Where can I study diploma in law in Kenya?

Some of you our readers have been Whatsapping us the question “Where can I study diploma in law in Kenya?”..

Here is the answer including the qualification to study law in kenya (Diploma)..the assumption is you didn’t reach the minimum entry requirements to study a bachelors in law (LL.b) yet you feel that the passion you have for law cannot allow you to take any other course:

Where can I study diploma in law in Kenya?

Technical University of Kenya (TUK)

TUK offers a Diploma in Legal Studies course that you can pursue.

Minimum Requirements for the Diploma in Legal Studies course at Technical University of Kenya

KCSE Mean Grade(aggregate grade): C (plain)

Additional requirements:

Have a C+(plus) in one of the languages (English/Kiswahili)
Alternative entry Requirments
KCSE Mean Grade(aggregate grade): C- (minus)

Additional requirements:

Have a C standing (plain) in one of the languages (English/Kiswahili) PLUS a certificate course in any of the following areas:

  • Certificate in Criminology
  • Certificate in Criminal Investigations
  • Certificate in Disaster Management
  • Certificate in Criminal Justice
  • Certificate in Crime Prevention

OR Any equivalent


The programme costs about Kshs. 400,000 and fees per semester is between Kshs.37000 to Kshs.96000 (for a total of 6 semesters spread over 3 years)

How to apply

The application fee is Kshs. 2,000.00 and you apply online via TUK’s website and you start by creating an account there

Kisii University

Kisii University is one of the fastest growing public universities in Kenya and they too offer a Diploma in Law course(main campus).

Keep in mind that intakes for the Diploma in Laws programme at Kisii University are every January and September

How to contact Kisii University School of law

Reach out to Kisii University School of law for information such as school fees, call 0720875082 / 0712098804


Mt Kenya University(MKU)

Not to be left behind is MKU, one of Kenya’s biggest privately owned university.

Keep in mind that they teach the Diploma in Law course at Parklands law Campus.

Diploma in law minimum requirements at MKU

  • KCSE mean grade (aggregate grade): C (C plain)/its equivalent
  • English (minimum grade) : C+ (C plus)

Mt Kenya University Diploma in law –The Course duration

Now, a  Diploma in Law at MKU takes 4 semesters(to complete) and you take 24 units (minimum)

In terms of years, keep in mind that it will take you about two academic years (to finish the course)

And because you can take the course either as a full time student or on part time basis, the durations may vary (obviously you will tend to take a bit longer if you’re learning as a part-timer)

Fee structure for the diploma in law in MKU

When it comes to fees, you are expected to pay Kshs.49,000.00 (per semester).

So in total, your tuition fee will come to Kshs.196,000 (for the 4 semesters)

It is important you have extra monies because this is just tuition fee – yeah, you need cash to cater to meals, accommodation, travelling, attachment fee, stationeries, personal items, and more.

How to Get in Touch with Mt Kenya University school of law (Parklands, Nairobi)

The best way to get more information is by calling the following Cellphone numbers:

  • (+254)729083983
  • (+254)740669697
  • (+254)740669833
    If not that, just email the school at: law@mku.ac.ke and request for more details.

Kenya School of Law

The other very well known institution offering Diploma in Law in Kenya is the Kenya School of Law.

Have you heard about it?

Well, if not, it is the institution that every graduate of law must pass through before being allowed to practice law (perhaps you have read about the notoriously tough Pre-bar Examinations that are set, administered, and marked by the Kenya School of Law…yeah, you must pass through their hands!)

Back to the Diploma in Law- and it is true that they teach the course (Paralegal Studies), and the main target is anybody who wants to become a paralegal.

Diploma in Law (Para-legal) at the Kenya School of Law– minimum entry requirements

  • KCSE Mean grade(aggregate grade): C (Plain)
  • English- needed grade is C (Plus) at least.

The structure of the Course and Duration details

Now, just like MKU’s Diploma in Law, the programme takes two(2) academic years to complete everything.

Do not forget that each year has three(3) terms /semesters.

Also, note that you cannot exceed three(3) years (academic years) when studying this course at KSL.

The other bit of information I need to share is that you can register for four(4) units of the course (maximum allowed) per term..you are expected to study 24 units in total.

Finally, you can select day/evening classes.

Diploma in law at the Kenya school of law -fee structure

Application fees: 2000.00

Tuition fees: You pay Kshs.30,000.00 per term  (because you take 4 units @Kes.7500.00)

Examination fee: You pay Kshs. 12,000.00 per term  (because you take the exams for 4 units @Kes.3000)

Library fee: You pay Kshs. 5,000.00 (annually).

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Does KSL offer diploma in law?

Yes. KSL offers a Diploma in Law(Para-legal studies) whose intakes are in July, each year.



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