Is cabin crew course marketable in Kenya?

Last updated on July 31st, 2023 at 02:50 pm

So, is cabin crew course marketable in Kenya?

Well, here is our answer:

Is cabin crew course marketable in Kenya?

Now, In Kenya – and even outside the country- the aviation industry is one of those that has been growing steadily (more airlines have expanded their operations in recent years and new ones have been emerging).

And that means one thing: There is an increasing demand not just for pilots but also for support staff such as skilled cabin crew members.

So there are more exciting opportunities for graduates of cabin crew course in Kenya today than it has ever been (including Private and charter airlines).

And yes, there are opening even in corporate aviation (there are companies that operate own aircraft)..

Does it mean that you will be hired right out of college?


To be frank, there are very few courses that will see you get a job immediately you graduate as nearly all courses have become quite competitive these days- Kenya has one of the most learned populations in Africa.

So expect to hustle- and tarmac- for a while (unless you’re very lucky)..

In fact, how fast you get hired will depend on how good and aggressive you’re at hunting for jobs and networking with people who can connect you to cabin crew jobs in Kenya.

So do not sit on your laurels- instead, be out there and online- sharing your CV, looking for internships, and even joining forums which bring together can crew professionals locally (for networking reasons).

Side Note:

To give yourself a better opportunity of getting hired as a cabin crew member in Kenya, I advise you to get additional certifications to boost your CV.

These include first aid training, in-flight service training, and foreign language proficiency (knowing a second foreign language besides English can give you a huge advantage over the competition during interviews).


What do cabin crew staff do?

Cabin crew members –and they are categorized under the flight operations category- usually play a very crucial role when it comes to air travel- you ensure maximum comfort, safety, and general well-being of whoever is on board.

That way, passengers enjoy an out-of-the-world experience when flying with the airline you’re working for, which means your airline will keep increasing the market share because of the raving reviews from their past passengers.

Of course, because competition is stiff between various leading airlines, nobody wants to be left behind when it comes to making sure clients savor a safe and memorable travel experience.


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Now proceed reading below..👇

What skills do you learn when training as a cabin crew member?

Apart from the core course content, cabin crew courses in Kenya tend to focus on essentials such as:

  • Personal grooming
  • Personal presentation
  • Good communication skills.


Because the role is all about creating a professional and positive image at all times when you’re inside an airplane.

Reminder: You are hired to mainly represent your airline’s brand effectively- I know you also need to give exceptional service to passengers while creating a warm, welcoming environment for travelers but you won’t do that well, if you do not present yourself nicely.

What else does the course cover?

This course will see you taken through a wide variety of topics ranging from airline operations, exceptional customer service, aviation regulations, safety and emergency procedures(including first aid), and more.

Cabin crew member certificate requirements in Kenya

Cabin crew member certificate requirements in Kenya

Is cabin crew course marketable in Kenya? – Recap

Because there are more airlines today –operating local flights or flying into and out of Kenya-, the marketability of the cabin crew course is indeed promising.

You can see that data from Kenya Airport Authority (KAA) website.

In fact, according to the Business Daily, even the national career Kenya Airways has been adding more jobs (despite making losses), including hiring more cabin crew members as it continues on its super ambitious transformation journey.

So go for it, if that’s where your passion is…


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