Accredited law schools in Kenya (Top 10 law schools)

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If you want to study law in Kenya, here are the accredited law schools in Kenya (Universities offering law in Kenya) you can join and make your career dream come true.

Accredited law schools in Kenya – top 10 law schools in Kenya (Universities offering law in Kenya)

Top 10 law universities in Kenya

If you’re qualified for a law degree, here are the top universities you can consider joining:

Kenyatta university law school (KUSOL)

KUSOL is a fully accredited by the CLE (Council of Legal Education) and other statutory bodies in charge of regulating law education in Kenya and is one of the best universities offering law in Kenya.

In addition, KU’s law programme is ISO9001:2015 certified.

Visit their website to learn more.

University of Nairobi school of law

The premier University of Nairobi school of law has steadily evolved from its former status as just a department under the Faculty of Commerce/business in the 1960s, to a small-scale but full-fledged Faculty of Law in 1970, and is today one of the biggest law schools in the region.

The School offers top-notch training to intending lawyers and by the time you come out, you’ll be well placed to build a name as a reputable professional in various law disciplines.

JKUAT school of law

JKUAT school of law is another of the accredited law schools in Kenya with their                LL.B degree providing students with in-depth knowledge of the legal principles that can make you succeed in the legal field in Kenya, regional, and even international legal systems.

Students are taught to critically analyze, interpret, and finally apply the law in line with historical, comparative, plus jurisprudential backgrounds.

That way, you gain a thorough understanding of legal systems and legal institutions.

Strathmore university school of law

Strathmore Law School has also earned a reputation as one of the best accredited law schools in Kenya.

You will meet some of the best legal minds in Kenya in class at Strathmore –and of course, nothing beats learning from the best.

Visit them online to learn more here.

Riara university school of law

I was also impressed by the facilities at Riara university school of law, especially the fact that classes are quite small- their faculty-to-student ratio is just 1:15 so you can strike a personal relationship with lecturers.

Riara is the second private-run law school in Kenya on our list (after Strathmore).

Catholic university of east Africa law school

Catholic University has also been offering the LLB course for quite a while now and it can be a viable alternative to the previously listed institutions.

Their law school has three departments: Public Law, Private Law, and International Law with each department being headed by a HOD (Head of Department).

Kisii university school of law

The goal of Kisii University’s LL.B degree is to teach you a plethora of skills, attitude, knowledge, values, and ethics that are important for you to succeed as a legal practitioner.

It’s worth mentioning that Kisii University is a public institution.

You can visit Kisii university law school online to learn more.

Egerton university school of law

Egerton university’s Faculty of Law has been operational since 2015 –It was started following recommendations by experts with the goal of enhancing legal education locally and across East Africa.

Their LLB degree program got full accreditation in February 2016.

Moi university school of law

One of the oldest, Moi university school of law has produced some of the best lawyers and judges in Kenya.

Some of the big legal names to have graduated from this famous law school include  Hon. Prof. Kithure Kindiki,  Hon. Hassan Omar Hassan, Dr. Victor Mosoti  (World Bank Group ), and Prof. Jackson Maogoto (teaches law at the University of Manchester).

Mt Kenya university school of law (formerly inoorero university school of law)

After taking over Inoorero University School of law at Parklands, MKU has continued to introduce excellent Law programmes targeting Kenyan and regional students.


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Worth mentioning: Chuka University school of law

Chuka University Law Faculty is one of the newest law schools in Kenya.

It is hosted by the University’s main campus in Chuka, Meru County.

The LLB degree in Kenya requirements (bachelor of Laws degree ) in the Universities offering law in Kenya

To be accepted for a bachelor of Laws degree Year 1, you must satisfy these academic qualifications:

Hold a KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) certificate with at least a mean grade of C+ (C Plus) or an equivalent qualification.

Besides, Candidates may be required to have at least grade B plain in the English/Kiswahili language at KCSE


Hold a KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) certificate with at least a mean grade of C (C Plain) or an equivalent qualification plus a Diploma in Law from a recognized institution.

If you want to apply with the diploma (in addition to the KCSE C), you should have scored a distinction or credit in your diploma course. Also, the Diploma course must have lasted 2 years or more.


Hold a KACE (Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education) certificate with at least 2 principal passes or an equivalent qualification as determined by the university Senate.


Hold a different degree (or degrees) from a University recognized in Kenya PLUS a grade B in English (B Plain) at KCSE or an equivalent qualification.

Top law schools accredited to offer diploma in law in Kenya

If your qualifications don’t allow you to join the LLB programme, you can consider taking the diploma first.

Here you’re spoilt for choice but we insist that perhaps the best place to study for your diploma is joining one of the established law schools we have listed above because they generally have better facilities.

In fact, most of the universities accredited to offer a degree in law in Kenya offer a similarly competitive diploma course in law.

These include Riara University, MKU, etc.

You can confirm if an institution offers a diploma programme in Law by visiting their website.

Diploma in law requirements

In general, you must hold a KCSE mean grade of C plain (or its equivalent). You are also required to have a minimum of grade C+ in English.

A word on Kenya school of law

It is important to understand that you cannot be admitted to the bar with only an LL.B- it is a must for you to join the famous Kenya school of law for a diploma graduate in law (Paralegal studies) after completing your degree course.

Officially known as the Advocates Training Program, the course takes 18 months (12 months in-house,6 months pupilage).


A word on online law degree in Kenya

If you have a tight schedule and would prefer to study for your law degree course online, you may not be in luck.

That is because there are no law schools accredited to offer an online law degree in Kenya at the time of writing this article.

But we believe that this could change as the world shifts to hybrid and e-learning due to COVID.

That’s all from my desk today.

Good luck!


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