Courses in Kenya with B- in 2024

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Courses in Kenya with B- : B- is a tricky grade ..I’m saying so because while you have qualified for university (minimum entry for university is C+), there are no specific courses that we can point out as targeted at B- holders particularly.

To put that in context, A students are generally a shoo-in for highly competitive courses such as Medicine and Surgery and Top notch engineering programs such as Mechatronics engineering.

On the other hand, craft certificate courses in areas such as mechanical engineering are specifically designed for students who scored a D and D+ in their KCSE.

That said, depending on your interests, passion, personality, and  what you scored in specific subjects- because sometimes you need to have certain minimum grades in some subjects- there are some good courses you can do with a B-.

These are the courses I will be recommending to you in this article:

Courses in Kenya with B- (best courses in Kenya with B minus including medical courses with B- in Kenya)

Information technology and computer science courses

The first group of courses I can recommend are those in the ICT field because ICT is one of the fastest growing fields in the world, which means a lot of jobs locally and internationally (you can work remotely for global companies such as Google and OpenAI).

So if you feel that you and a computer were destined for each other, consider the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Science(Computer Science)
  • Bachelor of Science (Information Technology)
  • Bachelor of Science(Information and Communication Technology)
  • Bachelor of Science(Mathematics & Computer Science) – this makes you a tutor in a secondary school. And teaching is obviously one of the most marketable courses in Kenya with B- (Math teachers hardly lack work, even if you may have to work in private institutions at first)
  • Bachelor of Science(Computer Security and Forensics)- this might see you work in the lucrative computer security field as a cyber security expert. And cyber security professionals are hot cakes at the moment on the planet.
  • Bachelor of Science(Forensic Science)- very close to computer security and a good one too. Just to be clear, Forensic scientists work for government agencies like the police (DCI) and the military. You may also work in various crime labs, where you analyze evidence to help unravel crime scenes.
  • Bachelor of Science (Telecommunication & Information Technology)- with this course, you work in telecoms such as Safaricom, Internet service providers (ISPs), etc.

Overall, the trend now in the market is favoring software development and Web development graduates(developers). Then, of course, cyber security is picking up really fast and pays good.

Courses to do with B minus : Statistics and data science course

Data science is another field that has become very marketable- your work will be to crunch numbers for high level decision makers in organizations- and can be another good option.

Problem is, data scientists need to have an undergraduate degree in statistics.

So I recommend you consider these courses- be sure to take a Data science certification alongside your degree to stand a better chance of getting a job without ‘tarmacking’ for long.

These are the courses I suggest here:

  • Bachelor of Science(Applied Statistics)- This is the most popular
  • Bachelor of Science(Financial Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Science(Mathematics)


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Film and Video and communication courses

If you’re a creative and you find acting and scripting great, consider doing film /video production courses-that is because video is not going anywhere any time soon. In fact, the world is now consuming video in a bigger way.

Another course that can be good is communication- especially the advertising specialization is excellent. And I hope you’ll venture into digital marketing too.

Below are the courses I recommend if you’d like to build a career in film/video or communication:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Theatre Arts & Film Technology)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television.
  • Bachelor of Science (Communication & Journalism)
  • Bachelor of Science (Communication and Public Relations)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Communication & Media Technology, With IT)
  • Bachelor of Science (Media Science)
  • Bachelor of Film Animation- Animation is one of the fastest growing niche when it comes to film and video.
  • Bachelor of Film Production & Animation
  • Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts)
  • Bachelor of Science in Gaming and Animation Technology
  • Bachelor of Science (Graphic, Communication and Advertising)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Music)
  • Bachelor of Education (Visual and Performing Arts)

*You people keep asking me about journalism but the truth is that the bus for journalism left the station long ago. So unless you have a very good strategy on how to succeed as a journalist in the era of digital media, consider the courses above.

Medical courses with B- in Kenya

Nursing is undoubtedly one of the best courses in Kenya with B minus – nurses are in demand worldwide and is a very good course. Take it unless you don’t have a passion for working in a medical setup (handling patients, some critically ill)

There are also other options here though not straightforward medical.

A good example is counseling psychology- there is demand for counselors because depression is becoming a widespread ailment locally and abroad.

Below are the courses I suggest in this category:

  • Bachelor in Nursing- I believe nursing can be a great fit for you and rewarding if you want to be in health-care side.
  • Bachelor of Science Clinical Medicine- you may go for clinical medicine (though nursing has better job prospects)
  • Bachelor of Science (Counselling Psychology)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Counselling Psychology)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
  • Bachelor of Education (Arts) With Guidance and Counselling
  • Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy – you’ll be a physio in sports or hospitals



Courses to do with B- in Kenya :Other courses I can recommend

Teaching (high school teaching)

I had already told you about teaching. Please be sure to select a good subject combination otherwise you may have to wait for quite a while before getting hired by TSC.

So consider degree such as:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Geography and Economics)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Kiswahili and Geography)
  • Bachelor of Arts (French, With IT)
  • Bachelor of Education (Home Science and Technology)
  • Bachelor of Education Arts(Business Studies)
  • Bachelor of Education (Special Needs Education – Secondary Option)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Religious Studies

Climate change courses

There are some emerging climate change courses- and you might be aware that climate change is one of the trending topics in the world.

You see, as the planet battles the effect of climate change including global warming, there will be a surge in demand for qualified professionals in this area.

So you can risk and take courses such as:

  • Bachelor of Science (Climate Change and Development, With IT)
  • Bachelor of Science (Sustainable Energy & Climate Change Systems)

Courses in Kenya with B- [ Final words ]

You may have noted that I did not recommend many business courses apart from data science – and that is because they’re among the most flooded courses in Kenya.

I also did not recommend many engineering programs because they’re super competitive- and you may not be selected by KUCCPS for these courses.

But you may go for engineering if your parents can pay for you as a self-sponsored students (most universities will admit you even with a C+ if you’re privately sponsored)

The other courses that I do not usually recommend when it comes to Courses in Kenya with B- are those without a lot of jobs such as Bachelor of Science in Public Health, Bachelor of Science in Community Health and Development, Bachelor of Science in Zoology, and the like.


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