plus the cluster subject grades.

Note that for a diploma, you must have scored at least a mean grade of C plain in your KCSE in addition to specific grades in the cluster subjects.

Finally, upgrading courses needs you to have a relevant certificate in the respective field while Higher Diplomas require at least a Diploma qualification.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the media to know the next KMTC intake- usually the intakes are in March and September every year.


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  2. I am interested in certificate in nursing, I met the entry requirements grade of c- with other cluster subjects I qualify also, though only biology I did not attend required qualification, will I still qualify to apply?

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  6. Please all members of kmtc I applied for March intake in 7/1/20 and yet now I haven’t received an admission letter . Please help me . For now I have registered again for September 2020 intake , kindly kindly help me

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  9. Interests in certificate in community health nursing I would like to be notified for sep admission, I’ve tried three times with no success yet I meet the requirements what the secret?

  10. I scored a D plain and I need to do certificate in medical engineering,I had English C plain,Biology D,Mathematics D plain,am I able to admitted in KMTC to do certificate in medical engineering or can I do bridging of the course??

  11. I am interested to start certificate in nursing but I not meet sciences requirement which I D in both chemistry and biology.mean is C,maths C- but languages C- and above.please will be allowed.intake of september.

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