TSC employment of ECDE teachers [Latest Update]

Last updated on July 27th, 2023 at 05:26 pm

TSC employment of ECDE teachers (TSC news on ECDE teachers employment): As you might be aware, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is the statutory body- as established by the Constitution of Kenya- that is in charge of recruiting, managing, and supervising teachers in Kenya (save for technical trainers, who are under PSC). 

Now, in recent years, a lot of ECDE teachers -who are either working in private pre-schools or for county governments  or are unemployed- have been calling on TSC to employ ECDE teachers in Kenya.

So, is there hope for you if you’re a qualified ECDE Teacher in Kenya (perhaps you have a Degree/Diploma in ECDE or an equivalent qualification) and you do not want to be underpaid by the county government/private ECDE centres?

Well, below is what you need to know about TSC employment of ECDE teachers as of today..


TSC employment of ECDE teachers – Why TSC should hire ECDE teachers in Kenya

We shall begin by making a case for TSC employment of ECDE teachers.. 

You see, here at KenyaEducationGuide.com, we feel there are quite a number of very good reasons why TSC need to employ ECDE tutors. 

First, you as an ECDE teacher play a super vital role in Kenya’s education system….

You’re not only responsible for providing important early childhood education(ECE) to kids aged between 3-6 years old but you’re the very first contact between the child and the education system. 

Needless to say, the 3-6 years age is a very critical period in any child’s development so you essentially lay the foundation for the child’s future learning.

Secondly, the current system where county governments employ ECDE teachers – and I have to say on very miserable terms- is not sustainable at all. 


Well, it is an open secret that County governments are often grappling with financial challenges, meaning ECDE teachers repetitively go for months without pay – and even when they’re paid on time, you sometimes do not get your full pay. 

The results?


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Now proceed reading below..👇

An unhealthy high turnover rate among ECDE teachers in Kenya- frequent change of employers ultimately lower the quality of ECE in Kenya.

Third, employing ECDE teachers by TSC would bring uniformity to the education system. 

You might know that there is a lack of uniformity in the qualifications and terms of service of ECDE teachers across the country currently. 

And it is clear that this can make it difficult for ECDE teachers to move from one county to another.


Will TSC employ ECDE teachers?

Sadly, the TSC has not yet made a decision on whether or not to employ ECDE teachers under their terms so you may have to stick with your present employer in the medium term. 

But on a more positive note, there are several factors that suggest that TSC might do so (employ ECDE tutors on permanent and pensionable terms) in the near future.

To begin with, the government of Kenya through the ministry has expressed its commitment to improving the quality of ECE in Kenya.

In fact, in 2018, the government launched the Early Learning and Development Policy, which, if you forgot, aims at ensuring that all little children (3-6 years old) undergo quality ECE.

In addition, the TSC has been working to improve its capacity to manage ECDE teachers. 

Let me take you back a little: In 2019, the TSC established the Early Childhood Development Directorate- this is the department that oversees the recruitment, management, and supervision of ECDE teachers.

Lastly, the TSC has been working to harmonize the qualifications and terms of service of ECDE teachers across the country- TSC is guided by the salaries and remuneration commission here (already a Scheme of Service is in place and counties have been ordered to adhere to it)

We believe that this would make it way easier for TSC to employ ECDE teachers permanently.

Do not forget that many governors where counties have employed ECDE teachers on permanent terms have repeatedly expressed their willingness to off-load their ECDE teachers to TSC once an agreement is reached


How much will ECDE teachers earn under the new TSC scheme of service for ECDE teachers?

Below is a look at what you can expect to earn as an ECDE teacher under TSC recommended terms of service:

Lowest Paid ECDE Teacher

The position is officially referred to as E.C.D.E Teacher III and you need at least a Certificate in ECDE to be absorbed)

  • Minimum pay= Kshs.7836.00
  • Maximum pay= Kshs.8717.00

Highest Paid ECDE Teacher

The position is referred to as Senior E.C.D.E Teacher I and you need a Diploma in ECDE to get hired.

  • Minimum pay = Kshs.15224.00
  • Maximum pay = Kshs.19094.00

If you hold an ECDE degree, you can rise from the lowest grade (entry level) job group K all the way to job group R.

What are the requirements for TSC employment of ECDE teachers?

The TSC has not yet released an official list of the requirements for employment as an ECDE teacher- because they’re yet to make a decision on the issue. 

That said, it is likely that the requirements will be similar to the requirements you have to meet to get a TSC number as an ECDE teacher.

Here they are, just in case you do not recall them:

Certificate ECDE teachers

  • Have a Minimum of CPE/KCPE together with an ECDE Certificate from the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC). OR
  • Have a KCSE mean grade of D+(minimum) and an ECDE Certificate from KNEC. OR
  • Have a Minimum mean grade of D (plain) at KCSE, a KNEC proficiency certificate, plus an ECDE Certificate from KNEC.

Diploma ECDE teachers

  • Have a KCSE Mean grade of C Plain and an ECDE Certificate from KNEC.
  • Have a KCSE Mean grade of C+ (minimum) plus a University Diploma in ECDE.

Degree ECDE teachers

  • Have a KCSE Mean grade C+ (and above) and a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree in ECDE.

Recruitment of ECDE teachers by TSC – Conclusion

The TSC has not yet made a decision on when it will begin employing ECDE teachers (or if it will indeed take away ECDE teachers from county governments)

However, you have a reason to be optimistic as we have discussed above so keep your finger crossed!


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