Marketable Agricultural Courses in Kenya [The Best Agricultural Courses To Go For]

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Thinking of taking a course in agriculture? Discover some of the most marketable Agricultural Courses in Kenya to help you make an informed choice

Agriculture can be one of the best courses of choice in Kenya – you can hunt for jobs or opt for self-employment.

Unsurprisingly, Kenya today has an estimated 1.2 Million farmers both in large-scale and small-scale farming- most of these farmers venture into maize farming, horticulture, commercial tree growing, dairy farming, poultry keeping, and more.

In short, agriculture remains one of the most reliable ways to make a living.

And so, a course in agriculture may lead you to great job opportunities in fields like wool handling, animal husbandry, maintenance of agricultural machines, organic farming in Kenya, etc.

Having a background in agriculture can also give you a massive head start if you believe your future lies in agri-entrepreneurship.

Now, if you feel that you want to pursue agriculture as a career, it is important to be aware of the most marketable agricultural courses in Kenya.

Not only will this boost your employability but it also ensures that you will be relevant- even if you venture into self-employment- since you’ll have taken a course that matches the current market trends.

To point you in the right direction, here are some of the most marketable Agricultural Courses in Kenya:

In addition to the Agriculture courses list in Kenya (and their requirements), we shall  introduce you to the top colleges offering agriculture courses in Kenya to help you make a sound choice.

Keep reading.

Marketable Agricultural Courses in Kenya– The Best Agricultural Courses to Go For

Some of the most marketable agricultural courses in Kenya include;

1. Dairy Technology and Management

A profession in the dairy industry encompasses the production of high-quality milk and milk products.

More importantly, there is a need for graduates that know the nitty-gritty of producing quality milk.

This course provides nearly all the knowledge needed for the dairy industry. It also encompasses financial and managerial skills.

Duration of Study

Four years for full-time students


The course requires that in addition to the candidate minimum the minimum standards, the minimum score for the required combination of subjects is as follows; Chemistry B-, Physics B-, Biology B.

Alternatively, candidates with credit in Diploma in Food Science or Dairy Technology can be admitted.

Needless to say, there is more demand for  qualified dairy professionals so this is one of the best agriculture courses in Kenya in terms of marketability.



Universities and Colleges That Offer Dairy Technology and Management

Some of the agricultural colleges in Kenya that offer these agricultural courses include;

·    Ahiti, Ndomba

Location: Off Embu/Kerugoya Rd. Kutus Town.

Contact: Call (254) 60 – 644035

·   Baraka Agricultural College

Location:  along Molo-Kericho Road.

Contact: Call 0725777421 or Email: (to request for baraka agricultural college fee structure or other information)

·   Dairy Training Institute, Njoro

Location:  Mau Narok Road, Naivasha.

Contact: Call 0750493929 or email or or

·   Egerton University, Njoro Campus

Location:   Along Nakuru Mau-Narok Road.

Contact:  Call 0775071854 or Email:

·   Kirinyaga University

Location:    Kirinyaga, near Kutus Town.

Contact:  Call 0709742000 or Email:

·   Thika Institute of Technology

Location: Opposite Kenya Library Services, Thika.

Contact:  Call 0722785035 or Email:

·   University of Nairobi

Location: Nairobi.

Contact:  Call 254-20-4910000 or Email:

How Much does the course cost?

There are many agriculture colleges in Kenya that you can take this course it so the fee depends on where you enroll.

That said,  the fee generally starts at Ksh 35,000 per semester.


2. Agricultural and Bio-Systems Engineering – Degree

Agricultural and Bio-Systems Engineering incorporate units that are geared towards addressing the sustainable exploration of natural resources.

After training, you graduate as a specialized Engineer with both technical and biological skills to handle a range of issues in agro-industrial growth/development and consequential environmental problems.

Duration of Study

Five years for full-time students


A candidate must satisfy minimum requirements for university entry. You must also obtain a minimum of C+ in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology or Geography.

