Medical courses with D plain [including D plain courses in KMTC]

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Are you wondering if there are good d courses in KMTC? And by the way can you even pursue a medical course with a D plain grade?

Well, I have both good and bad news.

Let us start with the good news: Yes, there are several medicine-related courses you can take with a D plain! (and this article lists all available medical courses with D plain).

The bad news is that medical courses for students with D plain are not many (and worse still, most have either very poor pay compared with other medical courses while some have extremely few jobs available).

To help you make the right decision, below is a complete list of medical courses you can do with a D plain and all you need to know about them:

Medical courses with D plain including D plain courses in KMTC (D courses in KMTC)

1.      Certificate in Nutrition & Dietetics

Entry requirements

Mean Grade (in your KCSE): D (plain)

Additional subject requirements: You also need the following grades in stated subjects..

  • English – D plain grade
  • Biology/Biological Sciences – D plain grade

Besides, you need to have attained a D (plain) grade in these subjects:

  • Chemistry
  • One subject here: Mathematics, Home Science, Physics, Agriculture, or General Sciences

2.      Operation Theatre Technology

Requirements: Mean grade D (plain) and above

This course is offered by Mathari Hospital School Of Nursing in Nyeri. There are other colleges too including Nyahururu MTC.

3.      Palliative Care and Gerontology

Requirements: Mean grade D (plain) and above

This course is offered by Mathari Hospital School Of Nursing in Nyeri (among others).

4.      Certificate in Counselling Psychology

Minimum educational qualifications: D (Plain)

Examining Body: TVET CDACC


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Now proceed reading below..

D plain courses in KMTC

There are very few courses you can pursue with a D plain in KMTC.

Here is the main one:

Foundations in Community Health Foundations in Community Health

Minimum entry requirements: D plain

Note that this is a foundational course that best suits those who would like to offer basic community health services.

The course is specifically targeted at students who are interested in working as Community Health Assistants (as part of UHC) and such roles.

Course duration: Six months

Course fees: 32,500

Medical courses with D minus

1.      Health Support Services Certificate

Minimum Entry Requirements: D–
The course is examined by NITA (National Industrial Training Authority) and is offered by Outspan medical college in Nyeri along with several other medical colleges in Kenya.

2.      Certificate in Health Promotion for the Deaf(CHPD)

Entry requirements

Mean Grade (in your KCSE): D+ (plus)

Additional subject requirements: You also need the following grades in stated subjects..

  • English/Kenya Sign Language – D+ grade
  • Biology – D plain

Besides, you need to have attained a D (plain) grade in these subjects:

  • Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, General Sciences

Please keep in mind that the course is specifically for deaf students and is offered by KMTC.

Courses to do with D plain in Kenya

Medical courses with D+ courses

  1. Certificate in Perioperative Theatre Technology(Level 5)
    Requirements:Mean grade D+ (plus)

Examiner: NITA

2.      Nutrition & Dietetics Management

Requirements: Mean grade D+ (plus) and above

This course is offered by Mathari Hospital School Of Nursing in Nyeri.


Open Medical courses

The following medical courses do not have any minimum KCSE grade requirements:

  1. Certificate in HIV/AIDS(HTS)–HIV Testing Services
    Requirements:Certificate or Diploma in Social Work/Any Health Profession
    Examiner: NITA
  2. Ambulance Operation Course Certificate
    Entry Requirement:Driver’s License
    The course is examined by NITA (National Industrial Training Authority)
  3. Mental Health Awareness Certificate
    Qualification:Any Certificate
    Examiner: NITA

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Where to take the above Medical courses with D plain , D +, open courses, and more

Here is a detailed list of accredited medical colleges you can consider if you’re looking for a medical course you can take with grade D (and all other certificate and diploma medical courses):

  • Equip Africa College(owned by MKU)- Telephone 0709 153 205
  • Thika School of medical&health sciences (TSMHS)-Phonenumbers 0734005291/ 0723991866
  • Kijabe College -of –Health-Sciences (A.I.C Kijabe Medical College)- Call 0712-504-056/ 0709 728200
  • Outspan Medical College(Nyeri)- Call 0702 303777
  • Nyahururu MTC (Medical Training College) – Call 0703 110383
  • Nazareth medical college – Call 0721 450928
  • AKU(Aga Khan University) Medical College – Call 020 3662107
  • Karen Hospital MTC(Medical Training College) – Call 0726 222001
  • Cicely Mc,Donell College (of Health Sciences)/Nairobi Hospital-School of Nursing – Call 0703 082 000 or 0730 666000
  • AIC Kapsowar’ School of Nursing – Visit their Facebook page here to learn more. Call/SMS/whatsapp 0727323566
  • AIC-Litein School of Nursing – Check their website here.
  • AMREF (Virtual) Nursing Training School – Call +254 020 699 3280 or Email them via
  • Consolata Fidenza’ School of Nursing (Embu)- Call 0722 465997
  • Consolata Hospital Wamba – Check them online here.
  • Consolata Nkubu School of Nursing – Visit their website now.
  • Consolata Nyeri (Mathari) School of Nursing – Check the college’s website here.
  • Consolata Or-tum School of Nursing – You can visit them online here.
  • Fafa MTC-Kakamega- Call 0707 527378
  • Getrude’s Childrens’ Hospital’s School of Nursing – Learn more here
  • Joan School’ of Nursing – Check their Facebook page here.
  • Kendu Mission School’ of Nursing – Visit them now.
  • Mary Ann Van’ Dam School’ of Nursing – Learn more here
  • Maua Mission Hospital (School of Nursing) – View their courses here.
  • Mwea Medical College(School of Nursing) – Call 020 2032382
  • Nairobi Womens’ Hospital MTC – See what the college offers here
  • Nzoia College of’ Nursing – Send them a message here.
  • PCEA Chogoria School’ of Nursing – Here is their website
  • PCEA Tumutumu School’ of Nursing – Call 0720 948474
  • PCEA Surburb College-Nakuru – Learn more now
  • Pumwani School of Mid-wifery – Learn more here
  • Ram Hospital (School of Nursing) – Call +254 57 2506406
  • St Josephs’ Mission Hospital (School of Nursing)-Migori – See their programmes here
  • Camillus Tabaka (School of Nursing)- Kisii – Call 0705832406 or email:
  • Clares’ Kaplong (School of Nursing)- Sotik- Call 0706 728292
  • Elizabeth Mukumu (School of Nursing) – Learn more here
  • Joseph’s Nyabondo (School of Nursing)- Call +254 701 205701 /+254 723 129682
  • Tenwek Hospital – Call 0728 091900
  • Waka C.M.E.C Training Institution(Nyeri) -Call 0707 472152
  • Lake Lawrenzo MTC – Call 0733 926666



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