Least marketable courses in Kenya [2024 update]

Last updated on April 12th, 2024 at 05:13 am

KUCCPS has released a report showing the degree courses that have been attracting the fewest number of applications from form 4 leavers on its portal.

These are considered to be the least marketable courses in Kenya among those seeking to join universities in Kenya, at least going by the lowly number of new applications recorded in these programmes.

In fact, not a single student applied for admission into some of these degrees!

Below you will find a complete list of these least marketable courses in Kenya as compiled from the KUCCPS report.

Least marketable courses in Kenya according to KUCCPS data

The least popular courses in Kenya are:

  1. Development studies.
  2. Applied linguistics.
  3. Gender development.
  4. Translation and interpretation.
  5. Geographic information science.
  6. Childcare and protection.
  7. Theology, youth ministry, and pastoral studies.
  8. Environmental resource management.
  9. Environmental planning.
  10. Animal production.

Other courses to make the list of the least competitive degree courses in Kenya are:


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Now proceed reading below..

  1. Fisheries and aquaculture
  2. Recreation and leisure management.
  3. Plant nutrition.
  4. Botany.
  5. Zoology.
  6. Agribusiness management.
  7. Horticulture.
  8. Wildlife management and conservation.
  9. Bachelor of business administration.

As mentioned, there are courses that did not attract even a single student by the time the data was being collected.

Next we list the courses that had zero interested students in the latest report:

Least popular courses in Kenya- programmes with zero applications

  1. Bachelor of theology.
  2. Bachelor of social work & community development.
  3. Bachelor of technology in mechanical ventilation and air conditioning.
  4. Bachelor of Arts in peace and conflict studies.
  5. Bachelor of Science in aquatic resources conservation & development.
  6. Bachelor of Science (natural products).

Of course, the ministry of education has asked universities offering some of these unmarketable courses in Kenya and focus on courses that remain attractive in the eyes of employers.

Concluding thoughts

It’s worth noting that there are many other courses we can add to this list and what is important is to do proper research when selecting a course to take at the university.

Start by researching the flooded courses in Kenya and steer clear of those.

It’s also critical that your course offers self-employment opportunities (where possible) so that you can start a business in that line if jobs are not forthcoming.

The other thing that matters is your passion-you will always go far if you choose a career that matches your passions.

PS: We will soon publish a comprehensive compilation of the least marketable courses in Kenya including diplomas and certificate courses.

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