St Johns ambulance first aid course prices, duration, study modes, and more

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St Johns ambulance first aid course prices: Are you wondering how much St Johns ambulance first aid training cost? Well, if so, you have come to the right website.

Here are St Johns ambulance first aid course prices, course duration, mode of study, how to apply, and everything else you need to know about the St John ambulance first aid certificate course.

St Johns ambulance first aid course prices

St Johns ambulance first aid course prices are as follows:

  • Regular program: The charges for the normal St John first aid training are just Kshs. 5500
  • Pediatric First Aid Course: St John also trains Nannies so they can get the knowledge, competencies, skills, and the confidence they need execute their caregiving work as professionals. St john ambulance first aid course fees for this program are usually Kshs.2500/- though sometimes the program is offered at a discounted rate of just Kshs.1250/-.
  • First Aid at Work (Occupational): This course teaches you relevant skills (in first aid) to help you respond to a variety of emergencies that often occur at work places (or even homes). It costs Kshs.5500 and it is one of the few first aid courses in Kenya you can take online.


St Johns ambulance first aid course duration and schedule

St Johns First aid classes are held every week starting from Monday to Wednesday.

The classes run from 8a.m. to 4p.m. for the three days.

Of course, you are awarded a first aid certificate after completing the program.


St Johns ambulance first aid course study mode

Some first aid courses are occasionally held online (such as the aforementioned First Aid at Work) but for the most part, you are required to attend physical sessions for regular programs.


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Training venue

Physical classes are held at St John ambulance training centre located at St John lane, just off parliament rd., in Nairobi.

The good news is that St Johns have branches all over the country and you can choose to attend lessons at the branch nearest to you (where available).

These offices are in the following regions:

  • Nakuru– If you’re in the Rift Valley region, visit Nakuru show ground or call 0721355773
  • EmbuThose in the Eastern Region should visit the branch at Minni Inn Road, Opp. EmbuSports Club. Phone number: (068) 2230140
  • Nyeri– St John AmbulanceNyeri serves the Central Region and is hosted within Mount Kenya Hospital, Baden Powell Rd. Call: 020 3544030
  • Mombasa– St John Ambulance, Coast Region branch is located along Wajir Road, Mvita. Training is however held at Tononoka Grounds. Applicants should call 0706777077 for help.
  • Kisumu– The Nyanza Region offices are at KisumuFire Station, Ang’awa Street. Call 0721 611555.
  • Isiolo- The Isiolo branch serves the entire Upper Eastern region. Visit them along Ang”awa Avenue,Wabera, Isiolo North. Call 0713959332 for directions.

How to apply

Visit your nearest branch or the main St John ambulance training centre to apply.


Other courses offered at St John ambulance

Fire fighting course

Here you learn basic fire-fighting techniques so that you can help in preventing small fires from snowballing into big emergencies.

Fees: The course is charged just Kshs. 4000!

HIV Testing and Counselling Services Course

This course is best for holders of a Diploma course in any Social/Health science who would like to advance their careers.

Fees: The cost of this training is Ksh. 25500. It takes just 3 weeks and it’s a certificate course. The intakes are periodic.

EMT Course

The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) targets those who intend to acquire emergency handling skills (pre hospital care).

With these skills, one can provide rapid in-field treatment as well as facilitate safe transportation of emergency cases to higher level medical providers.

St Johns ambulance requires a minimum of C mean grade in KCSE for one to get admission into the program.

In addition, you must have completed St John ambulance first aid training prior to applying.

The course takes 2 weeks and costs Kshs.25000/-

To apply, download the course application form from St Johns website, fill it and then send it to

Advanced life support

If you’re a medical professional like a doctor and you want to learn advanced life support, you can contact St Johns to find out when their next intake is and the fee.

Email call the training team via 0721611555.


Emergency response course
the course costs just Kshs.3000/- and takes a single day.

Trainees are taught the procedures they need to follow in case of an emergency- fires, earthquakes, floods, and more.


Emergency Vehicle Operator course / Ambulance operator course

The course targets those who need skills to work as operators (drivers) of emergency vehicles such as ambulances.

That said, Emergency Vehicle Operator (EVOK) classes are generally beneficial to anyone working in the emergency medical services sector.

You must have a recognized first aid certificate prior to joining the course in addition to holding a valid Driving License.

It costs Kshs. 15000 and it takes 5 days.

Are you an experienced and qualified driver seeking to transition to driving an emergency vehicle? If so, consider this course.


Occupational Safety and Health course

This is another 5-day course and it cost only kshs. 10,000.

You will learn a wide range of skills and competencies needed to avoid and reduce occupational injuries/ accidents and even environmental degradation.

Anyone planning to practice as a professional in the occupational health & safety field will find the course immensely beneficial.

Note that anyone can join the course –it’s open to individuals from diverse backgrounds.


St Johns ambulance Kenya contacts



Telephone: 0721 611555

St Johns ambulance Facebook page:   (You can send them a message. They typically reply within a day)

Physical location: St Johns Lane, just off Parliament Rd., Nairobi

Wrap up

First aid skills can be precious- you may save a life, greatly enhance chances of a patient recovering fully, and even ensure human dignity.

You have now learned all about St Johns first aid course including the course prices so budget for the program and be the one to save lives when a few seconds matter.

Nothing is more rewarding that offering service to mankind and making a difference!

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