Short Courses for Form Four Leavers [10+ courses]

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This article contains a list of short courses for form four leavers. So, if you are a Form 4 leaver looking for something to do while waiting to start university/college, you’ve come to the right place.

Now that I am done with high school, what’s next?

This is a common question that most Form 4 leavers ask themselves given that they have so much time before starting college or university.

So, as a Form 4 leaver, are you wondering how you will spend your free time?

Well, in this article, we’ve compiled a list of short courses for Form four leavers that you might want to consider taking while you wait for your results and then enroll in college or university.

So, continue reading to find out more.

Let’s get started…


Short courses for form four leavers

Computer studies or ICDL (International Certificate of Digital Literacy)

Given the world’s transition from an analog to a digital way of doing things, basic computer skills are required in the majority of professional fields.

So, taking computer package lessons will thus provide you with the necessary skills for digital solutions.

ICDL, on the other hand, is an international qualification in ICT that demonstrates the ability to use computers competently.

Just so you know, computer packages and ICDL classes take up to three months to complete.


Public speaking

A short course in public speaking will undoubtedly provide you with skills that are essential for your personal and professional development.

You see, effective communication is critical in many aspects of life, including job interviews, college and university admissions, and everyday interactions.

Thus, mastering public speaking will improve critical skills such as persuasion, self-presentation, and the ability to engage and positively influence others.


Graphic design

If you have a creative flair, then this short course is for you.

You will typically learn design software and techniques using tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator, among others, to create logos, banners, business cards, brochures, and advertisements.

This course will not only boost your creativity, but it will also open doors to jobs in advertising agencies, media houses, freelancing gigs, and the ever-expanding field of digital marketing.


Bakery and Pastry

Baking is a good way to monetize your natural creativity while also opening doors to a very promising career future.

Job opportunities are plentiful, especially if you are business-oriented. For example, you could enroll in a bakery and pastry-related course in college to enhance your skills and eventually open your own small-scale bakery or pastry shop.

Furthermore, you might end up working in one of Kenya’s largest bakeries.


Keyboarding and playing other music instruments

Learning to play the keyboard, guitar, trumpet, or any other musical instrument takes a lot of time and effort, so it will keep you busy and occupied.

It will also assist you in exploring your artistic/musical talents, which can be both personally fulfilling and potentially open doors to future musical endeavors.

Furthermore, it can be a source of income, such as when invited to a musical performance.


CPA course

CPA is also one of the best short courses, especially if you’re interested in accounting or finance professionals.

So, if you intend to pursue a business-related diploma or degree at the university or college, you can enroll in a CPA course at KASNEB.

This short course will primarily provide you with the knowledge and expertise required in accounting, auditing, and financial management.

Furthermore, it will increase your credibility on the job market in future career endeavors.


Foreign Language course

Having an additional language, such as German, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Italian, or French is an added advantage especially if you will be pursuing a tourism or hospitality related diploma or degree.

It will also give you a significant competitive advantage when it comes to international job opportunities.

Furthermore, you can also earn money by working as a private language tutor or as a freelance online translator.

In short, this short certificate has the potential of opening up many rewarding doors for you in the future.

Needless to say, people even get free scholarships to study abroad simply by learning a foreign language.

So it’s a good short course to try out.



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More short courses for form four leavers


While this course may not appear to be very important to you, it is one good idea for what to do after Form 4 that will keep you mostly busy.

Not only that, but whether you want to become a professional driver or just learn for fun, driving lessons are affordable and take a reasonable amount of time, as long as you pass your exams.

Furthermore, having a driver’s license will give you an advantage over others, especially when it comes to job hunting.

For example, if you go into sales, you may need to move around, which will necessitate driving. As a result, you will almost certainly get a job faster than those who do not have a driver’s license.


Photography and video editing

If you enjoy taking photos and videos, even if it is only with your phone, you can earn a good living from photography and video editing while still in college.

You see, you can do photoshoots for students, as well as weddings, graduations, church ceremonies, and dowry ceremonies, among other things.

Furthermore, you can also use your photography and video editing skills to open and run a YouTube channel, which will pay off handsomely.


Swimming instructor course

If you are passionate about swimming, you can learn the skills and knowledge required in aquatic instruction to guide people in learning to swim.

So, by enrolling in this course after Form 4, you will be able to earn money simply by teaching others to swim while still in college or university.


Gym instructor course

If you are passionate about fitness and enjoy working out, you can pursue a career in fitness and wellness by enrolling in a gym instructor course.

This program will not only provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to guide people through workout routines, but it will also emphasize the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Kenya sign language

This is yet another valuable short course that will assist you in interpreting for the deaf and hard of hearing people.

By taking this course, you may be able to earn money while still in school by working as a translator.


First aid course

You can learn life-saving skills and knowledge for dealing with emergencies by enrolling in a first aid course at the Kenya Red Cross Training Institute or St. John Ambulance Kenya.

This short course will primarily prepare you to respond effectively to accidents or medical emergencies.


Wrapping up on short courses for form four leavers

To summarize, you can also include yoghurt or ice cream making in the above list of short courses for Form four leavers. You can use your skills to start a part-time yoghurt/ice cream business while still studying and make extra cash out of it.

So, as you can see from the above list, there are a variety of short courses in which you can enroll before enrolling in a college or university.

Overall, all you need to do is consider your long-term career goals and then select a short course to help you get there.

Above all, your interests and passions are important, so choose something that excites you.

Good luck!



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