Software Development Courses in Kenya [All you need to know]

This article is all about software development courses in Kenya. Read on to the end to learn more.

Software development has become the backbone of innovation, shaping industries and transforming lives.

With the growing tech ecosystem in the country, the demand for software development skills in various fields, including finance, e-commerce, and healthcare is increasing.

In this regard, there are plenty of jobs for software developers in Kenya.

So, are you interested in software development in Kenya? If so, then you are at the right place.

This article has a comprehensive guide to software development courses in Kenya.

Continue reading to find out more.


Software development courses in Kenya [All you need to know]

Software engineering is the process of creating, testing, and deploying computer applications to solve real-world problems while adhering to a set of engineering principles and best practices.

Simply, it helps to take a concept and turn it into reality using computer software.

For example, any software that you use on different devices, be it smartphones, laptops or tablets, is created by a software developer.

Every website you visit has also gone through website development.

In short, software development/engineering is everywhere in our modern society.

So, a software development course will help you learn how to design, program, build, deploy, and maintain software using a variety of skills and tools.

Through a combination of theory and hands-on experience, these courses will not only teach you programming languages, but will also nurture problem-solving abilities, foster innovation, cultivate creativity, and prepare you for a rapidly evolving technology industry.

As a software developer, some of your duties will include:

  • Designing and managing software systems
  • Overseeing software programming
  • Testing and assessing new software applications
  • Laying out software design
  • Building models or diagrams to communicate to the end-goal
  • Mapping out future software upgrades


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Software development courses qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Software Development

To pursue a bachelor’s degree in software development, you need a KCSE mean grade of C+ (plus) or its equivalent.

In addition, you must also have the following minimum cluster subject requirements:

  • Mathematics C+ (plus)
  • Physics C+ (plus)
  • Chemistry C+ (plus)
  • English/Kiswahili C (plain)

Alternatively, you can also apply for the course with a diploma in software development/engineering, or any related field with a credit pass from an accredited institution.

Course duration: 4 years

Where to study

These are the best universities in Kenya offering bachelor’s degree in software development:

  • KCA University
  • Multimedia University of Kenya
  • Cooperative University of Kenya
  • Murang’a University of Technology
  • Kisii University
  • University of East Africa, Baraton
  • Kirinyaga University
  • Zetech University
  • United States International University (USIU)

Diploma in Software Development

Minimum entry requirements: KCSE mean grade of C- (minus) with at least D- (minus) in Mathematics and English/Kiswahili.

Course duration: 1 years-3 years (depends with the institution you are studying at)

Where to study

  • Zetech University
  • Institute of software technologies
  • Kenya Institute of Software Engineering and Professional studies
  • Nairobi Institute of Software Development


Certificate in software development

Now, if you neither qualified for a degree nor diploma in software development, then pursuing a certificate will be a good starting point for you.

Remember you can upgrade to the degree level with time.

Minimum entry requirements: A KCSE mean grade of D- (minus)

Course duration: 6 months

Where to study

  • Kenya Institute of Software Engineering and Professional Studies
  • Nairobi Institute of Software Development
  • Institute of Software Technologies


Short courses

If you are working, studying or have a tight schedule that doesn’t allow you to physically attend classes, you can take short courses in software development.

You can achieve this through online platforms and bootcamps.

Clearly, the digital age has brought education to our fingertips, with many online platforms offering software development courses that can be taken remotely.

An advantage is that you’ll learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your home, and eventually earn a certificate to bolster your credentials.

Some of the notable online platforms and bootcamps in Kenya that offer software development courses include:


Software development courses career prospects

Once you’ve graduated with a software development course, you can take up roles such as:

  • Software engineer
  • Mobile app developer
  • Computer hardware engineer
  • Programmer
  • Web developer
  • Information systems analyst
  • Computer network architect
  • Computer systems designer
  • Front-end/back-end developer
  • Full-stack developer
  • Python developer
  • Multimedia developer


Software development courses in Kenya – Final words

So, that’s it for the software development courses in Kenya.

Hopefully, the information provided will assist you in making an informed decision, keeping in mind that software development is a very lucrative career in Kenya.



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