Most Marketable Courses in Kenya [2024 Update]

Last updated on January 18th, 2024 at 07:53 am

Here is a list of the most marketable courses in Kenya 2023/2024. So, read on to the very end to find out more.

Are you there wondering what course to take in college or university?

Well, there are numerous options to consider, keeping in mind that the course you choose will determine how easily you will find employment after graduating.

While it is important to consider one’s passion, the marketability of a course is also important.

So, in this article, we’ve compiled a list of the most marketable courses in Kenya 2023/2024 to assist you in making the right decision when choosing a course to pursue.

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Most marketable courses in Kenya 2023/2024

1.     Engineering

Engineering disciplines such as civil engineering, electrical and electronics engineering and mechanical engineering are always in high demand, particularly in infrastructure development and the construction industries.

In a nutshell, Kenya’s infrastructure development continues to create opportunities for civil engineers, especially in areas such as construction, roads, and bridges.

On the other hand, the expansion of the telecommunications industry, renewable energy projects, and electronic manufacturing firms, also boosts the demand for electrical and electronic engineers.

Not to mention mechanical engineering; with machines being used in almost every industry, mechanical engineers will never go hungry.

As a result, by enrolling in an engineering program, you increase your chances of finding work immediately after graduation, whether through self-employment or formal employment.


2.     Medical courses

Medical courses are highly marketable due to the ongoing demand for high-quality healthcare services. Furthermore, people become ill on a daily basis and require medical attention.

Although not all medical courses are highly lucrative, you will never go wrong with nursing, clinical medicine, radiography, optometry, and dental technology, just to name a few.

You can take these courses at KMTC or any other accredited medical college in Kenya.


3.     Information Communication Technology (ICT)

The technology sector is booming all over the world, and Kenya is no exception.

So, courses related to ICT/IT, such as software development, cybersecurity, and data science, are highly marketable due to the increasing demand for tech professionals.

Furthermore, the expansion of fintech and mobile app development also contributes to the demand for IT skills.


4.     Sales & marketing

Sales and marketing professionals are always in high demand.


This is because every service provider and product manufacturer has the same primary goal: to sell their service or product.

Therefore, qualified salespeople and marketers will always have a place in these organizations if they can help the company’s product or service move.

Not to mention that they are paid well.

You can take this course at the diploma or degree levels or take the B.Com. marketing option.


5.     Law (LL.B)

This is yet another highly competitive and lucrative course to consider.

Lawyers, judges, legal assistants, and other legal personnel are in constant demand for legal services and advice.

So, if you are interested in the justice system, a law course is unquestionably your best bet.

With a law degree, you’re more likely to find work in law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies, among other places.


6.     Education

Education will never become obsolete; hence, teachers will always be consistently in demand.

Children are born on a daily basis and require education, so it is highly unlikely that you will be unemployed if you take this course.

Thus, pursuing an education career, particularly in subjects where qualified teachers are in short supply, can lead to stable employment.

All the same, if you pursue an education career in ECDE, primary option, secondary option, or even as a lecturer, you will never be out of work.



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Most marketable courses in Kenya 2023/2024

7.     Guidance & Counseling

This course is very marketable, especially now that there are more cases of depression in both young people and adults in Kenya, owing primarily to the difficult economic situation.

Needless to say, the country is currently undergoing rapid social and economic changes, which have resulted in an increase in stressors and challenges in people’s lives, such as career decisions, mental health issues, and interpersonal conflicts.

As a result, professional guidance and counseling services are in greater demand than ever before, and a career in guidance and counseling will provide you with promising job prospects and opportunities.


8.     Film & video editing

In today’s digital age, the demand for high-quality video content is increasing across industries such as entertainment, advertising, marketing, and online media.

Furthermore, as companies and individuals continue to invest in video production in order to connect with their audiences, the demand for skilled video editors remains high, making this field not only marketable but also an exciting and evolving career path.

In addition, with the current emphasis on video content creation, film editors are in higher demand than ever before.

So, film and video editing is a highly marketable course to consider.


9.     Animation

For several reasons, this is another highly marketable course.

To begin, the entertainment industry, which includes film, television, and gaming, relies heavily on skilled animators to create visually appealing content.

Second, animation skills have applications outside of entertainment, with industries such as advertising, education, and simulation all looking for animation experts.

Furthermore, as technology advances, there is an increasing number of local studios and production houses specializing in animation.

As a result, opportunities for animators to work on both domestic and international projects are increasing, making animation a promising career path.


10.Human resource management

Human resource management is an excellent business course to pursue.

HRM plays a critical role in every organization, making HR professionals in constant demand across various industries.

Furthermore, the course is highly marketable due to the growing number of private companies and businesses in the country.

On top of that, as organizations recognize the value of human resource management in increasing productivity, job opportunities for HR professionals are increasing.


11.Digital marketing

Digital marketing focuses on selling products and services in the modern digital space, which includes social media platforms, email, websites, and video platforms.

So, as businesses increasingly rely on online marketing to reach their target audiences, more people will be needed to create marketing content and strategies for the digital space, thereby making it marketable.

Therefore, if you have a background in digital marketing, you will be able to find plenty of job opportunities or even have the opportunity to start your own digital marketing agency.


Most marketable courses in Kenya 2023/2024 – wrap up

There are many courses to choose from, but in general, the above-mentioned courses are the most marketable in Kenya in terms of job opportunities.

Hopefully, this article will assist you in making an informed career decision as you begin your studies at a university or college.

All the best!



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