Is criminology marketable in Kenya?

Today I will attempt to answer a question that we keep getting here at Is criminology marketable in Kenya?

You people have been DMing as questions such as:

“is criminology marketable in Kenya?”

“is criminology a marketable course in Kenya? ”

“is criminology degree marketable in Kenya? ”

“is bachelor of criminology marketable in Kenya? ”

“is diploma in criminology marketable in Kenya? ”

“is criminology and security studies marketable in Kenya? ”

“Is degree in criminology marketable in Kenya? ”

So, is criminology marketable in Kenya really?

Below are my thoughts regarding the marketability of the course as regards job opportunities for criminology and security studies…


Is criminology marketable in Kenya?

A criminology course can open the door to a wide range of exciting and lucrative employment opportunities in both the commercial security sector and government organizations.

However, there is a rider: to stand the best chance with this course, you should have experience with Kenyan security(Have worked in Kenya’s security sector).

In fact, for the majority of criminology-related occupations, companies typically prefer those with paramilitary training.

That makes sense given that you’ll work in the security sector, where using force to neutralize dangerous situations is occasionally necessary.

Having said that, criminology-related occupations that do not require paramilitary training can be found in small businesses and private security agencies(the majority of which already provide basic paramilitary training internally).

The problem is, these positions typically have low compensation- you’re unlikely to earn much unless you’re very lucky.

It’s important to note that if you already have NYS training and desire to work in countries other than Kenya(like Dubai-UAE and Qatar), this course may be very ideal for you.

Yeah…it will give you an edge over the competition if you’re looking for security jobs in the middle east countries….


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Now proceed reading below..👇

So, to be clear, do not just take this course is best if you combine it with any of the following related courses (that will certainly help you meet the needs of employers offering criminology vacancies in Kenya at the moment)

  • NYS training

So Criminology + NYS sells.

  • Private security training

Companies like Securicor and Wells Fargo (and other private security providers) have their own trainings…So if you have undergone that training, then you can add Criminology.

  • Police training

You can join the police college at Kiganjo or even the AP training school for the training..

You then take criminology then leave the force to look for better paying security jobs…

You will be a hotcake

Similarly, the following also work nicely when it comes to getting great opportunities with a criminology qualification in Kenya

  1. KWS training
  2. KDF training
  3. Kenya Prisons Training


Where can a criminologist work in Kenya

To give a clue of where a criminology course can enable you work, here are the most common criminology jobs holders of criminology course get hired for.

  1. Enforcement officer-you can be recruited in organizations such as KRA and your country government especially if you also hold a paramilitary training qualification plus a criminology certificate.
  2. Security manager-You can be hired in educational institutions like Universities and Colleges, hospitals, and even hotels as the overall head of security
  3. Investigations officer-Here you might need a degree in criminology and you work with probation departments, Kenya police service, and even private investigation firms as an investigations officer (add EACC to the list).
  4. Surveillance Officer-You will be in charge of CCTV surveillance/control in an organization such as a supermarket.
  5. Security Officer-This typically needs a certificate/diploma in criminology+ Police Service/KDF training.
  6. Complaints Officer-This job involves handling complains for institutions like IPOA(Independent Policing Oversight Authority) and usually needs a diploma course in criminology + forensic science.


Why is criminology not marketable in Kenya?

As I said previously, it’s not marketable if you lack a security background(so lack of experience in security sector is the main issue) as employers consider a security background(e.g. in the police or private sector) as basic for anyone dealing with crime in Kenya

So plan on getting some experience in security field then combine that with your criminology course and you will be fine


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