Chiropractor course in Kenya [All you need to know]

Because Chiropractic care is fairly new in Kenya, there are not many chiropractic schools in Kenya so it is not easy to get an institution to study for a Chiropractor course in Kenya

So, to help you, we have prepared a list of platforms/institutions you can consider if you want to take a Chiropractor course in Kenya below.

Read on.

Where to take Chiropractor course in Kenya


What is Chiropractor course all about?

Chiropractic treatment simply help ease muscle and joint pains, particularly in your back and neck.

That means that training involves you being taught how to manipulate the neck and other important joints across the nervous system of a patient.

Just so you know, you use many treatment tools including using thin needles to alleviate muscle pain and tightness.

You also use techniques such as heat therapy, neck adjustments(manipulating the neck – it involves adjusting the spine), stretching, and more.

So there is quite some learning to do…..!


Is Chiropractor course same as Physiotherapy course in Kenya?

Now, many people seem to think that the Chiropractor course is just the same as Physiotherapy course.

But is it?

Not really..

You see, while there are some similarities because both entail easing pain and ensuring relaxation of your patient’s body, there is a significant difference.

In summary, when training as a Physiotherapist, you are mainly shown how to work on your client’s muscles and tendons.

On the other hand, when training as a Chiropractor, you will be educated more on making all the essential joints – and the entire nervous system- free of pain.

Put another way, your customers as a Chiropractor typically are people feeling severe pain (and it could be due to issues we tend to overlook like bad posture or more serious things such as a sports injury).

In a nutshell, as a Chiropractor, you can look at yourself as a specialist in relieving severe neck and back pains.

In contrast, you will mainly be serving people who have muscle problems (those feeling tightness or soreness somewhere in their muscles) if you go the Physiotherapist route.

That said, the two specialists -chiropractors and physiotherapists- generally complement each other when it comes to treating physical discomfort in people.

Do Chiropractors earn well in Kenya?

Yes…on average, those who have started their own chiropractor practices in Kenya (chiropractic clinics) earn between Kshs.3000.00 to Kshs.10,000.00 per session with a patient.

And remember that it could take as many as 7 sessions for he/she to get completely healed!

Now do your maths- remember you could see about 12 -15 patients in a day….


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Chiropractic schools in Kenya

Sadly, there are no accredited schools offering chiropractic courses in Kenya at the time of writing this.

In fact, unless you do it online- and I don’t know how effective that will be- you may have to check with institutions outside the country.

Yeah, the best institutions that I found offering the course are:

Durban University of Technology

This is one of the very best institutions when it comes to chiropathy courses in Africa

How to contact Durban University of Technology


University of Johannesburg

The University of Johannesburg is your other option- if you have the funds.

How to contact University of Johannesburg


Note that the two institutions offer a full-time course in chiropathy treatment that takes 6-years leading to you getting the M.Tech (Masters of Technology) in Chiropractic.

Now, you will spend the first two years learning basic sciences and the last four years studying specialized chiropractic practices.

You will also write a research dissertation.

Other options

Otherwise, you can learn basics of chiropathy treatment at the following online learning platforms/schools:

  • Alison – Go here

Chiropractor course in Kenya

As I said at the start, there is an opportunity for more Chiropractic practitioners in Kenya so it can be a good course.

Problem is, your best bet is foreign universities because no one is teaching the course here.

I would urge you to go for it if you have the finances because the gap is there..and the market will probably be growing as more Kenyans learn about the benefits of this new form of pain medication/therapy.

Good luck from me here.


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