Is orthopaedic technology marketable in Kenya?

This is probably the question that brought you here: Is orthopaedic technology marketable in Kenya?

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Is orthopaedic technology marketable in Kenya?

Well, from our research, we have found that overall, there is a growing need for orthopedic technicians in Kenya.


Due to the rise in orthopedic operations and procedures…more people seem to be undergoing these in our hospitals.

In other words, there is more demand today for qualified experts who can help with the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of orthopedic diseases as the population ages.

Besides, as Kenya’s healthcare sector has expanded, so has the demand for orthopedic technicians who can assist in patient care.

Another reason behind the gradual increase in jobs for professional orthopedic technicians and experts in Kenya is sporting injuries not to mention industrial accidents..

In short, many sportspeople are now seeking out orthopedic technicians to advise and help them heal from these kinds of injuries.

Whether the numbers demanded are enough to see you getting work immediately after college is another question altogether…we do not have the figures (at the time of writing this) to verify that.

So there are more opportunities for skilled orthopedic technicians locally than at any other time in history, we are not sure whether the cake is big enough for everyone right now.

But it is clear the job market for this cadre of health workers is quickly growing.

What do orthopedic technicians do?

You typically do the following on a day-to-day basis after you have done the course (in your duty station)

  • Design as well as fabricate assorted medical supportive devices
  • Measure and fit artificial limbs on patients – you may also be asked to fit other medical devices on patients
  • Interviewing patients as part of assessing their specific rehabilitation needs
  • Examine (and prepare) casts for patients


How much can you earn as an Orthopedic Technician?

The median salary of orthopedic technicians in Kenya, of course, varies based on a variety of factors, including your level of education (including certifications you have), your experience(how many years have you practiced) and even your employer.

That said, you can expect to be paid about Kshs. 30000.00 to Kshs. 40000.00 every month as a beginner.

Meanwhile, you may be paid between Kshs. 50000.00 to Kshs. 60000.00 every month once you gain more experience (after several years of working).


Is orthopaedic technology marketable in Kenya?  Wrapping it up

To ascertain the marketability of orthopedic technology in Kenya at the moment, please do some further market research..

You can even speak to industry experts (if you know one)…maybe you have a friend or a relative who works in a hospital as a healthcare professional (could be better if they’re in orthopedic and trauma medicine).

Otherwise, our conclusion is while the job market for orthopedic technicians is continuously expanding (even county governments seem to be hiring more often), it is not clear if it is huge enough for everyone doing the course to be absorbed immediately after college.


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