Also, holders of diplomas in a related field can be admitted.

Universities That Offer Agricultural and Bio-Systems Engineering

How Much Does it Cost?

The fee averages Ksh 55,000 per semester.


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3. Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (Degree and Diploma)

This program’s objective is to develop a workforce with problem-solving skills, thus ensuring an increase in agricultural productivity. Though I did not notice many opportunities asking for this course, it can be a viable option for those who want to start NGOs that deal with sustainable agriculture or such projects.

Duration of Study

It takes two years (Diploma) to four years (Degree) for full-time students.


A minimum C plain and at least a C in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics is required.

Universities and Colleges That Offer Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development

  • Ahiti, Ndomba, Off Embu/Kerugoya Rd. Kutus Town. Call (254) 60 – 644035
  • Baraka Agricultural College, Molo. Call 0725777421 or Email:
  • Bukura Agricultural College, Mumias. Call 0706257016 or Email:
  • University of Eldoret, Eldoret. Call 0774249552 or Email:
  • Kipkaren River Training Institute/Development Centre, Eldoret. Call 0723346851/0727470 or Email:

How Much Does it Cost?

The tuition fee ranges from Ksh 30,000 depending on whether it is a diploma or a degree course.


4.      Agribusiness Management and Enterprise Development – Top entrepreneurial agriculture course

This course prepares you for a successful business career in the food system industry, such as farm production, food retailing, and food production.

It also helps you learn commodity marketing and processing making it one of the best courses in agriculture for those with an entrepreneurial brain.

Duration of Study

It takes three years for degree and one year and one-half year for diploma.


For the most part, a candidate must obtain a minimum of C+ and C Plain in Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry. You can also join with an agriculture-related Diploma qualification.

Universities and Colleges That Offer Agribusiness Management and Enterprise Development

  1. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Juja. Call 0709715815 or Email:
  2. Kenyatta University. Call +254 20 870 Ext 4000/3000 or Email:
  3. Thika Technical- Click here for details (Diploma level)

How Much Does it Cost?

The tuition fee ranges from Ksh 30,000 depending on whether it is a diploma or a degree course.

Diploma courses in Agriculture (agriculture diploma courses in Kenya)

Here now is an agriculture courses list in Kenya of the Diploma level

·         Diploma in agriculture and biotechnology

This trains you to work as an Agricultural Biotechnologists in the industry or academia.

Agricultural biotechnology (or simply agritech), is a form of agricultural science that involves the use of various scientific tools/techniques, including molecular markers, genetic engineering, molecular diagnostics, tissue culture, and vaccines to modify living organisms (plants, animals) and microorganisms.

The course is offered by dozens of Colleges/Universities including Bukura College, Embu University, etc.

·         Diploma in agricultural engineering in Kenya

If you want to become an innovator of agricultural machinery or tools, then could be the course for you. You can also work as a technician (you’ll be maintaining various machines/tools) with the course.

Enroll at colleges/institutions such as RVIST, Masinde Muliro University, Bukura College, and more for the program.

·         Diploma in Agronomy

This course teaches you high-level practical skills that you need to provide technical advice/information on plant nutrition, fertiliser application, crop rotations, appropriate crop varieties, effective soil testing, weed and disease/pest management, etc.

On the downside, the number of institutions offering it is very few.

Indeed, some like Masinde Muliro offer a Diploma in sugar agronomy, a specialized version of the program.

Note: All diploma programmes require a mean grade of C-


D plain courses in agriculture

If you had a mean grade of D or its equivalent at KCSE, you can pursue a Certificate in Agriculture & Community Development at Bukura College.

Most public TVET colleges also offer a couple of courses in agri-business you can qualify for with a D Plain.

Visit the institution nearest to you and ask.

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8 Topmost Agricultural Colleges in Kenya

And here now are colleges that offer agriculture that we felt deserve a mention. Check out the nearest to you for more courses and advice.

