Diploma in community health KMTC [All you need to know]

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Here is all you need to know about diploma in community health KMTC.

So, if you have plans to join KMTC for a diploma in community health course, you are in the right place.
Simply, we will look at entry requirements for the course, where the course is offered, how to apply and fee you are expected to pay for the course among others.

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Diploma in community health KMTC

So, what is diploma in community health course in KMTC all about?

Well, this is a course that is offered at KMTC with an objective to equip you with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and competencies that will enable you to perform various roles to help manage health issues in societies/communities.

Simply, you will be working to improve community health in Kenya and beyond.

Diploma in community health entry requirements

  • KCSE Mean Grade of C Plain

Mandatory Subjects requirements:

  • C-Minus in either English or Kiswahili
  • D+ Plus in Biology or Biological Sciences.

Additionally, you need to have a minimum of D plain in any one of the following:

Mathematics, Chemistry, Home science, Agriculture, Physics or Physical Science.

Course duration:

  • 3 years

Duties of a community health professionals

  • Develop and implement health education programs and campaigns to raise awareness about various health issues within the community.
  • Develop and implement strategies to prevent the spread of communicable diseases, such as vaccinations and education on hygiene practices.
  • Conduct health assessments and screenings to identify health risks within the community.
  • Provide counseling and support to individuals and families dealing with health issues or chronic conditions.
  • Prepare for and respond to public health emergencies, such as natural disasters or disease outbreaks.
  • Conduct research to assess the effectiveness of public health programs and interventions.

KMTC campuses offering Diploma in community health

This is among the courses that you enroll in your selected campus.

In short, you can enroll for this course in any of the 74 KMTC campuses countrywide.

So, you just have to select the campus near you or your favorite.


  • 1st year=Kshs 80,700
  • 2nd year =Kshs 80,700



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KMTC diploma in community health nursing

Now, what if you would like to pursue diploma in community health nursing at KMTC?

Well, if this is your option, below is all you need to know.

Minimum entry requirements:

  • KCSE mean Grade of C plain

Cluster Subjects requirements:

  • C plain in English or Kiswahili
  • C plain in Biology or Biological Sciences.

Also, you need to have a C-minus in any one of the following subjects:

Chemistry or Physics/Physical Science or Mathematics

Course duration:3 years

Duties of a community health nurse

  • Conduct comprehensive health assessments of individuals and communities to identify health needs and risks.
  • Develop and implement health education programs and initiatives to raise awareness about health issues within the community.
  • Administer vaccinations and immunizations to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Offer individual and group counseling to address health concerns and encourage healthy behaviors.
  • Monitor and manage the care of individuals with chronic illnesses.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of patient interactions and health assessments.

KMTC campuses offering diploma in community health nursing

  • Kabarnet KMTC Campus
  • Kilifi KMTC Campus
  • Garissa KMTC Campus
  • Bomet KMTC Campus
  • Kitui KMTC Campus
  • KMTC Busia Campus
  • KMTC Bondo campus
  • KMTC Bungoma  campus
  • KMTC Chuka campus
  • KMTC Embu campus
  • KMTC Homabay campus
  • KMTC Imenti campus
  • KMTC Isiolo campus
  • KMTC Iten campus
  • KMTC Kakamega campus
  • KMTC Kangundo campus
  • KMTC Kapkatet campus
  • KMTC Kaptumo campus
  • KMTC Kisii Campus
  • KMTC Kisumu Campus
  • KMTC Kombewa Campus
  • KMTC L. Victoria Campus
  • KMTC Makindu Campus
  • KMTC Machakos Campus
  • KMTC Mosoriot Campus
  • KMTC Murang’a Campus
  • KMTC Nyahururu Campus
  • KMTC Nyeri Campus


  • 1st year=Kshs 80,700
  • 2nd year=Kshs80,700
  • 3rd year=Kshs 80,700

Diploma in community health KMTC / community health nursing application process

Just like any other course offered in KMTC, the application process is just the same.

To be precise, you must wait for KMTC to announces its intakes which I usually done through social media platforms such as, newspaper, radio, TV and through KMTC website.

Now, immediately after the announcement, apply online before the deadline date.

Remember, you must pay the application fee worth Kshs. 2,022 via M-pesa pay bill 964150.

KMTC fee Payment mode

When placing your payments, please not KMTC does not accept any direct cash payments.

Simply, you are only allowed to pay through the following banks:

KMTC National Bank Account Number (Nairobi)-Account number 01003086514000 and account name Central Collection Account.

Diploma in community health KMTC [Attachment, Accommodation and Food]


For the attachments, KMTC doesn’t give attachment to its students, simply you make your own financial arrangements to cover all practical attachment expenses which depend on the faculty you choose.

Accommodation and food

When you join KMTC, kindly note that hostel and food is not included in the fee.

To be precise, accommodation and food is paid separately at the respective Campus at applicable rates.

Also, it should be noted that accommodation details will be provided to you immediately upon admission and if you rent your room outside you will be paying the landlord, land lady or directly to the agent.

Final words

As we finalize, please note that you can always contact KMTC for inquiry in case of any burning question using the contact information we will provide below.

Also, it should be noted that diploma in community health nursing and diploma in community health are two different courses offered by KMTC.

Contacts: +254202725711/4

Emails: info@kmtc.ac.ke or, admissions@kmtc.ac.ke


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