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Here is a roundup of the Universities offering mass communication in Kenya 

Now, if you had scored at least a C+ mean grade in your KCSE, chances are you’ve qualified for a degree course in journalism and mass communication.

You may also wish to take your diploma from a University….some of you just want to become comrades(lol)

So, which universities offering mass communication in Kenya should you consider attending?

That is the question we shall be answering in this article…

We shall also list all other universities offering journalism courses in Kenya so that you can have option in case you miss out on a chance in the top 5 universities


Universities offering mass communication in Kenya – the top 6 best universities for journalism studies

Here are the 6 universities widely accepted as the best to attend for journalism and mass communication courses in Kenya..

University of Nairobi (UoN)

Graduates of journalism from the University of Nairobi School of journalism are considered super competitive and studying there can give you an edge when we come to the labour market.

The two leading undergraduate courses:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Broadcast Production)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Journalism & Media Studies)

How to apply and get more information: Visit their website here

Career guidance in Kenya

Multimedia University of Kenya

Also attracting raving reviews from both students and communication practitioners are Multimedia University’s mass communication programs.

In fact, the university was the first to introduce a degree programme in Film Production/Animation in Kenya and has maintained extremely high standards of training in Journalism and Communication studies.

MMU is also one of the Universities offering journalism courses in Kenya to offer masters program.

Multimedia University of Kenya mass communication programmes

  • Masters in journalism & media studies
  • Masters in corporate communications.
  • Bachelor of Applied Communication
  • Bachelor of journalism.
  • Bachelor of Film Production & Animation
  • Diploma in journalism.
  • Diploma in Film Production & Animation
  • Diploma in Strategic public relations.

How to apply and get more information: Visit MMU online here


Maseno University

Some of Kenya’s top journalist have trained at Maseno University and it’s another top university for those looking to build a career in mass communication.

You can choose to specialize in Electronic Media, Print Media, or Public Relations in their Bachelor’s degree in mass communication programme.

Summary of mass communication programmes offered at Maseno University

·         Post-graduate programmes

Doctorate in Media Studies

Masters in Communication and Mass Media

·         Under-graduate programmes

BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Communication &Mass Media

·          Diploma Programmes

Public Relations

Journalism & Mass Mass Media

·         Certificate Programmes

Public Relations

Journalism and Mass Media

Maseno University website: click here


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Now proceed reading below..

Moi University

Moi University is as well a respected trainer of professionals in journalism and mass communication.

The university offers courses in Journalism and the wider Communication Studies field for students who find careers in print and non-print media satisfying.

It also offers excellent programmes in marketing and advertising.

Journalism and Mass communication Academic Programmes at Moi University

·         Under-graduate programmes

Bachelor Of Science (Bsc.) In Media Science
Bachelor Of Science (Bsc) In Communications & Public Relations
Bachelor Of Science (Bsc.) In Communication & Journalism

·         Post-graduate programmes

Master Of Science (Bsc.) In Communication Studies
Master Of Science (Bsc.) In Communication & Journalism
Master Of Science (Bsc.) In Journalism & Media Studies

Doctor Of Philosophy (PhD) In Communication Studies

Moi University school of journalism/information sciences website: https://is.mu.ac.ke


Daystar University

Daystar has for long ranked among the best Universities offering mass communication in Kenya and it’s another good choice for aspiring reporters, newscasters, investigative journalists, producers, etc.

You can start at the Diploma level and rise all the way to a doctorate in Communication at Daystar.

Visit their Website here for the brochure and more information.


Riara University

Contemporary facilities, emphasis on practicals and field experience, and an experienced faculty make Riara one of the best private universities for journalism and media studies students in Kenya.

Riara offers 2 major courses: a Diploma and a Degree in Journalism.

Visit the University’s journalism website here.

Other universities offering media courses in Kenya

Here now are other reputable universities offering mass communication in Kenya…

Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA)

CUEA offers a degree in Kiswahili & Communication and can be a good choice if you want to upgrade your KIMC diploma to a degree in Kiswahili & Communication.

Website: click here


Egerton University 

Here you can enroll for a degree or a masters in journalism.

Website: click here


Jomo Kenyatta University

JKUAT’s Department of Media Technology offers a B.Sc. Mass Communication too.

Website: click here


Kenyatta University

You can take a diploma or a degree in communication and media studies here.

Website: click here



Another top university, USIU can also be worth checking out if you’re seeking to build a career in mass communication.

They also offer a BA in Journalism.

Website: click here


Masinde Muliro University

Masinded Muliro offers specialization in broadcast & electronic journalism, print journalism, public relations & advertising.

Website: click here



Chuka University College

Programmes:  Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication, B.A. (Communication  & Media), Master of Journalism & Mass Communication.




Kisii University College

Programmes:  B.A. (Mass Communication), Master of Journalism & Mass Communication.

Websiteclick here



Technical University of Kenya

Programmes:  Diploma in Technology (Journalism & Public Relations), Bachelor in Technology (Journalism & Public Relations)

Websitego here


Technical University Mombasa

Programmes:  Diploma in Mass Communication, Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication

Website: https://www.tum.ac.ke


Kabianga University College

Programmes: Diploma in Public Relations, Bsc. in  Communication & Public Relations

Website: https://www.kabianga.ac.ke


Laikipia University College

Programmes: BA in Communication & English Language Studies, BA in Kiswahili & Communication Studies, BA in Communication & Media, Master of Journalism / Mass Communication, MA Kiswahili na Mawasiliano

Website: click here


Africa Nazarene University

Programmes: Bachelor of Mass. comm, Diploma in public relations, Audio production (certificate)

Website: click here


Kenya Methodist University

Programmes: Bachelor of Arts (Communication & Journalism)

Website: https://kemu.ac.ke/


University of Eastern Africa, Baraton

Programmes: Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication

Website: https://www.ueab.ac.ke/


Mt. Kenya University

Programmes: BA in (Mass Media & Communication), Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication

Website: click here

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