Requirements for Diploma in Agricultural Education and Extension

Find the requirements for diploma in agricultural education and extension in this article.

One of the best agricultural courses in Kenya is a diploma in agricultural education and extension.

So, if you want to pursue this course, here are the requirements for a diploma in agricultural education and extension, as well as other important details about the course, to help you make an informed decision.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started…


Requirements for diploma in agricultural education and extension

To be eligible for this diploma program, you must meet the following minimum entry requirements:

A KCSE mean grade of C- (minus) or its equivalent

The good news is that there are no minimum cluster subject requirements for this program.

Alternatively, if you have a certificate in agriculture or related fields from a recognized institution and at least a D+ (plus) in KCSE, you may be admitted to the course.

Also, keep in mind that this program takes three years to complete.

And, that is all that is required of you to be admitted to the agriculture education and extension diploma program.

With that in mind, let us now delve into more details about the course…


What does diploma in agricultural education and extension entail?

A diploma in agricultural education and extension is a specialized program that teaches students about agricultural practices, educational methodologies, and extension services.

To be more specific, this program typically combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills, with the goal of providing students with the knowledge and skills required to contribute to the development and improvement of agricultural systems.

Among the course units you will most likely cover in this program are agronomy and crop science, soil management, pest control, livestock farming, farm management, extension education, and agribusiness.

Following the completion of this diploma program, your duties and responsibilities will include:

  • Conducting farmer training sessions and workshops to improve their understanding of modern agricultural practices.
  • Organizing and carrying out on-field demonstrations of best agricultural practices, by demonstrating the benefits of adopting new methods/technologies.
  • Creating, executing, monitoring, and assessing agricultural projects and extension programs.
  • Designing, implementing, and assessing training programs for farmers, community-based organizations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
  • Providing farmers with advice on crop selection, rotation, and diversification based on soil and climate conditions.


Colleges offering diploma in agricultural education and extension in Kenya

Bukura Agricultural College

Bukura Agricultural College is a public technical and vocational training institution that specializes in agriculture education and research.

It offers a variety of agriculture courses, including a diploma in agricultural education and extension program.

This diploma program costs Kshs. 68,000 per academic year and is completed in three (3) years.

So, if you are interested in enrolling in this course at Bukura Agricultural College, please contact them at the addresses listed below:

Physical location: They are located at Sigalagala, along Butere Road in Bukura, Kakamega County.

Telephone no.: 020 350 5479 or 020 234 9265

Email address:



Universities offering diploma in agricultural education and extension in Kenya

The following universities in Kenya offer diploma programs in agricultural education and extension:

  • Egerton University
  • Chuka University
  • University of Embu
  • Meru University of Science and Technology
  • Maseno University


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How to apply for the course

There are two ways in which you can apply for this course at Bukura Agricultural College or in any of the universities listed above.

To start with, you can apply through the KUCCPS portal (once it is open for applications).

Alternatively, you can apply directly to your preferred institution via their online application platform.

You can also go to the institution and fill out your application in person.


Career opportunities with an agricultural education and extension diploma

After completing this diploma program, you will have numerous career options, including:

  • Farm manager – responsibilities will include overseeing day-to-day farm operations such as crop cultivation and livestock management.
  • Agricultural extension officer – you could end up collaborating with government agencies or non-governmental organizations to disseminate agricultural information to farmers.
  • Research assistant – assisting in agricultural research projects to develop innovative farming practices
  • Agribusiness consultant – providing expert advices to farmers and businesses in the agricultural sector.
  • You can also teach agriculture and related subjects in schools, teacher training colleges and agriculture training institutions.


Requirements for diploma in agricultural education and extension – Summary

To summarize, admission to the agricultural education and extension diploma program in Kenya requires a minimum KCSE mean grade of C- (minus).

Also, remember to apply through the KUCCPS portal if you want government assistance with fee payments (remember, as a KUCCPS student, you will be eligible for government scholarships and loans).

Otherwise, best wishes!



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