Best degree courses in Kenya [2024 Update]

Last updated on January 18th, 2024 at 07:49 am

So, which are the best degree courses in Kenya?

Well, from our research desk here at, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Best degree courses in Kenya

We share them with you below to help you make an informed decision, if you have qualified for university and you are not sure which degree course in Kenya to take.

Best degree courses in Kenya (Top 10 best degree courses in Kenya)

In no particular order, we have formed the opinion that the following are the best degrees courses to do in Kenya.

Degree in Medicine (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)


Well, people will always get sick at some point.

Plus, Kenya had about 27.1 officially registered medical officers for every 100,000 people(population), which is well below WHO recommendation – which is one doctor for every 1000 individuals.

See the massive shortage?

Where to study:

  • UoN
  • MKU
  • KU


Law (Bachelor of Law(LL.B))


People have been getting into disputes with each other for the longest time – crime has been there since biblical times and won’t be going anywhere(so lawyers will be needed to represent).

Plus, law is also an important part of governance – lawyers are needed in various government departments to guide decision making and policy matters.

Also remember with law, you can even go on to become a magistrate and eventually a judge (go from the bar to the bench).

Where to study:

  • Daystar University
  • Mount Kenya University
  • University of Nairobi
  • Kisii University
  • University of Embu
  • Umma University
  • Africa Nazarene University.




There’s a yawning shortage of nurses in kenya- Kenya faces a very acute shortage of qualified nurses with just over 60000 nurses serving a growing population of 50+ million Kenyans.

Besides, nurses have a great opportunity to work outside Kenya (many fly out to UK, USA, Canada, Australia)

Where to study:

  • Dedan Kimathi University
  • University of Nairobi-Nairobi
  • Kenyatta University-Nairobi
  • Maseno University- Kisumu
  • Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)-
  • Pwani University
  • Aga Khan University
  • Great Lakes University
  • Baraton University


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Software engineering Degree in Kenya


According to various estimates, jobs in the software development field are expected to soar by about 25% between now and 2031 so there’s a huge market for pro software engineers not just locally but internationally- this is mainly due to the world’s increased adoption of ICT

What we like most about software engineering is that you can land lucrative remote software development jobs from the west, if you excel.

Food for thought!

Where to study:

  • Multimedia University of Kenya
  • Murang’a University Of Technology
  • Co-operative University of Kenya
  • USIU (United States International University)
  • KCA University

UPDATE: With the explosion of AI (artificial intelligence, we feel that software engineering is about to change and with AI being able to do most of the basic coding tasks, we feel that Software engineering is one of the jobs that might be at risk. So instead choose one of the Jobs AI can’t replace.

Cyber Security & Forensics (Computer security and forensics)


You see, cybersecurity jobs are plenty and the job market is predicted to grow by, at least, 18% over the coming five years(hackers are on the rampage, everywhere you look).

Keep in mind that cybersecurity involves protecting ICT systems (including computer networks) and more crucially, data from any attempts to gain unauthorized access for whatever reason.

Take it from us: This is one of the surest bets out there…

Where to study:

  • Strathmore University
  • KCA University

Engineering Degrees (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and the like)


The Government of Kenya has repetitively said that Kenya has a deficit of nearly 7000 professional engineers.

And this is across the different engineering disciplines(civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics engineering, and more)

So consider taking engineering if you like maths and physics (and, in general, all sciences)….and you are also talented in problem solving (because engineering is all about providing solutions)…

Where to study:

  • Technical University of kenya
  • Technical University of Mombasa
  • Dedan Kimathi University of Technology

Marketing (B.Com-Marketing)


There is- as it has always been the case- an unfilled need for marketers.

In fact, research has shown that marketing is one of the best degree course in Kenya and even around the globe.

The reason is simple: companies traditionally need qualified and gifted people who can help them push their products out there.

Quick Tip: Combine B.Com Marketing and a Certification in Digital Marketing in Kenya and you’ll be a hot cake once you graduate.

Where to study

  • Kenyatta University School of Business
  • KCA University…
  • University of Nairobi School of Business
  • Catholic University of Eastern Africa

Many other universities offer the course.


Data science(Bachelor Of Science In Data Science)


Data is the new oil (or new gold, if you like) hence data scientist roles are projected to expand by about 36% between now and 2031.

That makes Data Science one of the rapidest-growing occupations around the planet.

And this is another course that can open for you remote opportunities from some of the biggest companies in the west (UK, USA, etc.)

But what is it all about?

Well, you’ll be spending your workday crunching numbers (so it’s best for those who are passionate about maths and numbers)..

Think about it.

Where to study

University of Nairobi




A BE.d (bachelor’s degree in Education) is not likely to go out of market anytime soon….

And you know why……teachers will always be needed because kids are being born daily.

Yeah-teaching and education professionals are needed everywhere.

Don’t worry that the government may not employ you immediately….you’ll be employed before many other guys with different qualifications.

Where to study

  • Kenyatta University
  • Catholic University of Eastern Africa
  • University of Kabianga
  • Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology
  • Pwani University


Climate change degree


We project that the need for climate change/environmental scientists will be rising in the next few years due to the ongoing global climate change crisis.

Where to study


Best degree courses in Kenya – Final words

Those are some of the best marketable degree courses in Kenya according to us and some of the best universities in Kenya for these courses.

One word: Please do more research before you make your decision and be sure to follow your heart and passion…

In addition, do not forget that sometimes luck can take you on a different path that turns out to be even more successful….

All the best!


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