Best software engineering universities in Kenya [Universities offering software engineering in Kenya]

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So, which universities offer software engineering in Kenya? That is the question I will be answering in this article

Because of the ongoing digital evolution, the demand for software engineers is at an all-time high.

If you’re wondering why, it’s for the simple reason that it is software engineers (programmers/coders) that make digital technologies work- every other digital technology is run by a software program.

Put another way, software engineering can be a very good career- not only are the jobs in plenty but you will also be paid handsomely.

Which brings to what I wanted us to discuss in this article: The best software engineering universities in Kenya..

Some of you have been sending me private messages asking me to advise them on the best software engineering universities in Kenya to study for a Bachelor of Software Engineering.

So here are the software engineering universities in Kenya that I recommend:


Best software engineering universities in Kenya – the cream of the crop among universities offering software engineering in Kenya

Here are the universities offering software engineering courses in Kenya if you’re wondering what is the best university to pursue software engineering in Kenya

We shall start with public universities:

Multimedia University of Kenya

Multimedia University is one of the very best ICT universities in Kenya and can be great place to study for your degree in software engineering course.

The University of located in Nairobi- Ongata Rongai, Kenya (Opposite KWS’ Mbagathi Gate) and it’s the best university offering software engineering in Kenya.

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Murang’a University  Of Technology

Murang’a university offers a Bachelor Of Science (Bsc.) in Software Engineering and can be a good option as well if you are looking for a career in apps development or general system development.

The course is offered both by distance and full-time learning modes so you can even study for the course while you’re working.

Intakes are usually in the months of January, May, and September every year.

Go here to learn more about the course


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Co-operative University of Kenya

While Co-operative University is mostly known because of its excellent business-related degree programs, it has a decent Bachelor Science (Bsc.) in Software Engineering program that you might want to explore.

You can call the University on 0724 311606 for more details.

You can also visit their website here.

Private universities that offer software engineering in Kenya

USIU (United States International University)

Another private university that offers the course is USIU.

The university has state-of-the-art computer labs and the professors are very passionate about seeing you succeed.

Consider it too.

Get more details.


KCA University

KCA University is one of Kenya’s leading private universities and offers a Bachelor of Science (Bsc) In Software Development, whose units are pretty much similar to what is covered in the conventional software engineering degree.

The degree takes 3 years (9 trimesters) to complete.

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University of Eastern Africa –Baraton

Baraton University is one of the oldest private universities locally and one of the first as well to offer a software engineering degree.

This Seventh-day Adventist university is located in Baraton, which is about 50kms from Eldoret Town.

Here is the link to the course

Requirements for software engineering in Kenya – entry requirements for software engineering

Here are the minimum software engineering course requirements in Kenya (degree):

Mean grade: C+

Cluster subjects and requirements

Maths- C+

Physics- C+

Chemistry- C+

English language- C+

Other acceptable qualifications: Any relevant Diploma -from any recognized institution with a credit pass

Software engineering duration in Kenya

The programme usually takes 4 years

What does the course really involve?

The Bsc. in Software Engineering prepares you for a successful career as a software engineer and you will have the skills you need to solve real-world problems using computer software/apps.

In essence, you will be taught all the knowledge and skills you need to perform tasks such as designing, coding, testing and managing quality-measured software systems.

Once you complete the course, you should be capable of designing and developing software solutions that are effective, secure, dependable, and that meet the requirements of users.


Career prospects

Graduates of software engineering can venture into some of these careers:

  • System Software Developers
  • Application Software Developers
  • Embedded Application Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Software Testers
  • Game Developers


Degree in software engineering vs computer science

To start with, a bachelor’s in software engineering is mainly about giving you the practical skills you need to become a professional programmer/app developer.

On the other hand, a degree in computer science emphasizes computational theories and a variety of subjects, including database management, coding, machine learning, and information security.

Put another way, you will not be specialized in any area when it comes to computer science unlike when you pursue software engineering (when you’ll be a specialist in software development).

Best software engineering universities in Kenya: Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)


Is software engineering marketable in Kenya?

The course is very marketable thanks to the on-going explosion of digital and internet technologies.

From Telkoms to Software development companies such as Mine Softwares and Muva Technologies Ltd and even Web design firms.


Where can a software engineer work in Kenya?

Typical employers of software engineers in Kenya include:

  • Software companies/firms
  • IT consultancies/ IT service companies
  • Electronics companies
  • Telecommunications companies like Safaricom
  • Research firms
  • Banks and SACCOs
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment companies
  • Academia (Universities and colleges)

Which university in Kenya offers software engineering?

As you have noted above, there are several universities offering software engineering in Kenya.

These are:

  1. Multimedia University of Kenya
  2. Murang’a University Of Technology
  3. Co-operative University of Kenya
  4. USIU (United States International University)
  5. KCA University

PS: Do not forget that you can take a Diploma in Software Engineering if you did not get the grades needed to take a degree directly. You need a C plain mean grade and you can take the course at Zetech University among other institutions

Universities offering software engineering in Kenya – Final words

Off all the universities offering software engineering in Kenya, I like Multimedia University most among Public Universities- they have been training software engineers for quite a while.

On the other hand, among all private universities offering software engineering in Kenya, I prefer KCA because they’re a little affordable compared to USIU while their training standards are quite high.

Yeah, that’s it!


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