1.      Manor House of Agriculture Centre, Kitale

Contact: 0722744927 or Email:

Intake: May, August, and September

2.      Dairy Training Institute, Naivasha

Contact: 0750493929 or Email:

Intake: By 30th April of each year

3.      Kenya YMCA College of Agriculture and Technology, Limuru

Contact: 0733389899 or Email:

Intake: January, May, and September

4.      Faraja Latia Agricultural College, Kajiado

Contact: 0716431054 or Email:

5.      Baraka Agricultural College, Molo

Contact: 0725777421 or Email:

Intake: January, May, and September

6.      Bukura Agricultural College, Bukura

Contact: Call 020-3505479 or Email: Website: (for Bukura agricultural college admission letters)

Intake: January, May, and September.

Bukura agricultural college address: The Principal/CEO,Bukura Agricultural College, P.O. Box 23-50105, BUKURA

Note: There are only a few certificate courses in Bukura College with the previously mentioned Certificate in Agriculture & Community Development being the most popular. Check Bukura agricultural college Facebook page for more details. For courses such as certificate in general agriculture, your best bet is colleges such as Thika Technical, Sigalagala National Polytechnic, and Kitale Technical Training Institute.

7.      Kilifi Institute of Agriculture, Kilifi

Contact: 041-22496

Intake: January, May, and September

8.      Kenya school of agriculture Nyeri / Kenya school of agriculture Nairobi

The Kenya School of Agriculture, Nyeri, and the Kenya School of Agriculture, Nairobi, train extension officers on general agriculture course, animal husbandry, etc.

They, in turn, teach farmers farming techniques they can use in their farms.


Short Agricultural Courses in Kenya /certificate courses in agriculture in Kenya

If you’re looking for agriculture short courses in Kenya – maybe you want to improve your skills or learn how to add value to your produce in order to earn more- consider the following week-long/month-long courses:

  1. Artificial insemination – 4 weeks
  2. Poultry, dairy, and pig rearing – Each one week
  3. Machine modern servicing – 3 months
  4. Fish rearing – 1 week
  5. Horticulture – 10 days
  6. Biogas Technology – 5 days
  7. Fruits and Vegetable processing/Making Yoghurt – 10 days
  8. Organic farming short courses- Check KIOF Juja if you’re interested in organic farming in Kenya.

Many of these courses are offered by the colleges we have mentioned in this list (Kenya YMCA college of Agriculture teaches nearly all of them) and most are offered at the certificate level.

There are other excellent trainers for skill-based agricultural technologies including Nakuru agricultural training centre and Limuru agricultural youth centre

Quick-Tip: JKUAT has some of the best agricultural training programmes including short courses some of which are taught online. In fact, JKUAT agriculture courses are some of the most popular online agriculture courses in Kenya.

Where to get Free Training in Agriculture in Kenya

If you’re a budding farmer and you’re searching for walk-in agricultural training at no cost, visit Waruhiu Agricultural Training Centre.

The center organizes field day events during which it equips farmers and other interested people with practical skills and information on the latest and most appropriate agricultural technologies.

You can also check out institutions/NGOs offering online agriculture courses in Kenya such as ELengo (Poutry farming). ELengo does organize free online courses from time to time.

Frequently asked questions [FAQs]

Is agricultural engineering marketable in Kenya?

Well, it’s a fairly marketable course- there are jobs such as agricultural maintenance technicians and agricultural engineers (in county governments) but the truth is, they are not as many as in engineering fields civil engineering or mechanical engineering.




If you have a passion for animals and plants, the great outdoors, geology and such areas, then a course in agriculture could be the best fit.

And the good news is that Kenya’s agriculture sector has continued to expand exponentially as the demand for food and other produce increases due to rapid population growth, meaning more opportunities for the agricultural industry.

Select a course that will earn you a sustainable living while allowing you to make a difference in society through agriculture.



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