Colleges offering perioperative theatre technology in Nairobi

We recently looked at the Colleges offering perioperative theatre technology in Kenya…some of you however asked us to come up with a more specific list: That of colleges offering perioperative theatre technology in Nairobi.

So here it is..Note that KMTC does not offer it….

Colleges offering perioperative theatre technology in Nairobi

The Nairobi Women’s Hospital College

The Institute is in Waithaka(Dagoretti South)

Karen Hospital MTC(Medical Training College)

The College is Owned by the Karen Hospital(whose founder is the famous Cardiologist, Dr. Dan Gikonyo)

Tricent School of Medical Health Sciences& Technology(Nairobi)

Tricent teaches the TVET CDACC examined Perioperative Theatre Technology course. Find them in Juja Town (so they are not in the CBD), right opposite JKUAT university.


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Now proceed reading about colleges offering perioperative theatre technology in Nairobi below..👇


Imperial College of Medical and Health Sciences

Please note that Imperial is in Thika Town. That said, it offers the Level 6 (Diploma) in the Perioperative Theatre Technology course

Thika School of Medical & Health Sciences(TSMHS)

This is in Thika too (and not Nairobi center)

JFC Munene Medical College

JFC Munene College is also in Thika (and they have campuses in Kisumu and Meru too)

BetaCare Training Institute(BCTI)

The College is found in Githunguri, Magomano, near the ever busy Kiambu/Githunguri & Ruiru Junction

How you learn

When it comes to the perioperative theatre technology course, the above colleges teach you about how you’re supposed to help as a theater assistant (helping during real operating room procedures).

So you not only learn through regular classwork but also through actual lab studies and going for internships in various hospital’s operating rooms..

Remember: As a surgical assistant (because that is essentially what you become after the course), you need to get experience with a variety of tasks that help make sure that patients are operated on safely during surgery.

In fact, as a holder of the qualification, you often have to undertake a mandatory 6-month internship in a recognized(accredited) hospital with an active operation theatre.

Typical Duties of an Operating Theater Technician/Assistant in a Hospital

  1. Manage all the operation theatre resources including equipment
  2. Help in sterilizing tools/equipment
  3. Participate in important peri-operative technical services
  4. Serve as an anesthetist assistant (help the anesthetist in administering anesthesia)
  5. Operating a variety of theatre machines as well as equipment
  6. Support the surgeons/registered nurses in offering clinical services especially to surgical patients in a hospital
  7. Preparing the operating theatre room before surgeries
  8. Providing essential first aid services(CPR)- if necessary

I should add that you may also get work as a surgical items salesperson in firms that sell operation theatre equipment/ instruments


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