Is physiotherapy marketable in Kenya?

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Here is a quick question: Is physiotherapy marketable in Kenya?

Well, that is the question I will be answering in this article so you should read it to the end if you are thinking of pursuing a career in physiotherapy in Kenya..


Is physiotherapy marketable in Kenya?

Now, the course is somewhat a fifty-fifty course when it comes to job prospects..

That is to say that while it has some jobs, they are not that many and it often takes graduates a while to secure good jobs.

At least that is what my research tells me..

Remember that most of the employment is available from level 4 hospitals and above- these are the facilities that the government typically hires physiotherapists for in Kenya.

So overall, employment opportunities for physiotherapists in Kenya are mainly provided by
Sub-County, County, and obviously National Referral Hospitals like Othaya Level 6 hospital and Moi referral hospital.

Of course, work is also available in some private sector entities including at some special education institutions and associations of physically disabled people in Kenya as well as sports teams (Football teams, Volleyball teams, etc).

You can as well open your own facility especially if you have an entrepreneurial brain.

Now, if you will take the entrepreneurial route, you first need to get enough experience- and this means you need to volunteer or work somewhere for some time.

Then, you must have all necessary papers including a practicing license from the Kenya Society of Physiotherapists(KSP is the body that licenses Physiotherapists in Kenya).

Now that I have answered the question “Is physiotherapy marketable in Kenya?”, let us now turn to more details about physiotherapy courses in Kenya including colleges offering physiotherapy courses in Kenya.

We shall first look at what physiotherapists actually do..

What do holders of a physiotherapy course in Kenya do?

On the whole, a physiotherapist helps patients who have injuries, illnesses or a disability recover by helping them move and exercise or through performing manual therapy.

In a nutshell, your main role is to treat injuries and all conditions that hinder movement.

Below now are some of the typical jobs and responsibilities you will be expected to perform once you get work:

  • Evaluation of patients in order to identify their specific needs(Screening and assessing).
  • Determining appropriate treatment programmes(Designing treatment plans) including the need for therapeutic exercises using Gymnastic equipment like Treadmills and static bicycles.
  • Execution of the treatment programmes using proper physiotherapy modalities and/or techniques (Myofascial release, heat therapy, TENS, cryotherapy, Ultra-sound, Traction unit, SWD, Massager ).
  • Meeting the needs of patients regarding rehabilitation.
  • Daily assessment of patient’s progress (Monitoring patients).
  • Verifying and maintaining important information relating to your patients
  • Collecting data for purposes of operational research
  • Sensitizing/educating communities on physiotherapy issues

Physiotherapy courses in Kenya requirements

Below now are the basic physiotherapy courses qualifications in Kenya:

Physiotherapy certificate courses in Kenya

The course is not offered at the certificate level so there are no accredited Physiotherapy certificate courses in Kenya at the moment.

As such, you can only start at the Diploma level…


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Now proceed reading below..👇

Diploma in physiotherapy in Kenya Requirements

You need these grades (minimum) to do a diploma in physiotherapy at KMTC:

KCSE Mean Grade: C

Additional requirements

English or Kiswahili: C

Biology: C-

You also need a C- in any 2(two) of the following subjects:  Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics/ Physical Sciences

Let us now look at the grades you’d need to pursue a Degree:

Degree in physiotherapy in Kenya (Requirements)

Overall, you need to have passed one language (at least), sciences, and mathematics

Here is a summary of all requirements..

KCSE Mean grade: C+ (plus)

Additional requirements

English or Swahili: C+ (plus)

Biology: C+ (plus)

Math/Physics: C+ (plus)

Chemistry: C+ (plus)

Alternative entry qualifications: Diploma in Physiotherapy (from any recognized institution)

Higher Diploma in Ortho-paedic Manual Therapy or Higher Diploma in Neuro-rehabilitation

For these Physiotherapy Higher diploma options, you need to have a Bsc. Degree in Physiotherapy or a Diploma in Physiotherapy to be admitted.


Universities and Colleges offering physiotherapy courses in Kenya

You can study for your Diploma in physiotherapy at the following colleges:


KMTC is perhaps the best known and your best bet for the Diploma.

Keep in mind that even the best place to study for a Higher Diploma in physiotherapy is at KMTC so you have to apply to KMTC the normal way.


Other Colleges

There are several alternative options including Thika School of Medical and Health Sciences(Diploma in physiotherapy)

Universities offering Physiotherapy Degree in Kenya

University Programme Name
Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology BACHELOR OF SCIENCE(PHYSIOTHERAPY)

Remember that you can apply to the above universities via KUCCPS if you were a candidate in the latest KCSE exams to get government sponsorship.

Everyone else should apply directly to the university – you can Google their websites and apply online or by visiting the institutions physically.

Physiotherapy short courses in Kenya

Another option for you especially if you already working in a different medical department and you want to shift to Physiotherapy is to take a short course in Physiotherapy.

Now, KMTC offers some of the best part time physiotherapy courses in Kenya but not always so you have to reach out to them and enquire about the next intake.

Other requirements employers ask for

In addition to having a Diploma in Physiotherapy (or an equivalent qualification) or a Degree in Physiotherapy again from an accredited institution, employers ask for the following when recruiting:

  • Registration with KSP(Kenya Society of Physiotherapists)- Register with KSP after you finish your course to get a Valid practicing certificate. Many employers won’t touch you without this.
  • Proficiency in a variety of computer applications– ICT proficiency is a must-have for many jobs these days.


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