D plain courses in Kenyatta university [All you need to know]

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If you are looking for D plain courses in Kenyatta university, this is the article  you should read to the end.

Well, after completing your secondary education, your next level is joining university or college to do a course of your choice.

But if  you did not get coveted grades to get you into a degree course in a university, you might be wondering if D courses are offered at Kenyatta university especially if it is your dream university.

So, are there D courses at Kenyatta university?

Let’s find out…

D plain courses in Kenyatta university

To be honest, if you scored D plain in your KCSE, you can’t get a chance to join Kenyatta university.

In fact, Kenyatta university does not offer D plain courses.

By now, if are wondering why Kenyatta university does not offers D plain courses, below is the answer to your question.

The reason you can’t join Kenyatta university with a D plain in KCSE?

Kenyatta university offers the lowest courses at the certificate level, and for you to be admitted to pursue a certificate course, you must have scores a minimum grade of C- in your KCSE or C(plain)in KCSE (depending on the course you want to pursue).

To better guide you, below are the requirement to join Kenyatta university to pursue certificate, diploma, and undergraduate Programmes.

Certificate, Diploma, and Undergraduate Programmes Entry qualifications in Kenyatta university

Certificate courses : C- or C(plain) depending on the certificate course you want to pursue.

Diploma courses -C(plain) in your KCSE plus must have met qualifications taken into consideration in the cluster subjects.

Undergraduate –minimum entry qualifications of C+ (plus) in KCSE and you must have attained the recommended grades in the cluster subjects (depending on the course you want to pursue).


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Now proceed reading below..

What next now that there are no D courses at Kenyatta university?

By now, you might find yourself in a dilemma simply because you attained a mean grade of D plain in your KCSE, plus you just found out that Kenyatta University (your dream university) does not offer D plain courses.

First of all, if you are in this situation, it is good to note that it is not the end of the world, and that does not mean all is lost.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of opportunities out there for you so, this should never be a hindrance to being successful in modern times as long as you are well guided.

To clarify,  with a D in your KCSE, you can still join different universities, or TVETS colleges offering D plain courses and pursue marketable course there.

With that said, below are D courses that you can pursue  in different institutions.

Institutions offering D Courses apart from  KU

Chuka university

Courses offered with D plain in Chuka university

  • Certificate in Business Management
  • Certificate in Procurement and Logistics Management
  • Certificate in Advanced Software Engineering
  • Certificate in Computer Science
  • Certificate in Information and Communication Technology
  • Certificate in Computer Literacy/Packages
  • Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit
  • Certificate in Community Development
  • Certificate in Criminology and Security Studies
  • Certificate in Project Planning and Management
  • Certificate in Social Work
  • Certificate in Disaster Management
  • Certificate in Leadership & Public Administration
  • Certificate in National Cohesion, Values & Principles of Governance
  • Certificate in HIV/AIDS Management
  • Certificate in Human Nutrition and Dietetics

D courses in Zetech university

Courses you can pursue at Zetech with a minimum grade of D in your KCSE

  • Certificate in Supply Chain Management
  • Certificate in Business Management
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management
  • Certificate in Food Production & Service
  • Certificate in Community Development& Social Work
  • Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Power)
  • Certificate in Information Communication Technology
  • Certificate in Journalism

KMTC (Kenya Medical Training College) -D plain courses

Below are the courses you can apply for with a minimum grade of D at KMTC.

But, bearing in mind that cluster subject qualifications will be considered as you apply for these courses.

  • Certificate in Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Operation Theatre Technology
  • Palliative Care and Gerontology
  • Certificate in Counselling Psychology

Amboseli institute, Utalii college, and NIBS some of the best D plain courses

  • Certificate in food, beverage production, and services
  • Certificate in catering and accommodation


Moving on….


Let’s now look at D courses offered in various TVETS institutions.

Just so you know,  TVETS institutions are the best to join with a minimum grade of D in your KCSE because TVETS institutions offer very marketable courses.

Also, it is worth noting that these courses are the best since they are skill-based and you could still employ yourself if jobs are scarce or if you are so inclined.

Without further ado, let us now look at the most marketable courses offered in TVETS institutions (to give you an idea of courses you can pursue).

Some of the best courses offered in different TVETS institutions

  • Institute of Advanced Technology
  • Mukurweinin Technical Training Institute
  • Kapsinende Technical Vocational College
  • Chuka Technical, Eldoret Polytechnic
  • Ol’Lessos Technical Training College

If you join any of the above-mentioned institution, you can pursue a course such as:

  • Certificate in Building and Construction Technology
  • Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery
  • Certificate in Plumbing among others.

More TVETS institutions and D courses offered

  • Endebess Technical Training Institute
  • Bushiangala Technical Training Institute
  • Kisiwa Technical Training Institute
  • Kisumu Polytechnic
  • Mawego Technical Training Institute
  • Kiambu Institute of Science & Technology.

With D in your KCSE, you can get a chance to join any of the above institutions and study a good course such as:

  • Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology
  • Certificate in Architecture
  • Certificate in Plant Operation and Maintenance
  • Certificate in Information Communication Technology Technician(ICTT)


D plain courses in Kenyatta university -FAQs

1.      Can I do Teaching with D plain?

With D in your KCSE, you can can’t do teaching at any level not even  ECDE.

This is because teaching needs a C plain (Primary) and C+ (Secondary)..even ECDE Diploma needs C plain.

2.      What will happen if I apply for a D course at Kenyatta university?

Because there are no D courses offered at the university, your application will not go through and you will keep waiting for feedback without getting any.

D plain courses in Kenyatta university -Conclusion

As we conclude, you now know that Kenyatta university does not offer D courses at all.

But most importantly, we have a   listed  some of the institutions offering D courses  to make sure we point you in the right direction when it comes to D courses you can pursue

For more information click here to contact Kenyatta University.



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