Top 10 highly demanding courses in Kenya [Crazily tough courses!]

In this post, we shall be naming some of the top 10 highly demanding courses in Kenya…that is courses that are, in general, more involving than others in terms of the coursework and of course, the exams when studying for them locally.

But as you might notice, some of these courses are also highly rewarding…

Yeah, most of the careers that these insanely demanding courses take you to pay handsomely so do not shy away from taking the course (you are likely to end up becoming a high-earning professional at the end of it all).

So let’s dive into our list of tough courses in Kenya right away…

Top 10 highly demanding courses in Kenya (the hardest courses in Kenya)

Medicine and Surgery

And obvious one this one…you’ll be spending about 7 years in the medical school (at the university) reading voluminous books about everything to do with the human body.

True…Not easy (there’s lots of reading and memorizing to get things to stick)– but again it is medicine (to treat human beings and save lives)- so there’s no room for errors.

So yes, prepare for long studying days ahead if this is the course of your dreams but as mentioned earlier, doctors are paid well (overall).


Law (LL.B)

A surprising one to many students this is, but it is true that Law involves a lot of reading(‘bulky’ reading)..

You see, cases are determined mostly based on case law (judgements passed in past cases) so you need to understand case law and our jurisprudence before you can qualify to be referred to as “my learned friend”!

Oh, and you also have to crack the tough as nails bar exams to be admitted to the bar(become an advocate of the high court in Kenya).

However, just as with medicine, lawyers (especially after you build a name) earn good money in their entire careers.

Also remember lawyers can transit to occupy prestigious positions such as magistrates and high court judges (at some point, if you so wish) so it’s a really good course, despite the hard schooling time.


Computer science

What makes Computer science tougher than many courses is the programming bit –you cannot code until you have mastered problem solving and logical reasoning..

And the models that you sometimes use can be extremely difficult to grasp..

Do not also forget that there are algorithms, data structures, and even discrete mathematics to learn as part of the course.


Electrical engineering

To be frank, there’s no easy engineering course but it is universally agreed that electrical engineering takes the crown of the toughest guy in the group.

Okay, there are no bulky books to read(as with law and medicine) but trust me: you are likely to take quite some time to understand just a single concept.

In other words, electrical engineering- which is to some the toughest of all the highly demanding courses in Kenya-  is basically mathematics + plenty of physics + selected computer science concepts combined into one!


The other issue is that it’s not as well paying as medicine..


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Now proceed reading below..👇


Doing Bachelor of Pharmacy is no child’s play either….you’ve got tons of different concepts to understand and many of them will need serious repeating and internalizing.

I’m speaking of units and concepts such as Pharmaceutical Calculations, pharmacotherapy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and more.

Sadly, these days pharmacy has flooded fairly- and to make matters worse, not every pharmacy will employ a qualified pharmacist..

It’s not good at all..nothing makes me sad than seeing somebody who has gone through the challenging B.Pharm course working as a salesperson for medicine manufacturing/distribution companies.


Philosophy is another hard course in Kenya.

In fact, to do well when it comes to philosophy classes, you need to not only be intellectually curious but also very willing to work extra hard.


Well, Philosophy has numerous deeply counter-intuitive ideas….

Indeed, almost zero philosophy concepts are solved problems/agreed upon not to forget that you are largely working with few rules(it’s mainly fundamental logic).

In a nutshell, you’re just floundering in an ocean of complexity, unfamiliarity, and uncertainty!

Think about that!


Does it have jobs?

Well, I cannot see many beyond academia!


Actuarial science

Next on the list is Actuarial science….

But I have to say that it’s not as grueling as let’s say electrical engineering…and so long as you’re good in mathematics and statistics, it should not make you go nuts.

What is more arduous is the professional actuarial exams that you must pass to be licensed as an actuary!



Mechatronics engineering is no exception to other engineering disciplines- it’s a taxing field.

You know why?

It sort of combines multiple other disciplines – mechanical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering.


Well, since being good at all is very important in the design, building, and ultimately the control of technical systems that integrate electrical, electronic, and mechanical components, which is what Mechatronics engineering is all about.

Put another way, this course has bags of math and science.

Remember examples of mechatronics applications are robotics, control systems, and automation systems

But this one can be a great course with reference to opportunities..

Others highly demanding courses in Kenya (top 10 hardest courses in Kenya)

Here now is a list of hard courses in Kenya:

  1. Pure mathematics- no need to say anything here
  2. Architecture- The course tends to take you long hours of deeply focused study to pass exams and appreciate everything.
  3. Pure Chemistry- As a course, chemistry is also considered very hard
  4. Physics- what makes physics degree a tough course is the abstract thoughts it entails (many need solid mathematical approaches)
  5. Aeronautics(Aerospace Engineering)- this is probably the hardest aviation course


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