Which KMTC campus offers certificate in nursing?

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So, which KMTC campus offers certificate in nursing?

I shall answer the question “which KMTC campuses offer certificate in nursing” below as part of our continuation of the review of KMTC Courses (see our previous KMTC courses articles at the end of this article)

Which KMTC campus offers certificate in nursing? / Which KMTC campus offers certificate in community health nursing? / Which KMTC offers certificate in community health nursing? /Which KMTC offer certificate in nursing

Now, the certificate in community health nursing(enrolled community health nursing) is usually taught in the following KMTC campuses:

Kapenguria KMTC Campus

Kapenguria Kenya Medical Training College(KMTC)Campus is near West-Pokot County Headquarters, just adjacent to the popular Kapenguria County Referral Hospital.

And it’s one of the older KMTC Campuses- KMTC Kapenguria Campus was opened in the 1980’s so it’s a well-established campus.

Regarding nursing practice, the campus might send you to any of these hospitals:

  • Moi Teaching & Referral Hospital (psychiatric experience/ ICU/ etc.)
  • Lodwar County Hospital
  • Kitale County Hospital



Telephone: 0795337579

Email: write to kapenguria@kmtc.ac.ke

Kabarnet KMTC Campus

Kenya Medical Training College(KMTC) Kabarnet Campus is again strategically situated right within Baringo County Referral Hospital(Baringo County), about 1.5 kilometers from the Baringo County Headquarters.

Needless to say, you get your clinical experience at Baringo County Referral and Teaching Hospital.


Telephone: 053-21151

Email: write to kabarnet@kmtc.ac.ke


Which KMTC offers certificate in nursing in Kenya?

Lodwar KMTC Campus

KMTC Lodwar campus is in Turkana county, Lodwar town, about 200 meters from Lodwar County Teaching & Referral Hospital, along the Kakuma-Lokichoggio road.

With regard to clinical experience, you’re attached to a number of hospitals(one of them) including:

  • I.C Lokichoggio health center.
  • Lokichar health center

You can also be sent to facilities in Bungoma, Giligil, Nakuru, and Katilu when it comes to attachment.


Telephone: 0727261773

Email: write to lodwar@kmtc.ac.ke


Kilifi KMTC Campus

Kilifi KMTC Campus is also next to the busy Kilifi County Referral & Teaching Hospital – also nearby are KEMRI-Wellcome Trust offices(Kilifi County).

So you’re likely to be stationed at the Kilifi County Referral & Teaching Hospital for clinical experience.


Telephone: 0722-315556

Email: write to kilifi@kmtc.ac.ke

Garissa KMTC Campus

There are two KMTC Campuses in Garissa- the Upper Campus, built next to the fast-growing Garissa County Teaching & Referral Hospital, where the tuition as well as administration blocks are and the Lower Campus, near Garissa GK prison, is serves at the students hostel.

Now, Certificate in Kenya Enrolled Community Health Nursing(KECHN) is one of the courses taught there with your destination (for clinical experience) being one of the following:

  • Garissa County Referral& Teaching Hospital
  • Madina Health Centre
  • Iftin Sub-County Hospital
  • Madogo Health Centre
  • Kangeta Health Centre
  • Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital
  • Runi Health Centre
  • Kanyakine Sub- District Hospital
  • Mbeu Health Centre
  • Kirua Mission Hospital
  • Mikumbune Sub- District Hospital
  • Githongo Level-4 Hospital
  • Muthuro Health Centre


Telephone: 0721-441226

Email: write to garissa@kmtc.ac.ke


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Now proceed reading below..

KMTC which offers certificate in nursing continued

Loitoktok KMTC Campus

While Loitoktok KMTC Campus was started to offer medical engineering qualification, they have since introduced the certificate in nursing and are soon to start admitting students for the Diploma in Community Health Nursing course.

The campus borders Loitokitok Level-4 Hospital so that’s their primary clinical practice site if you get admission there.


Telephone: 0757880057 or 0735427438

Email: write to loitokitok@kmtc.ac.ke


Msambweni KMTC Campus

Another old KMTC campus- it began operations in 1977- Msambweni KMTC Campus (in Kwale County) has been offering Certificate in Nursing for a couple of years now.


Telephone: 0772414558 or 0736562129 or 040-3300233

Email: write to msambweni@kmtc.ac.ke


Bomet KMTC Campus

The Bomet Campus of Kenya Medical Training College(KMTC) is located right within the Longisa market and next to Longisa level-5 County Referral Hospital (Bomet County).

The campus offers Certificate Kenya Enrolled Community Health Nursing too and you’re placed into any of these facilities during attachment:

  • Ndanai Sub-County Hospital
  • Narok County Referral& Hospital
  • Sigor Sub-County Hospital
  • Londiani Sub- County Hospital
  • Nandi hills Sub County Hospital
  • Kapkoros Health Center
  • Shongiroi Health Center
  • Cheptalal Sub-County Hospital
  • Sotik Health Center
  • Mogogosiek Health Center
  • Ole-nguruone Sub-County Hospital
  • Songok Sub-County Hospital


Telephone: 020-2008531 /020-2008532

Email: write to bomet@kmtc.ac.ke

Kitui KMTC Campus

This is a big KMTC campus with over 1000 students registered at the moment.

You will find it along Hospital road , adjacent to the ever-busy Kitui County Referral Hospital- it is 1 kilometer from Kitui town CBD.

And if you do not get a chance at Kitui County Referral Hospital, which is their main teaching hospital, you may be sent to any of the following hospitals for clinical experience:

  • Mwingi Level IV(4) Hospital
  • Mutomo Mission Hospital.
  • Mbitini Health Centre
  • Miambani Health Center
  • Ikanga Health Centre
  • Mathare Mental Hospital
  • Migwani Sub-county Hospital
  • Portriez Hospital
  • Machakos Referral Hospital


Telephone :020- 350 32 34 or 0791360299

Email: write to kitui@kmtc.ac.ke

Which KMTC campus offers certificate in nursing (Which KMTC offer certificate in nursing)? Recap

In summary, you can apply to any the following KMTC campuses if you want to take a certificate course in Nursing in KMTC:

  1. Kapenguria KMTC Campus
  2. Kabarnet KMTC Campus
  3. Lodwar KMTC Campus
  4. Kilifi KMTC Campus
  5. Garissa KMTC Campus
  6. Loitoktok KMTC Campus
  7. Msambweni KMTC Campus
  8. Bomet KMTC Campus
  9. Kitui KMTC Campus

So that is the list of KMTC campuses offering certificate in nursing


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